An Angel's Song (Demo updated: 13/09/2020 - Ch. 2)

Oh, I forgot to put in the code for the save slots the last time I updated, I fixed it. Thank you for letting me know!

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Haha no prob! Thank u for responding and have a great day! :+1:


Stumbled upon this and I enjoyed it. Hoping to meet Klaus soon; that one small scene with him has made me curious.

Wording issue here:

Interrupt her Hazuki

Also, I think it’s best to separate dialogs into different lines to avoid confusion.

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Thank you for telling me (and for reading, of course), I read it so many times I guess my brain just skips over most of these errors :sweat_smile: That line of dialogue is actually an if sequence, which is why it didn’t line break properly, I’ll go fix it right away.

Edit: Fixed!


that was a very mysterious game :slight_smile: cant wait for more


Thank you very much for reading! I hope you continue to enjoy it :blush:

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I need to replay the demo since so much content has been added since the last time I played, but wanted to point out that Masami is the name of a character in another popular HG series. Not sure if that is something you would want to consider changing or if it might be a problem that there is a shared name.

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My male MC was called a woman multiple times in this page that I restarted the whole game and played from the start again just to make sure my MC is indeed male. :joy:

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@Redhood53 Sorry about that, I must have forgotten to add the code to that scene. This is what happens when you code pronouns after writing :sweat_smile: I can’t fix it right now, but I’ll look over it tomorrow.

@tangerine_skies I will address this tomorrow, too, but thank you for bringing it to my attention.


This WIP is very engaging. I can’t even bring myself to put down my phone. I just noticed that Hazuki and Misami doesn’t seem to remember the MC even they met before the festival (even though the MC wears a mask they might heard that the voice is familiar, I guess?)

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Hello! I’m answering late because I didn’t have internet all day yesterday.

I just updated the demo with some new bug fixes and new interactions!

  • Now if your name is ‘Ai’ the horse’s name will change to ‘Suki’.
  • In chapter 2, a new option has been added when talking to Asha in your room (“Maybe we should sate your curiosity.” Friendly ver. and flirty ver.). It’s short, but I at least wanted to give you the opportunity. I’ll look for other places where a flirty option could be added.
  • Some pronoun errors fixed. Now you can check your pronouns from the stat page and change them.
  • Now there’s more recognition when meeting Hazuki and Masami. I may add more opportunities for you or them to bring up previous encounters.

@CatKnight Hello and thank your for your kind words! It makes me happy to know people are enjoying my story c: Actually, Masami does recognize there is something familiar in your voice, but doesn’t make the connection. Hazuki does as well, but knows it’s not appropiate to mention. But you’re right, there should have been more of a mention of it, at least from the MC’s part, so I added something to correct it. You will have the opportunity to bring it up properly during chapter 3 (if everything goes according to plan).

@redhood53 Again, thank you for informing me, pronouns should be correct now. And now, if it happens again, you can just check the stat page and confirm that you have set the proper pronouns. No more restarts, hopefully :sweat_smile:

@tangerine_skies Masami’s name has a funny (?) story. Her name was Noriko, which I really disliked, then I thought, “I could name her after Masami, from The Legend of Korra.”

If you know about the show, you know where this story is going: Her name isn’t actually Masami. All this time, I’ve been like “Oh, if there’s one thing I liked about Korra was Masami, her design is cool, and she’s cool overall too!” Only recently have I found out I’ve been misremembering the name this whole time, and that’s because I read a bit of the comic and actually thought that it was the comic that got it wrong. Still, I have grown very attached to it and find it’s sort of poetic how Masami tries to stray from cute, but her name is just so.

I really don’t want to change it, but considering there are only 2(?) japanese-inspired games I worry this might actually lead some to think it was deliberate. I would still like to keep a similar sound, though.

So, here’s a poll to help me decide.

Masami’s name should be…
  • Masami
  • Azumi
  • Asami

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On another note, there is another name change I’m considering. So, Asha’s name was actually not supposed to be japanese which is why I didn’t bother to check what it meant, but because there’s been some changes now it has to. According to the internet, Asha means, depending on which character you use, dumb, mute, or person. And, I mean, I know it’s just a name, but I don’t think it fits anymore. So, I’m on the lookout for a possible new name for her. Just wanted to let you all know.


Time for this week’s progress report!

I have good news and bad news. The good news is that I got a lot done this week. The bad news is I started writing some romance scenes to practice and they are… not good, or at least not up to my standards. I do love me some romance, but I have very little experience actually writing it so, I should have expected this outcome. I will continue to practice so the ROs get the scenes they deserve, so don’t worry, when the time comes it’ll be good!

I won’t give you a detailed rundown of what I did because, even though I did get lots of work done, it’s not something I can really explain without spoiling it, so I’ll just say that I rewrote a scene, wrote a few others and I have officially finished (though it’ll need some revision later on) all the scenes happening in this particular location, for this chapter.

I have also done more work on my next project (even though I know I won’t start it until this one’s over and it’ll probably take a year and a half). I have decided on more stats, planned for there to be 5 romances and have their appearances ready too. It doesn’t have a plot, but from here to there I’ll have something ready, surely.

Another thing, a new short story has been released on my patreon, if any of you is interested you can become a patron and read that and the other short story I posted last month. If not, that’s all right, I’ll be posting something over on tumblr soon, too.

Here’s this week out of context phrase:

“In times such as this, it is best to let the body take over, and not the mind, so prone to fear and panic.”