An Unexpectedly Green Journey (orc life-simulator) (WIP) [67K UPDATE, 16th September 2023, 677K Words Total]

Hey @NumberedEntity really enjoying the story so far. Beautiful writing and I like how I decide the options for my orc.

Issue I’m facing is I was working so hard to increase my stats but as soon as I get to the menu to build cities or stage a coup, my stats decrease back to 40.

I had Presence at 81, Strength at 74, Cunning at 35, Apetite at 18 and Constitution at 60 but now they back in the 40s

Not sure if it’s an error.


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Hi dp544,

Thanks for playing. Glad you’re enjoying it so far.

Do all of your stats drop back?

When you say ‘stage a coup’, are you referring to overthrowing your chief? If you fail to gather support, your stats will be hit negatively, but not if you succeed.

The city section stops abruptly at the moment as it is not completed. Though it shouldn’t drop your stats.

Can you let me know the exact section? I will dabble around and have a deep dive to find it!


EDIT: During the coup against Morgorc you will very likely take a big hit to your HORDE stat, and if you use the dark powers your PIETY takes a large knock, which should bump up INFAMY. You CONSTITUTION also has a good chance to take a beating

Though, later, you will be able to rebuild your HORDE and heal your CONSTITUTION.

The battle with Morgorc is a big moment and will affect your stats. STRENGTH shouldn’t;t be affected negatively, much.

Was it a problem specifically for the cities?

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Not specifically.

it was when the options started showing like this not sure which path I took that affected the stats but I did not start the coup section yet. It was when the options started showing like this.

If I remember correctly, I think I descended to the Zathultta(or something like that) and I was defeated and woke up outside the clan😅

And can I request if you could add a cheat option(for testing purposes), would really appreciate it

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I just played the new update and on the inner providences I can get the first one I click on but I can get the other 3, I did beat the update and I loved it. Keep up the good work :+1:



Hi Nathan, cheers for playing through the game. I think you have also done so for the king path too?

I love that you’ve enjoyed being EVIL!!!

Yes, the inner provinces are very beatable. There are prompts in the text to offer guidance.

Even if you fail at controlling the first province, your skills, if they have a minor effect, will still increase.

Here, I wanted to have the player not succeed in everything (although you can), just to give them that slight feeling of vulnerability. In my mind, it would help to keep the tension, despite you becoming a demon lord.


Ah! Yes, the stats drops are from Zthullu. Those are cursed lands, deathly lands. Nothing good comes out of Zthullu and those that go in never come back quite the same…

EDIT: I think that is very doable, to add a cheat mode in the next update for testers and players while the game is in development. I imagine I could add it to the stat screen for your main stats. Although, many events are dependent on many, many hidden factors.

Cheers to both of you!


Evil Route Orc reminds me of Warcraft’s First Lich King

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The dark path is amazing, I just finished it. The destruction I brought to the world exceeds my expectations



Hi Patrick, I looked that evil guy up and yes, the evil evilness is definitely on the right scale. Hope you were able to unleash your Lich King-style nightmares across the land. I recall, in a much earlier message, that you liked the idea of evil necromancy-type powers for your orc.


Hi Jonard.

I can only imagine the complete terror you wrought. I wanted to make this a worthwhile branch to follow, after the king branch. Had to rack my mind to think of different, slowly building fantasy-demon evil things for your orc to do. Thanks for your words, make me feel like I succeeded in this case.

Cheers to both of you!


Okay, just a general update on the next update(so this is not about the most recent update). I will be adding arena, adventurer guild and thieves guild quests for older wandering orcs. I may add more mundane jobs for less adventurous middle-aged greenies. This won’t be a free roam, like the earlier wandering section, but will allow the player to visit some of the unexplored areas of the map.

This means, your carefree wandering days (up to the age of 32) will blend into a more directed path of action. On the death of the tribe’s shaman, if you do not want to take his place, your outlook will change and become more focused, through guilds or work. (Or to become the chief, king and emperor- or demonic lord).

Your chance to usurp the chief will also be limited. If you don’t do it, someone else just might. Though if you don’t want to be chief, don’t sweat it!

The arena and guilds will have ranks. The arena will track victories across the various fighting pits. Thieves will track the most precious items they’ve pinched. For the adventurer guild, I will have a simple system where you can pick a few party members, depending on your reputation and loot.

The city section will be developed after I have done the above since it will tie into lots of these events. For example, if you’ve constructed a hive of ‘scum and villainy’ it only seems appropriate that you also get access to the thieves’ guild quests.

EDIT: The big belly path will always be available. That might be embellished a bit more later, but it is fully developed as it is already.


Well now time for another playthrough :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


Did a bit of a browse for any errors I could find. A little cheeky this time and went code diving rather than going through the game as normal so things look a little different to my normal notes.

There are a lot here, but they are almost uniformly small mistakes. Spelling errors, missing words or punctuation, that sort of thing.

Dark Diary

You are the lowest on the totem poll of the damned servants permitted free will; a wind-up toy to provide entertainment through chaos, sure to be chewed up by a paladin or angry priest.


The time has come to break the world. Your throne awaits the scorching of hope, the scouring of mercy and the desecration of nation. The Powers Beyond and Below have bestowed upon you the command of damned legion, waiting to be summoned to stake your claim.

*either “a damned legion” or “damned legions”

You are the Dark Lord, the Demon KIng, a true World’s Doom. Krog Pile, or Whittleweald, is yours. Every breeze, drop of rain and grain of sand is yours.


You wield Mutate as one born to it. Capable of twisting the stuff of creation into living blasphemy, natures itself rots in fear of your passing.


Your Possess have begun to form, allowing your demonic influence to creep into the minds of others.

*Possess powers

Your possess powers grow in potency, giving you more control over the corruption and domination of the mind.


Your Desecrate powers allow you to pull demonic phenomena through the ether, from inducing decay to provoking lightning strikes of dark energy, or to summoning greater demons as your increase in power. These powers also allow you to warp the very fabric of reality itself when you are proficient enough.

*you increase in power.

Your desecrate powers grow in potency, allowing you more control on the malevolent forces eager to pass through the ether to pervert the natural course of nature.


You wield Desecrate as one born to it. The ether ripples and opens at your merest whisper as the demons and devils on the other side wait eagerly to answer your call. Their voices follow your every move, echoing through the mortals and living them trembling with unexplained terror.


These troubled witnessed the rapid withering of a wheat field. Not only this, but the wheat turned vicious and drew blood when they approached. One of the farmers mentioned that he saw a cloaked figure, almost beyond perception, watching them.

*Feels like there is a word missing here. “These troubled folk”? Or “These troubled farmers”?

Perhaps a recent occurrence in the southeastern plains can also be attributed to unholy machinations. Of this, I cannot be sure. The orc lands are full of exaggeration and rumour. yet, of this case, one of my own fellows informed me. He was visiting the latest Monster Time Fair in Grandardgard and listened to the ramblings of a drunk orc.


In my black dreams I can smell burning and rot now. I am haunted, just as the provinces crumple under the weight of evil. The next attacks will be in the heartslands, I am sure. As always, I will endevour to record these events in the hope that some sliver of meaning can be conjured from my words in order to locate and destroy the infernal source of this damnation.


A contingent of paladins tracked down the taint of darkness to these tunnels. All but one was slaughtered. We cannot let such an affront to law and order, an all that is holy, go unpunished. I hope vengeance will be swift.


The demonic presence stalking the land had cept into the tunnels, but was repelled by the thieves. They called on their own dubious deity and barred passage to the corruption.


We are at the stage were help, even from the lesser of twos evils, must be utilised at al costs. It shows you what a mess we are in when salvation might be found through the dealings of criminals.


The hallowed halls of the Silver Dome have always been thought of as a beacon to the righteous. No more. A great many monks and nuns have fled their orders, swearing to serve demonic powers. High Abbots and Abbesss have been caught scrolling through demonic tomes. Holy icons have been smashed. The imperial shield of faith has been split in twain!


This is significant. ALl should be done to spread news of these victory. Citizens must realise that, together, they have the power to conjure impenetrable holy shields against corruption.


The army had been attacked, though this has all been hushed up. Perhaps I shouldn’t even record it here. Needless to say, officers and generals have fallen to demonic forces. Rumours of mutiny and desertion are rife. If this is indeed true, how are we to defend ourselves?


My reports on the orc lands are sketchy, yet I have enough information to confirm demonic devastation there. It seems that the whole plains was covered with an immense cloud of dust as a great earthquake split the land. Numerous orcs were swallowed up, their tribes were reduced to ruins. Yet, the hardy orcs, and even the goblins, have endured. They are in the process of rebuilding their broken land, though have been reduced greatly.

*Repetitive word use. Maybe just remove it altogether? “Numerous orcs were swallowed up, their tribes reduced to ruins.”

My reports on the orc lands are sketchy, yet I have enough information to confirm demonic devastation there. It seems that the whole plains was infected by a virulent sickness which seized the joints and opened up the skin of the afflicted. Many orcs, and even more goblins, have been killed. However, the green ones are, if nothing else, inhumanly strong. Diminished, the survivors fester and try to rebuild their lands.


Adventure East

At a junction, outside a rather sparse country house, waits several carriages embroidered with flaking gold trim. Blinkered horses stand patiently as a variety of folks board. Heavily armoured guards, with halberds and crossbows, bristle at the sight of you.

*You really only embroider cloth. Maybe decorated fits better here?

Your leave a trail of slaughter in your wake. Anybody you come across you hack down. Kicking in doors, you let your axe do the talking. None of these simple fol can hope to stand against such terrifying savagery.


Roroc grabs your arm. “Don’t get cold feet. You’ve with us now. Boys, with got a coward in our midsts.” The orc gang closes in around you, eyes flaring.


Roroc opens up a stolen barrel of booze with his ace. “Come on boys, drink up. The horse riders will be heading this way soon. When they arrive, we need to be gone. We stay hidden, travelling only at night until we reach the capital.”


The thunder of hooves breaks the mood. Roroc jerks his face from the booze An arrow lands in his left eye and he slumps on top of the barrel, toppling it and spilling the booze.

*Missing full stop

Cumbersome in your armour, the elves manage to let fly a number of arrows before you back one against a tree and bring him down. Luckily, your thick armour protects you as you swing and charge at the other elves. The Dark Elf has already brought one low with a series of vicious stabs to his belly. The last elf fumbles to bring another arrow to bare and you dispatch him with ease.


Grabbing her wrists, you squeeze and pull her hands away. She doesn’t have the strength to resist. The elves move you, dragging her to the ground and binding her with some sort of magical vines, which grow and tighten.

*“The elves move to you”? Or “The elves move towards you”?

A half dozen guards, in plate armour with halberds and crossbows like the guard at the country house, stand on either side of the inn’s entrance. Mr Renton, the trader, hurries out of the carriage first. Whispering into one of the guards’ ears, you notice him slipping a pouch into the guard’s’ hands.

*extra apostrophe

“You’re coming with us, to the capital’s dungeons. or we lay you down here.”

*Should be comma, not full stop

Others pass by, dressed like everything from a dragon to a nymph. They bellow and sashay to the delights of the crowd. When it comes to your turn, you grunt and growl and drool, just like people imagine a wild orc to be. The crowd coos ‘Oh, how lifelike!’ When it comes to choosing the winner, the people roar 'Orc, orc, orc!" You are hailed the ‘King of Monster TIme’ and win a great, big shiny trophy.


When it comes to choosing the winner, the people roar 'Nymph, nymph, nymph!" A beautiful waif of an elf is handed a great, big shiny trophy and hailed ‘Queen of Monster Times.’ Bah, the fools are biased! How dare they doubt your orc credentials.


Shoving through the crowds, you head towards the noisiest cheers. The streets opon into a plaza, rich with scents of a myriad of street food. Performers burst pouches of brightly coloured powder and twirl batons alight with multicoloured flames. Figures dance and sing, wearing masks of the most hideous creatures imagination can conjure.


With bulbous eyes flaring, Pip nods excitedly. “Here’s the rub. A big metal box sealed behind a big metal door under the Silver Rose fighters guild has loads of loot. With a bit of flasgbang powder, we blow off the big metal door and help ourselves.”


You enter the underworld through a back alley storm drain. Goblins scurry ahead after, winding around tunnels. The place is thick with reeking fog. Shadows swell and recede under the flickering flames of the goblins’ torches. Your footsteps splat through puddles though you take great care to avoid the main stream of sludge oozing through the central channels.

*This was previously referred to as the underworks, not the underworld.
*Not sure what this one means. Goblins scurry ahead, but after something? Maybe a missing word?

