An Oversight in Stated Policy and the Forums : LGBTIQ


Many threads on here speak about how COG supports LGBTIQ issues, with games where gender and sexuality doesn’t matter. Yet when you sign onto the forums, you only have the choice of male or female.

This I feel is a big oversight in regards to transgenders, hermaphrodites, intersexuals and people who just don’t feel comfortable giving out their gender.

This shouldn’t be that hard to correct though, at the very least an ‘Other’ choice should be present, and I would also suggest that it should be possible to change this retroactively for those who have already joined up but wish a different designation. And it would also probably be best that such a choice be made in private as to not require contacting a mod about it as this is no doubt a sensitive issue.


I’m guessing that’s not a CoG policy choice but a Vanilla forum default (humorously enough) so if switching forum software is still planned, that might resolve it.


It was something I noticed when I signed up for the forums but it’s so ubiquitous everywhere that I didn’t think to bring it up. It’s part of the forum software and so something we mods at least don’t have control over. But you’re right.

Personally I don’t see how the information is relevant at all and why the forum software wants to know.

I know you mean well, but but the term hermaphrodite is generally considered offensive when applied to people. Intersex is the preferred terminology. I’d also suggest using transgender people as opposed to transgenders.


How is this an issue? There are two genders, and no amount of fake genders made up by Tumblr can change that. Even transgendered people have very specific genders that they think they should be.


@Captain_Cy_kun uh, that’s @MutonElite’s whole point. There are more than two genders.

And I have no idea why the forum software asks that. But we are still working on transitioning right now.


…no pun intended.




And @Captain_Cy_kun, have a look and a think.

Meanwhile, please don’t disparage your fellow forum members by dismissing their gender identities as “fake… made up by Tumblr.” It’s unnecessary and uncivil.


Going to drop my fun to sound like I ain’t blowing a fuse. 'Scuse me.

As someone who’s non-binary (how many non-binary people do we have on these forums? Am I the only one?) I would like to point out that people that identify as neither boys or girls have been seen since Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, India, Europe, and elsewhere throughout the world, and this IS an issue, and people like you are the problem.

It’s a pronoun. It’s a couple of word choices throughout your entire day to stop someone crying themselves to sleep, or hurting themselves, or having other people hurt them because every time you say something like this some bully, like the ones I’ve had to deal with, feels a little more confident about beating up or sexually harassing that “weirdo tranny slut” at college.

Not referring to someone how they would like, not using the correct pronouns or name isn’t going to change a non-binary person “back”. It’s words, it’s simple respect for another living, breathing human being and how they feel and would like to live their life that stops people killing themselves.
Please stop basking in your own self-importance and grow up.

@Havenstone Thankyou. Thankyou very much.


“There are two genders, and no amount of fake genders made up by Tumblr can change that. Even transgendered people have very specific genders that they think they should be.”

Isn’t that contradictory?


Just throwing this out there, but people should take a look at The Gender Puzzle. An interesting little piece my psychology teachers had me watch. Not only are there people that wish to identify with another gender so strongly that they feel this way since they were a young child, there are people that can’t be identified as either. Take, for instance, a person born with female genitalia, yet their biological make-up is actually that as a male, and vice versa. Then parents or doctors take it into their own hands to decide the gender of their child, and have the child undergo surgery. There are actually millions of people that are born like this.


There’s nothing wrong with identifying with another gender or orientation. There is also nothing wrong with wanting an option to announce that one is part of said group. As long as no one goes overboard in forcing another to go with their preferred pronouns or mindset, everything should be fine as the world is made of colliding opinions and it’s nice to live in harmony with colliding opinions instead of…well, colliding with them. This applies both to the overzealous SJWs and homophobes. In conclusion, believe what you wanna and don’t mess with the opinions with the other unless they’re damaging or manipulating their own or other’s mental, physical and emotional state.



I’m just a lurker, but I’m a non-binary lurker! :slight_smile: