An apocalypic game called Survivalism

Creating a new game called Survivalist. In this, you will be playing as a survivor in an apocalyptic world. You will be put to the test several times with not only the skills you possess but also with your very own humanity.

I will take into consideration of all ideas that is presented to me and give credit to everyone who’s ideas I use and help I receive. Thank you and please be patient with me; I am new at to all of this.


Nothing wrong with being new, we all start that way. :smile: Can you gives us a little bit more as it is a fair bit to vague to be able to make much suggestion for ya.

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Can’t help you with coding because I’ve never created a game before but,I’ll try to help you with ideas

@Lordirish, I would give more details but I still haven’t completely laid out all the details myself. At the moment, all I have is the setting. Think of it like an open book if you will. I’ll give updates on it daily and tell you some more about it. By the end of the day, I’ll give off a much more detailed description of the game.

@Nightgazer, I would appreciate any and all help given to me. Just message me any ideas you wish to give and I’ll put them under consideration.

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Looking forward to seeing how it progresses.

So is it like a zombie game? It’s cool if it is as I am just trying to juice out any juicy tidbits of info out of you😂
As for the coding, I suggest that you should at least try out CS and see how it is…
Now, I am like mentally handicapped when it comes to CS, but there are some who aren’t. Consider contacting @Kelvin, he is the only coder I know who offers his services, and is also a pretty chill dude so yeah definitely hit him up if, like me, you can’t do the CS!

Same Im with @Nightgazer.

@ajakax, Thanks for the info! As for if it’s a zombie game, it is not. It’s more along the lines of surviving a near world destroying event and having to survive the aftermath. So far, the enemies of other humans whom wish to steal or kill others and predators who must adapt to their new environment and hunt any food they find. So unlike before where most predators remained in their territory and only attack humans who enter it, they now search for actively search for humans and a new source of food. As for talking to Kelvin, I’m definitely going to go to him about some help.

@AwkwardNature, Well, I’m more than happy to hear your ideas! Just message them to me and I’ll place them under consideration. Getting other people’s ideas and recommendations is very important to me and helps me generate more ideas.

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@Rematches, Thanks for tell me and let me tell you that I’m looking forward to seeing this unfold as well!

Okay cool, definitely!

@AlphaPatronus,I don’t know how much help I can be,but there is something we (as in me and other suggestor,is that the correct term?) need to know,the layout of the setting,what kind of post-apocalyptic world? Current era post-apocalyptic world (like doomsday on demand),Sci-fi era post-apocalyptic world,or heck,magic era post-apocalyptic world,or for the lulz,Sci-fi & magic era post-apocalyptic world

@Nightgazer, Here’s what I worked on to explain how the world is in the state that it’s in. I would like to say that this explanation might not be in the final product but no matter what, there will be one.

It’s been three years since the event that shaped the world has happened.
Most believed that the world would reach the state that it’s in by either a
nuclear holocaust or an asteroid crashing into Earth. No one expected the
apocalypse to come about because the Earth’s core generated a small burst
of energy which caused natural disasters all around the planet. Earthquakes,
tsunamis, tornadoes; you get the gist of it. Now while this was pretty bad,
what made it really bad was the fact that the tectonic plates broke
apart. This caused continents to break apart with them and collided into one
another; destroying most of civilization with them.

Parts of Asia and South America are together, North America and Australia are
together, and so on. Climates are ruined, animals either went extinct or forced
into an evolution. Barely, if any animals, are the same as they used to be before
these days. The scientists that remain have no explanation to how the animals left
alive seems to evolve this quickly since the evolution of apes to man. The only
species that remains on Earth that remained the same was humans and that was thanks
to their bodies natural ability to adapt of their environment.

Okay,now that’s taken care of,there’s a wee bit more that we should discuss,how much magic do you want in your story?

1.there’ll be no magic in this story,just straight up science
2.there’ll be ‘magic’ in this story (as in just myth and lore,but will not affect the story too much,just there to be some kind of decoration,like the lore in Skyrim)
3.there’ll be ‘magic’ in this story,and there’s even a cult dedicated to it (there could be multiple cult,hey it’s your call) which could or could not affect the story
4.there’ll be ‘magic’ in this story,but it’s actually a phenomenon that could be explained with science (real science or BS science,your call),this could include ESP or/and psychic powers if you so choose,this could also include justification for more extreme adaptation,like,let’s say a fire-breathing creature
5.there’s actual magic in this story,phenomenon that couldn’t be explained by science (like shape-shifting,seriously,where does the extra mass come from or go to when you shrink? Or in more extreme cases,demons,angels,summoning magic,nature magic,etc.)
6.a combination of case 5 and 4

Why am I asking this you say? Well,for case 2 and 3,with the apocalypse comes madness,right? And for case 4 and 5,I think it’ll spice up the story a bit

@Nightgazer, I don’t want any magic in the story so I’m going to have to go with 1.

A fine choice if I have to say myself,Sir.

Do you already have a backstory planned for our character,Sir?

Survivalist is the name of a Zombie Video Game on steam so idk if you really want to use that.

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Yeah, that’s what this reminded me of!
I even asked if it was a zombie game lol

@Frazer77, I’ve been told that. Unless I figure out a new name, Survivalist is what I’m sticking with. I’ve tried to think of a different name but I haven’t thought of anything that fits better. Of course, if you think you have a better name, then tell me so I can determine whether I like it more or not.

Maybe just a slight tweet to the name is all you need. Survivalism

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