Roroc and the surviving goblins meet you there. He smiles dopily. “You got all the fighters out of the vault and up here with you. The vault was empty. Apart from a few problems with the Sewer Gits and the traps, we had a right bit of good luck.” He points over to several bulging sacks of loot. “Let’s count up the spoils.”


Though you dribble and grab at the fighters, they shrug you off. TIn their time, they’ve faced much worse than a bunch of drunken orcs. Even more worryingly, you still haven’t heard the explosion of flashbang powder down below.


Roroc blown up the cylinder,” says Pip. “Now, we run!”

*Roroc’s or Roroc has

Chained against a rough cell wall, you have already watched many of your gang dragged to, and decapitated on, the chopping block. Over the past year of captivity, your body has withered in the. Perhaps it would be a blessing to find peace and comfort at the end of the executioner’s axe?

*Missing word

The door clanks. Someone fiddles with the lock. Sure;y they haven’t come to end you during the night?


The door swings open A slightly built hooded figure glides into the cell.

*Either a missing full stop, or probably better to just join the sentences with an “and”.

"Morgorc sent us out to look for you months ago. he said the Dust Clan needs you.


Someone bangs on the cell door. The lock clanks open. “You filthy green savage,” says the guard, unsheathing a dagger. You remain on the floor, laying your back and gasping.

*Missing word “on”

His throat is just a few inches above you. You jerk your arm, wrapping his neck with a chain. You grab the end, twist and choke him, pulling the chain tight so it bites into the guard’s neck. he clutches at the chains, thrashing wildly. With every moment, his struggles weaken. With a final kick of his feet, he slumps motionless.


Outside the Silver Rose fighters guild, you check your equipment before entering; better to be prepared than not. Two stories high, the guild has fine stained glass windows and ia topped with a battlement-style facade. Heraldic banners stand at acute angles along the crenelations. A large shield, with the emblem of two crossed silver roses, hangs above a double door.


Following the moaning. This lich is said to make quite a noise,” says the warrior. “I’ll hang around here for a few hours and wait for your return. If you’re not back by then, I’ll have to lock the gate to stop drunken wanderers from heading to their doom.”


Behind the counter pokes, the stern woman the amulet. “You really did it?” Her eyebrows rise. “You know what the runes on the amulet say?”

*“Behind the counter, the stern woman pokes the amulet.”

In the stands, a woman rises, holding aloft a handkerchief. She smiles over at Ser Tohper and lets the fabric drop. Your opponent rears his steed, dips his lance and charges.


When you finally arrive back at Ser Snorc’s tent, he is awake. “Don’t kill me,” he whines. You untie him and take back your own equipment after telling him that he actually won the tournament in his name. However, you say, you’re keeping the victory loot.


Ser Snorc is still ‘sleeping’ in his tent. You take off the armour and get your own stuff back. Snobby git deserves to lose anyway. Still, you accounted admirably for orckind, probably better than Snorc ever could. With the tourney wrapping up, you head back into the depths of Granardgard.


When there is only you and Finnus the Choker left, your constitution wears down. Finnius pulls on your limbs to drag you to the around and trip you up, falling with you to the earth.


You lean on and push your first opponent, Podge, to quickly tire him out. Grounding him with a shove. you flop on top to get the pin.

*Should be a comma, not a full stop

Yet, your feel like dead weight, dropping back down to earth well behind three of the competitors.

*Either “your” should be “you” or there is a missing word.

It is shameful to think that you’ve barely out-jumped a halfling and a dwarf,

*Full stop, not comma

In the morning, you return, disappointed, to the depths of Grandradgard.


“I am the strongest,” you yell. Parading the battle-field and beating your chest, the crowd cheers your success. Your prowess has filled their voices with awe and they hail you as ${orcname} Green Fury. Your knack for violence is unmatched.


Just outside the palace rises the statue of the Emperor Callistus V. Made of bronze it stands at least 100 feet tall. Master craftsmen must have tolled for an age, what with the smooth curves of the body and long, flowing robe and the attention to detail of the emperor’s finely featured face and balding pate.


The palace is like a shining jewel in the city. Its white, marble facade is kept bright and clean. It reflects the sun to an almost blinding extent. Everywhere, historic scenes of battles have been sculptured into the walls. Long windows and ridged columns frame a huge, black door. The door is closed, flanked by rows of brightly dressed imperial guards.

