An Angel's Song (Story Update: 24/03/21)

Hello, thank you for reading!

The short answer is no, there is no planned poly route involving Masa and Hazuki.

The long answer is that Masa and Hazuki, though they’re very close, would feel uncomfortable being in a poly relationship with the MC, they see each other as siblings, so it would weird for them to be in that sort of situation together, not to mention, Hazuki is monogamous.


Hello everyone and happy July!

June was productive, even if not all productivity was tied to writing, but you can read more about that down below (or support me on patreon for an extra long report about what’s going on behind the scenes :eyes:).

June Progress Report

Happy summer everyone!

June is over, Mercury Retrograde is over, finally, my mind is somewhat clearer, and I’m very excited for all I’m going to be writing during this month!

During June I had a lot of thoughts, I spent some time writing what I believe to be the prologue idea I’ll go for, I also worked on the rewrite for chapter 1, took more notes on things I’m embarrassed to have written, finished the angsty segment (made it sadder and more nostalgic too), wrote a scene that I’m hoping it’s not too much (it features a character sort of having a panic attack off screen and trying to come up with ideas to help them feel comfortable and calm).

In regards to the portraits: they’re almost done! I also took down the Live Portrait Maker portraits because they’re no longer accurate to the characters. For example, Hazuki now has longer hair, Katja doesn’t look depressed, K looks gentler (I redid the lineart for Klaus THREE TIMES, they really gave me so much trouble, Klaus, why), extra RO now shows no name (I can’t tell you why, please don’t ask me). I also want to maybe rework the entire masterpost, I had already rewritten some of the descriptions but I want to make it nicer and more organized. Also, now that I’m on chapter 4 I have a better grasp on the type of story I want to tell.

When all portraits are done I was thinking of publishing introduction posts for each one, since I never got to do that before. I’m so excited to get to work on those, though I have to think about how I want to approach it and also work on a new banner maybe.

There is also now a FAQ (unavailable right now because I want to reword some things and make it look a little nicer). This FAQ is not final and includes many questions I have not been asked but I thought would be important to mention. I included some trigger warnings into the public demo and I’m thinking of including an age rating too. I’m leaning towards an 18+ rating because it is a dark fantasy and the rewritten chapters are probably going to be darker, but I’ll make the decision when the rewrite is done.

Also the game’s first demo anniversary is coming up! Unfortunately I have nothing planned (except for the portraits but I don’t know if I’ll be posting them that soon, and the new logo which is finished but I’m not sharing yet), I tried to write some oneshots but if there is no plot or backstory I actually get sort of bored of them, so yeah, sorry. I’ll see if I can come up with something.

Well, that’s about it. Here’s your out of context phrase, a bit spoilery:

“It’s not like a mark,” K explains with a sigh. “Have you heard of the term ‘sworn family’?”


Just passing by to say that I’m on vacation and will be back to writing regularly next month.


Hello everyone!

Quick update on what I’m doing: I’m rewriting and revising the first few chapters instead of working on chapter 4. Currently I’m rewriting the first encounter with Masa and Hazuki in chapter 1, so I’m still pretty far back, but not everything is getting a rewrite so I’m hoping it won’t take me as long as it took to write them the first time.