Amazon Student is sending out 5€ gift codes (at least in Germany)


I just got an email from Amazon Student. It seems they’re sending out codes for free Android Apps worth 5€ (at least in Germany). I just got two Choice of Games for free with that. If you’ve got an Amazon Student account, check your email, you might have a present waiting for you.

Btw, I’m just posting this because I usually delete those mails unread. It was a happy coincidence that I read this one and I don’t want anyone to miss out on this (or COG on the revenue). I don’t work for Amazon. :wink:


How is Germany this time of year?




@Drazen, My Internet must be lacking because it looks like you posted a random giant black box


@Doctor Works fine for me; Don’t know about anybody else.


The link is fine @Doctor its a dude making yodeling sounds :stuck_out_tongue: but what is that thing on his head? @Drazen


The future, @Aera; The future!


Eeekk that’s the Future? /:slight_smile: @Drazen never mind i shall run away from it then.


Working now, that is pretty funny!
Remind me of homeland in Slavonia!