*Either “sculpted” or “carved”. You use sculptured if something resembles sculpture but isn’t (i.e a sculptured face)

Adventure North

Around, a gathering of younger orcs peers from tents, shading them from the beating sun.


You twist and turn, grunting for strength. Brooda squeeze, his strength tremendous. Something crack. You bellow, before being thrown to the ground with a sickening thump of his mace into your face.


While you are in the plains, the young orcs will always keep watch, whether you are alone on in camp.


They call themselves ‘The Band Of ${orcname},’ and may well aid you in future.

*Missing word “the”

Your foot hones it and is met by a piercing poke from one of Slicky’s stilettos.


You fire, the bolt piercing the animal’s’s skull and silencing it with a whimper.


Packing your stuff as you prepare to move on, Granor comes to see you off.


Grancor bellow, “Any warrior who sees one of our gits take a backward step, you have my blessing to slaughter the git!”


Bursting from the nearby tents, the tribeless’s are upon you!




Haha! Those will be in the next update. Right now, the new content is the dark path. Hope you enjoyed ruining the world!

I’ll try to make the next update fun for all the fighting orcs and adventurers out there!

You broke into the hidden vaults of code! :face_with_peeking_eye: How did you break through those magic wards!?!

Haha, feel free, I think it’s great, for me especially, that you have such an interest in this game. If you’re not already, you could be a professional editor. Very similar job to the one I was provided with for a fantasy book (not a game) I wrote last year.

Great job! Much appreciated. You are really helping to polish this book. Great catch with ‘sculptered.’ Learnt something there.

These edits will be in the next update!



Just while I am here, I would like to thank everyone for playing and giving feedback. Such a lovely community and have given me many positive vibes, even when I’ve made mistakes and errors. Some of you have been very dedicated to this project and, for my part, I have tried to be as dedicated as I can be to making this a fun, rewarding choice-based adventure.

My biggest issue, as the time of this game’s eventual completion comes nearer, might well be file size.

With the many maps used to show conquests, it will be over 300 MB. Are there any size limits I should know about?


I have very little knowledge of actual Choicescript coding, but is there anyway to superimpose one image over another? Basically have them occupy the same space? Then you could just have a base map image and then superimpose a semi-transparent green layer over each conquered territory.


That was the intention but I am almost certain that choicescipt doesn’t have that function- I wouldn’t expect it to. Image layering would call for such an extension of the key purpose of choicescript into graphical capabilities, for such niche issues, it wouldn’t warrant the investment of time and resources. You either show an image or don’t show an image.

Images like that would be much easier within a visual novel, but that would defeat the purpose of the imagination-driven text games that choicescript champions. Which I adore.

Although, if it does do that- that’s amazing and I stand corrected.


Hello James,

I just played the demo on Dashingdon on a complete whim (hadn’t even seen this thread) and I loved it. Loads of fun. I loved killing a dragon, winning a bunch of major battles vs dwarves and barbarians, a tournament, becoming chosen of Krog, and having lots of adventures before I entered my prime. I also enjoyed reading the lore pages, and getting into the world building a bit.

My question is this. The demo for me ended right after my prime when I became shaman. However, reading the updates above, it seems there is a lot more content which I didn’t see. Will the shaman path be fleshed out similarly, and it just has not been done yet? Or is there something I missed where a shaman can meet the emperor, join the wars, etc. etc. Do I have to become the warchief to see the rest of the things?


P.S. I loved the demo so much that I’m going to write a review on the reddit. Top 5 WIP I’ve ever played.


Another round of minor typos and corrections, this time focused on the new content. I really like the writing on display in the dark path. Very flavorful.

If I had one request for the Dark Path, I’d love to see a final resolution with Krog himself. Maybe instead of the Krog we see in the Cyclops War path we can see a drained and weakened Krog, to reflect the damage you have done to the world of Krog Pile? I know we get a glimpse of him at Krog’s Rock, but it would be satisfying to actually get to execute him. (Of course, I know the perils of feature creep, feel free to ignore)

:rofl: It’s pretty easy to see the code for any project on Dashingdon. All the files are accessible through webpages, you just need to find the correct filenames.

That’s flattering, but I’m definitely not a professional editor, so feel free to take or leave my notes as you see fit. There are probably places where I see an error in what is actually a conscious style decision on your part, so take what I say with a grain of salt.

Dark Ending

In the miserable lands of Krog Pile, you name will live in infamy, but few would ever dare utter anything against it.


Your taint had infected the jungles with carnivorous vines, a source of constant strife as the inhabitants battle against their encroachment.

*has (the rest of the passage is all in present tense)

The rumours that the Pascuas’ convorted with demons never quietened.

*This is entirely down to what you are trying to imply. I would probably use “consorted” here, as “convorted” is both a rare word and has sexual implications.

Seaweard, once a land of coastal fishing villages, is now a place of fearful inland clans since you lead their captains out to doomed expeditions across the Wide Drown.


In the lands of Greenburg, chaos reigns as many orcs.

*That sentence just ends there. Obviously something missing.

No longer a jewel of civilization, Grandardgard descend into a place of decay and villainy.

*Either “descends” or “has descended”

Buried in their mountains, they struggle beyond your taint in pitiful numbers.

*Not sure about the word choice here. Beyond makes it seem like they are out of your reach. Maybe “against”?

Only a very few goblins and orcs continue to scrap out an existence there.


Dark Path

A corpse in front of you brings his hammer down, full force, against a second bell. It too explodes in sound,

*Full stop at the end, not a comma

Freelance witch-finders have started visiting the Roral Road and surrounding areas, following up on reports of unholy occurrences.


The presence of witch-finders has increased. With them, they now bring scholars of demonology. Missive are exchanged.


You worry that, perhaps, you have done too much malignant tinkering and raised suspicions too son, without rising in power enough to divert attention elsewhere.


Travel to the villages on the periphery of the province of Granradgard.


As the large orc barks order, his voice catches.

*“barks an order” or “barks orders”

At sun sets, you arrive at a hamlet, keeping to the shadows of nearby trees while you observe events.

*Either “At sunset” or “As the sun sets”

Once you your followers, infect the imperial provinces to weaken our staunchest resistance.

*Missing word. Perhaps “have”?

Whisper in the minds of influence goblins and gift them size and strength.


Goblins are easily influenced creatures, resentful, jealous and eager to take advantage of an adversaries’ flaws.

*Either “an adversary’s” or perhaps " their adversaries’ "

Tohe shamans are eager to share in what they can only see as Krog’s blessing on the once diminutive Toothpick.


You flail against mind, yet are unable to penetrate the thoughts within…

*Either “minds” or “a mind”

The new resident of The Plains is soon noticed by a local tribe Huge with improbable musculature all bulging and vein crossed, the ten-foot orc, with an equally large axe, is admired from afar.

*Missing full stop before “Huge”

Here. You hope to continue spreading corruption without being disturbed.

*Full stop not needed after “Here”

They hope, by pricking the thoughts of those with demon-induced madness, that can can pinpoint the locus of recent corruption.

*“that they can”

The most northerly province, Yonderfolds, is seen as a superstitious backwater.


Some even delve into sinister knowledge to restore the healthy stink and greeness of their fellows.


With your powers growing in magnitude, you decide to divert your toying with the other provinces and focus on the imperial heartlands and the ecclesiastical authorities.


No longer is age gripping your joints, for the perversions of evil have nibbled away at your soul and connection with the very nature of time and space.

*Missing word “your” before “connection”

That absent left breast exposes a whole, an emptiness where you would expect to see a heart.


Still cowled in his black robe, The WIll sits motionless, his voice a familiar scrape in your ears.


Due to the residents’ powers, it will be difficult to affects these fools with anything but the your most potent dar arts.


if you play your cards right, you can acquire a nice mob of the insane to warp and mould into something more useful later on.


Other the thieves the dark gift of camouflaged skin, using your Mutate powers.


Image the snoring guards by the vaults. They’ll never see you coming.”


From know on they will crave unholy trinkets.


Faint, you collapse

*Missing words “in your cave”

From small chapels in hamlets to city temples. a plague of possessions corrupts the minds of a large number of bishops.

*Comma not full stop

Whether in the middles giving services in small chapels, city cathedrals or cloistered away in monasteries or convents, your undead swarm their targets.

*middle of

Yet, these pet magicians lack enough power to make a large enough dent in the larger. stone-made places of worship, usually found in dense towns and cities.

