American Civil War interest check!

Hey everyone! I’ve been lurking around the forums for a while and have finally decided to dip my toes into Choicescript. I’ve got an idea for a series centered around the American Civil War, in a similar vein to Paul Wang’s Infinity series. I wanted to see if any one had any interest in the setting and time period.

I also have some questions regarding the scope and freedom of the books that I’ll make into polls for people to vote on.

My initial focus will be on creating a scenario in which the MC interacts with the conflict, this includes spending time with the other members of your platoon, choosing how to deal with a multitude of stressful (and sometimes lethal) situations, and how they plan to respond to the more vicious and brutal aspects of the war.

Any feedback is appreciated, and please let me know if you have any questions regarding the concept or

  • Stick to the Union perspective
  • Give players the option to play either side of the conflict

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  • Let the outcome of historical battles be determined on player choice
  • Keep the battles predetermined, let players affect their immediate surroundings.

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I for one would love a civil war choice game. Though I’d hope the focus of the story would be on the characters and world rather than gameplay. Also I don’t think letting the player choose there side is a great thing to do for a story focused game, it just adds to much work and takes focus and quality away from the side you don’t want to do. So I would recommend focusing on a single faction, if I had to choose, I’d say the south as there aren’t many novels or story’s that shows a confederate point of view. Though it would be your story of course so pick the side you wish to show.

Best of luck bud :slight_smile:

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