Amazon double charging?

I bought In the Service of Mrs. Claus and The Magician’s Workshop yesterday through the Amazon Appstore. Both of them had an upfront cost of $2.99. That seemed unusual, since most of the new CoG and HG games seem to have transitioned to free demo, only charging money to unlock the full game. But I figured they were simply charging for the full game upfront, like some of the older CoG and HG titles.

However, when I opened the games, I was still limited to the demo versions (only a few chapters plus advertisements). When I tried to restore my purchase for Claus (since Magician’s Workshop claimed it hadn’t been released yet :confused:) Choice of Games said I had not unlocked the full game.

Is Amazon now charging an upfront fee to download then an additional fee to unlock the full game? Should I just write off those two games and not use Amazon to get my CoG and HG fix in the future? I’m really confused and disappointed right now.

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Topic resolved.