Amazon Fire COG Purchases

Hi All!

I was told recently that sending receipts for COG apps to support(at)choiceofgames would unlock purchased games here, so we could unlock the save/load features. I have sent the ones I had saved on my phone from the play store there without any luck yet…but its a holiday weekend, so I get it…ANYWAY my favorite purchased COG games are on my Amazon fire tablet so I dont know where to find the receipts…they arent in my email or on my actual Amazon acct…has anyone else dealt with this? Any advice is appreciated!!!
Happy Holidays, Jen

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well, they won’t be unlocked till you hear from the support. You need a login on the page for that (it’s a login separate from the forum login. when you go onto a game on the page there should be a ‘sign in/up’ bit in the upper corner iirc)

as for amazon fire… if you go to setting there, is there a purchase/history thing?

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I actually buy all my HGs on the Amazon Appstore in my Fire HD 10 Tablet.

Two year old topic.