An Office Romance Game--Updated April 10, 2019


Is the link at the beginning of the thread the updated one? Because whenever I play I can only ever get to the end of the presentation. I keep reading discussions about the new content and I feel left out. :frowning:

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@Hell_Satan Huh? Why are you responding to me? [?]


I noticed that if you choose to be angry on Jillian and have a talk with her in bathroom the game take you to an end.
@TheWaffle Try to be calm when Jillian accuse you of stealing her work then it should work fine. I had a similar problem :wink:


I’ve actually been trying to get on Jillian’s good side, so I have been choosing to stay calm and get her relationship points up


That’s interesting. It works fine for me. There has to be a dead end somewhere in code then so you need to wait for an author help :wink:
But answering to your first question, the link from begining should be an updated one.


Hey Everyone :slight_smile: After seeing those comments about dead ends I went over some of the coding. So sorry!!! I just realized that some sections are coded with a *finish instead of a *goto scene because I meant to write additional material before routing it to the rest of the game. And then I forgot to do it :sweat: Planning on fixing it all within the next few days. Thanks for your patience!


Hey guys! I’ve been gone awhile I know :frowning: I’m still in the process of fixing the current dead ends. No new material up yet. Just wanted to give you guys an update :slight_smile: Ttyl!


it’s quite good…but an office setting is pretty boring. The game isn’t :)…but for me(and this is just personal preference) some trolly choices would really improve the game. If you don’t know what they are play tinstar, even the free chapters and you’ll know what I mean lol. But otherwise good job :slight_smile:


oh wow i thought the game might possibly have been forgotten about suddenly im slightly feeling better (have a cold) i enjoyed the writing and the big rivalry with Jillian very aggravating lady makes you want to hate her and at the same time like her its very weird but fun, and your seeming upbeat attitude even when upset and thinking pessimistically reminds me of optimistic friends in gc services


@Bruno_Frank_Hill: Thank you, glad you like it :slight_smile: I haven’t finished checking out Tinstar, but are trolly choices choices that lead to (purposeful) dead ends so you start over?

@Drakeye: My apologies, I never forgot about the game but life always seems to get in the way. I like that you picked up on the easygoing attitude of the game! I want it to be a slice of life, but balance drama and humor. Hope you get better soon!

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no a trolly choice is an over the top one. e.g potential spoiler for that haunted estate agent game you can in one choice choose between doing nothing to the house you’re annoyed at, shake your fist at it or chuck a brick through the window…I’m not too good at thinking of these but an idea of one for an office game could be going mental in the interview or something. play choice of the star captain…there’s an interview in that too and the trolly choices made me literally lol.


@Bruno_Frank_Hill: Got it! I’ll think about it! I want the story to be fairly realistic but I think incorporating crazy situations/choices prevent it from being too realistic/boring. However, I think I’ve gotten some feedback before about some of the story being unrealistic for an office setting. Def a hard balance lol

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making a office game already is a hard balancing act since its in a area that with realism can get dull without the unrealistic or the eccentric style of office. so the unrealistic makes it fun as long as it fits well of which it does pretty well
could be better im sure but considering all of it it could be a lot lot worse and i honestly cant think of any noticeable improvement on it myself. this story maintains a comfortable “suspension of disbelief” zone considering some of the modern offices nowadays so its still good unlike some things writers do wolnt name names cough Jerry siegal cough joe shuster cough


Hello Cammy,

I like the game so far :slight_smile: I’ve played the demon a few times now and it has a nice pace. However I got stuck at the presentation (maybe a new bug? Didn’t happen to me before).

Here’s the error report:
Error: line 50: Tabs and spaces appear on the same line
Scene: 9fightwithjillianA
Stack: Error: line 50: Tabs and spaces appear on the same line
at Scene.getIndent (
at Scene.parseOptions (
at Scene.choice (
at Scene.runCommand (
at Scene.printLoop (
at Scene.execute (
at Scene. (
at safeCall (
at XMLHttpRequest.xhr.onreadystatechange (
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/36.0.1985.143 Safari/537.36
Load time: 1441288335313
Persist: whatwg_db


@Drakeye: Thanks for the feedback! I’m glad the balance is still good esp after the scene with Anne (SPOILER ALERT: when she hits on you). If you think of anything I can work on, please just let me know!

@Claymore: Thanks Claymore! Was able to fix the scene. Glad you like the game :smile:

Hey Everyone! I’ve fixed all the dead ends. I went through all the chapters and looked through my randomtest log to make sure. Sorry again to everyone who wasn’t able to get to the new content. It should be good now.

Started writing new material! The new stuff will be about getting to the offsite. Planning on giving players different options on how they want to get to the woods (by themselves, with a few others, with everyone). Of course, each option will lead to different experiences and discoveries.

Thank you, always, for playing :smile:


Not sure if it’s just me but at the scene where I’m upset by Jillian and asks Billy to confront Jillian with me, the scene ends up going to Anne’s office instead of Jillian’s cubicle and I’m still holding hands with Billy even when I chose to let go before :open_mouth:


@orkwut: Sorry!!! I checked it out and saw I mapped it to the wrong chapter. I actually have to write a scene to lead that into the rest of the story. Thanks for letting me know!


I’m liking the game so far, though I do have one problem with it. The way the dialogue is written in certain places with a colon after the name of who is talking makes it feel like I am reading a script instead of an interactive story. Sorry for being harsh but I feel it takes away from the story or I might just have something against colons.


After all the crazy fantasy wips, this one feels kind of like a breath of fresh air. Its simple and I like it, but others might find it dull. I also agree with SniperedSpartan, I don’t like the style of dialogue too much :confused: . Anyways, I’m very much looking forward to future updates! :smile:


@SniperedSpartan @Echo: Hmm, I see what you guys mean. I’ll have to think about whether to do " " or just remove the dialogue and revamp the writing. Thanks for playing and giving feedback!

Hello there! I fixed the plot hole @orkwut mentioned previously (thanks again @orkwut!). Btw, do you have any suggestions about the stats? I’m planning on updating them cause I haven’t changed them since I started the game. What kind of stats do you think would be fun?

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