An Alien's Life (Updated - 14th August)



@Misterian: Yeah, I should’ve had more of those options actually, I’ll probably go back and edit a few of them in.

@CreepyPastaKittyFay: Sorry haha, I was originally going to put the next scene in too but it was getting late and I just wanted to get the chapter out.


Added Chapter 4 and the ability to skip to later chapters.

It’s only 3/5th complete, but I’m eager for some feedback so decided to release it now. Let me know if you like how some of the abilities work.


Started playing super stoked by the way! But I got this


I got stuck in some of the options where my MC Frieza (yes, I’m calling him that from now on) is in that human cafe, specifically past the part where Frieza picked the “Read the Newspaper” option, the game gave me errors whenever I picked the ‘karate kick’ option or when I tried to pick the ‘dive out of the way of the crazy cafe man trying to kill you’ option.

Though I’ll admit, the image of Frieza just casually sitting in a human cafe eating a sandwich while reading a newspaper somehow gets a slight chuckle out of me.


Yeah, something seems to be up with the Cafe scene. I got the same error throwing coffee at the guy’s face.


That’s werid :confused: must be something specifically to do with the new update, as when just chpt3 was up, worked fine for me, tried it twice.


Thanks everyone for letting me know. It was a silly error related to the skipping chapters function. Fixed now.


Now that those errors were cleared, I can say the demo’s additional chapters were pretty fun. Keep up the good work!


I really appreciate that. I should hopefully have the entirety of chapter 4 completed tomorrow.


can you add a save function


Sure. Shouldn’t be too hard.


good cause i hate it when dashingdon screws up for me.