An @ symbol in Choicescript?

So long story short, I was deep diving Night Road to see how to get certain outcomes and found bits of code like this.

I’m wondering what this is, specifically using the @ symbol combined with the curly brackets and parentheses, and how to maybe incorporate it into my Choicescript in the future.

I don’t think I’ve seen this before, so I’m curious how it works.

If I had to hazard a guess, it looks like it’s taking a string variable (Banu Haquim/Gangrel respectively) and adjusting the text according to whether or not it’s true or false. If it’s true then you get the text before the pipe bar and if it’s false you get the text after the piper bar.

The only question I have left is how does the @ symbol fit into all this?

You reluctantly disentangle yourself from Lettow's arms.

That was wonderful but too brief. And it was @{(clan = "Banu Haqim") dangerous, especially for a Banu Haqim like yourself|dangerous};
@{(clan = "Gangrel") An Outlander yourself, you were nonetheless raised by a monster, not someone like Lettow.

You kneel, excited to learn what the Eagle Prince can teach. Lettow|You kneel, and Lettow} opens his wrist.