*Comma not full stop

Your priesst are cut down, judged blasphemous and meeting swift justice in the form of blessed greatswords.


With the nobles eager to maintain an air of moral superiority over the 'little people, it is their worst nightmare when cloaked figures whisper their crimes to them.

*Missing quotation mark

Though they, even now, scheme to track you down, you relish the fracturing the imperial hierarchy.

*Either “you relish fracturing the imperial” or “you relish the fracturing of the imperial”

Able to blur into the night, your hellspawn will fine assassins, able to avoid the sleepy guards.

*Missing word before fine, either “make” or “be”

The Will’s approaches you, its movement flow like a smooth gust of breeze.


Agony comes next, as muscle and bone crack and thicken/ Within a weak, the afflicted are left frozen like statues.

*Full stop not /

Yet, they persist, tittering on the edge of destruction.

*To titter is to giggle, I think you mean “teetering” which means to balance precariously.

The ground trembles. beneath their feet, shifts and heaves with violence.

*Full stop not needed after trembles

Yet the unease caused by the violent earth will forever stain the naive hopes of the small folk/ The mental scars run deep and a mistrust of the fields sows itself through the halfling communities.

*Full stop, not /

The plague spread quickly, consuming the young and old, rich and poor, in the same devastating fashion.


What are supposed to think of them? You are different, better, beyond them now.

*Missing word “you” before “supposed”

For several hours you cause the ground the heave and split.


They are quick the flee from areas of danger.


yet these unfortunates are met by ever-suspicious elf arrows and human crossbows.


The motley bands of withcfinders stream from the flanks, behind the knights.


With The Lady’s Sword, you carve carnage through the imperials. An unstoppable force of destruction, your hacks and slashes cleave men and women into two with unwavering, savage focus. Even the merest touch of the red vapour wreathing your weapon is enough to snuff the hearts of imperials. Roaring with relish, your axe passes through armour, flesh and bones.

*Sword turns into an axe from one sentence to the next

Despite the fact that they have blunted your slaughter, you your frustrations out on them.

*Missing word “take”

Call on them to wrought utter ruin across the imperial lines.

*“Wrought” is past tense. Present tense would be “work” or perhaps “wreak” is a better word here.

The WiIl’s hooded face nods towards your throne.

*Will’s (the one quoted has a capital I instead of one of the l’s)

Relent, or challenge us. We will act as three," hisses The WIll.


In a split second, The Lord appears before The WIll, his axe cleaving through its billowing, black cloak.


Just like The WIll, a black puff of air drifts away from her body into the stars.


At the end of the Dark Path there are a lot of instances of incorrect capitalisation in The Will’s name, more than I have mentioned here.

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He Vernon,

Thanks for journeying into the green world! Love that you enjoyed my game. Even more than that, thanks for thinking about writing a review! Interactions like this really make me happy knowing that people like my world!

As for the shaman path, yes that is still waiting to be fleshed out. That will be one of the final content updates due to how it might tie in with other content- and it is still forming in my head.

If you want to experience the game as fully as possible, go through the war chief path where you can experience the rise of your empire. Just a note here, at one point you will be given three choices, if you choose to build a great army you will lose access to the throne room events. You’ll get the throne room events if you go more to the culture and diplomacy choices.

You can also be demonic and get corrupted, which opens up the dark path at some point in the chief path.

Alternatively, you can throw your life away to gluttony and become a big belly. A shorter, gut-busting path.


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Any updates to the Shaman and Krog’s Rock Paths?

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Phew! Loads there. I have corrected the dark path and uploaded it immediately, the Wllls got to me. Don’t know what I was doing there!

Stellar editing. Much better now.

I will think about adding a Krog scene. There is a method to my not having a more in-depth one. By that time, you are fully demon and no longer see Krog the way a true orc would. I didn’t want to provoke sympathy for the fallen god, which would lead to the player perhaps wanting to choose to spare him. You are too far gone for that at this stage. But there is dramatic merit for a short scene. I’ll add it to the list and think about it in a later update.

Many thanks! raises a yard of grog Cheers!


Hi Patrick,

The shaman and Krog Rocg paths will be integrated and implemented once I have added the guild routes. They will probably be the final content updates. After that, I’ll check through the general flow of things, maybe add a few systems to take account of things like age, or add a more gentile very old orc path, and add more flavour text to acknowledge past choices and events.