An Office Romance Game--Updated April 10, 2019


@CammyCamaro Maybe hard-worker/lazy for stats? Charm instead of beauty. Manipulative/straightforward instead of smooth talker/honest Joe, but that’s pretty much the same thing. Maybe creativity?

Charm/creativity could be used during presentations. Maybe leadership ability could be a stat.

I’m just throwing around tons of ideas and hoping a few stick. :relaxed:


No problemo! I think Charm and Perception/Intuition would be good but that might mean adding a little more material here and there in the story. It could come in useful whenever you decide you might want to ‘wing it’ for presentations to add some flair.

In relation to Anne, I found that her RO story line was a little odd. I don’t remember which scene it was but I told Anne I’d help her get into Billy’s good graces and the next, we were making out in her office. It just didn’t seem to flow pretty well to me. Maybe changing a scene somewhere based on her relationship stat could be an option?


@FoxalypticWorld, @orkwut: Thank you for your suggestions! It’ll take me awhile to change the stats since I’ll have to update everything but here are my ideas:

Set Stats:
Name, Education, Work Experience:

Changeable Stats:
Intelligence, Adaptability, Charisma, Technical Skill, Commitment (how committed you are to your job. If you can think of a better work, please let me know), Reputation


Job Status (quick gauge of how you’re doing in the game)

Relationship Stats (for each character)

I like the Leadership and Perception ones too! Still thinking on how to incorporate them. Let me know what you guys think of the new stats :smile:

@orkwut: I see what you mean about Anne’s storyline. I’ll need something to smooth that over. Thanks for pointing it out!


Shouldn’t the Education be Educational attainment? Since education sounds vague. :confused:


@honeymichie: I wanted “Education” to indicate the character’s knowledge base, like if the character studied molecular biology or criminal justice (not the actual options just examples). I wasn’t planning on specifying the level necessarily, because I didn’t want a large advantage based on level of education. Didn’t think it was fair cause then people can always just go to graduate school. Even though that might be a fun way to build level of difficulty into the game :slight_smile:


I think your biggest problem is that it comes across as a summary, or the skeleton of your story. I think what you is filler (and lots of it). When you’re playing, you’re not always sure where you are or what’s happening, because you like to skip around a lot. Write some transition scenes where you are going from this place to that (or at the very least directly say “you are going here”. I particularly remember being on that workgroup vacation then suddenly being back in the office. You should also add some small details which don’t effect the game. (IE The dog stares you in the eyes. Those chestnut brown orbs seem to hypnotise you the way they focus. Determination rolls off him like water off a water slide, like sweat off a deer’s brow when faced with a mysterious light sweeping towards it. His tongue hangs from between his wet brown lip, and he lets a little spittle travel down its pink bumpy surface. It is not unlike a slice of ham in appearance. His hair is unkempt, rough in places, but his ear fur still feels like that of a young pup’s, and he emphasizes this trait by perking his ears so they look like triangles folded on either side of his mis-shapen head. His tail remain still, for this dog is not on his first go about. He is a professional. You begin to feel uneasy under his hypnotic gaze. You can no longer resist. You drop the small brown cube of a dog treat. His eyes leave you and follow the bacon flavored treat. It bounces once against the cool wooden floor before it no longer exists. The dog, satisfied, rotates his tail in quick circles, and licks your hand before you can react. He then returns to his sleeping mat, happy with his victory.
“Still,” you think to yourself, “wouldn’t trade him for a cat.”)

I hope that helps you. I think that this has great potential.


Ah okay I think that makes sense.


Long time no see! Short update to the game. Thank you for your patience :smile:


Blunt question:

When we finally get promoted to a higher position, will we be able to hire a secretary?
And can we have sexy time with that secretary?


If it’s not possible since you’re creating an under 18 game, can you put an option instead to hire an intern? And then let us be able to bully them? Or order them to fetch this, fetch that, come over here, now that’ a good doggie… I meant intern?

I want to re-enact my office days. Hahahaha…



Glad to see your still working on this!


New reader here really like it glad to see your still working on it

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Why is it pushing a romance so hard? You can’t even have a conversation with someone without being asked if your interested in them.


This was answered before: because the game is intended to be romance-focused.


I can understand it being a romance based game but nothing feels natural, every interaction feels forced.

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@Knightstrike: Lol! I want to keep the game relatively PG so it’s open to a wider audience. If I ever finish this game, my next idea is to continue it, but instead of starting as a temp, you’d start from a position of power (like a regular employee and/or a boss). I def like the secretary or intern angle! It should make for some interesting situations.

@attolia: Thank you! Will try my best to upload more often.

@Misa101: Thank you for checking out my game!

@DeeFlavored: I’m sorry you feel that way. I’ll look into adding more scenes so the romantic decisions don’t feel so forced. Thanks for the feedback!

@Ramidel: Thank you for answering DeeFlavored’s question!


Short update available! The update is for when you choose the shuttle and to sit in the front window seat. Still working on mapping the other paths. Thanks for playing :slight_smile:


Short update available! The update is for when you choose the shuttle then choose to sit in the last row. Thanks for playing!


He starts telling you about all the cool hiking trails you guys should visit. You guys talk casually about the trip for awhile with Jillian seeming asleep the whole time. You decide to tease Tyler and ask if he feels comfortable. He scrunches his nose anf flashes you a silly grin. You quietly laugh at his facial expression. It seems you weren’t quiet enough because Jillian opens her eyes immediately.

anf should be and

Love the story so much, can’t wait for more, but the part of the story with the Alex character trips me up as there is no stat for them, and as this is also the first time they appear.


@Uniqueth: Thanks for pointing out that typo! Thank you, I’m happy that you enjoyed the story :slight_smile:

Would introducing Alex earlier, but briefly, would make his scene less abrupt? I wanted a story arc where players can build/tank their reputation with other employees outside of their group. (SPOILER ALERT!) I was considering, if players chose to work hard for Alex’s group, there’s a potential for a job offer.


Yeah, introducing him earlier would help. When I first read through that part, I thought it was a typo that another character had been named Alex in an earlier draft of the text