An Office Romance Game--Updated April 10, 2019


Ah ok thank you :slight_smile: me being blond again


@Beezlebub: Got it :smile:

Hello! Sorry I haven’t posted. Between the holidays and being sick I haven’t done much writing. I started again so hopefully I’ll upload within the next few days. If not, definitely by this weekend. Thanks for you patience :smile:


you continue with this project ?


@Beroster047. Yes. Update today!

Sorry for not posting. Update available today!!! SPOILER ALERT: I’m done with the last options. If you choose to relax instead of spying on your co-workers or choose to spy on Tyler, you’ll hit a dead end. Hoping to finish those soon. .

Thanks for your patience and please enjoy :smile:





An update, yay. :smiley: Btw how do you increase the ‘beauty’ stat? I tried picking the option to ‘shop for new clothing and working out’ to look my best, in the beginning, but either it’s not the correct option or it’s a bug.


@anon48296871: Hope you liked it!

@Ventura: It’s a stat that I’m unsure whether I wanna keep. I was worried that people would think it was shallow. But my original intention was to allow players to work on both physical and personality characteristics. Do you think I keep it?

@Hell_Satan: Welcome! This is my first game so to make it easier on me I decided to stick to one gender perspective. I did try writing the game from a male and female perspective in the beginning but it got too difficult. At least there’s an option to date all the characters male or female ;)?


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Hello! New chapter posted :smile:. As always, thanks for playing and giving feedback!


Can you tell me what the new chapter is? I don’t think that I am accessing it.


@Wolfsra: The new chapter is right after trivia night. SPOILER ALERT: You can choose to relax on your own or spy on your co-workers. Just played through the game and was able to get to the new chapter. Let me know if you still can’t get through and I’ll take another look!


Billy: Enough, Anne! For the last time, I’m not interested in you. Anne: Aww, it’s cute when you try to be assertive. Don’t forget. I gave your little friend a job, and I can take it right back. Try to be more grateful, k? Billy: She was the most qualified, you said so yourself! Anne: I can still fire her anytime. After everything’s that’s happened, she isn’t exactly untouchable is she? I’ll see you tonight! Now stop frowning before people start wondering what we’re talking about.

So we’re playing as a female?


Yes they said that before.

Honestly, if you don’t like it I don’t really care; \ Most games have males (usually white non trans) and it’s really annoying me to do this. Mirror’s edge combined Good Gameplay, good story, and unique protaganoist (Eurasian Female)

If you don’t like the game because you are forced to play as a female, then why do you like being forced to be a white male?
If you still can not like it, please play a game that allows you to be a male.


Huh? >_> I was just asking if we were playing as a female so I could imagine the scenes better in my head…


Sorry I haven’t kept up to date with the thread for a while and I think the gender was left ambiguous the last time I played it. I didn’t mean to offend you.


Sorry, bad day. And when most people say stuff like that they usually mean it in a “I don’t want to play this game because im forced to be this” “This game sucks because of this”

Sorry for generalizing ;-;.


Well if I bought a game and it didn’t give me all the available options I might complain ( though in that case I should’ve done research before buying it ). But as it is this is free entertainment so I’m in no position to do so.


There’s such an upbeat feel to the narrator of this game. I really loved that. Like, “Yeah! You do your office work, you awesome person! Look at you go!” Made me feel good about all my choices, haha. (I definitely want to be narrated like that during office work irl)

The thing I keep being curious about is the endgame. It felt with the Anne confrontation like things are finally coming to a head, final showdown style. :open_mouth: