Am I the only one who can't remember the characters of a book after 4 or more months?

I mean that even that I liked very much that book and I know the story I don’t remember too much about the characters.

That’s a shame, because the characters are even more important than the plot. :stuck_out_tongue:


It depends of they are written, I guess. In my case, it’s not even been four months since I discovered text-adventure games, so I have yet to confirm it for myself, but depending of the narration and style of writing, characters can either be forgettable or memorable. For instance, I pretty much forgot everyone in Life of a Mobster, since the autobiographical, almost clinical style didn’t do much to develop other characters than the MC - and it wasn’t the goal, really. On the other hand, I still have a very vivid memory of the characters of Slammed, where the narration is basically centered on character drama.


Yeahh I think that so.Hmmm.Hope that I will remember them better in the next books.

Yeahh I still remember some unforgettables character like the ones from Heroes rise or Zombie exodus but it is stressing me out that I can’t remember more of them . :))

I would really like It if authors would remind us Subtly about the minor characters that would some times pop up. Like suddenly a name pops up that I don’t remember and main character is all Buddy buddy with them.


I think it depends on the book and how much of an impact that it has on me. For instance, I still remember the majority of the characters from epic sagas like Lord of the Rings, Wheel of Time and The Stormlight Archive. (Not to mention other series like Harry Potter)

Or are you limiting yourself to CoGs/HGs?


Elson from @Cataphrak’s Sabers of Infinity has had the lonest lasting impact of any written character I’ve ever read.

Completely, :100:% agree. The Percy Jackson series was among the first series that got me into loving to read. I can remember all the characters, what specific events happened in each book, etc.

Can’t say any characters from CoG games actually made a positive impact. I think I’m too wrapped up in the plot than the characters.

I loved Elson. Miss that guy. T.T

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The book that made me read more was also The Percy Jackson series :ok_hand:.I have the same situation with remembering everything about the plot but not very much about the characters.

I have some minor brain damage (it affects short-term memory and balance) and if a story has more than about five characters they need to have REALLY distinctive names (eg “doctor so-and-so” or Spangle McTwinklepants) or I’m just lost. And that’s while I’m reading.

(I also forget actual real-life people names quite badly, so… er… sorry about that.)

I read about a book a week so it’s no surprise I forget most character names. I often consult my own character name list as I write, too. There are a few that stick with me, but usually even the greatest characters/humans leave me with an emotional impression rather than a name.


I dont have trouble remembering characters after Ive read the book. Its during the book that Im flipping between pages trying to remeber who is who.

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I can’t even remember a teacher’s name. And we met like 3 times a week goddamn I don’t know why I’m so bad at remembering names.
It’s the same with book characters. Like, if it’s a very impactful character to me, I could probably remember their names. But most of the time it’s ‘that character in this book that saves the world, killed their step-father, and has a three-legged chihuahua’ weirdly I can remember the story perfectly, just sometimes not the characters’ names


Whether the story and characters were engaging or not, I have trouble remembering names, but little to no trouble at all with the events of the story. I can describe the character, but can’t recall the name. This happens not just in books, but also in videogames, movies, and tv shows. With movies and shows it’s a bit easier to describe the characters because there’s a visual reference, but a bit harder in books because there’s only the written description to go with.

It even happens in real life, actually. Back in high school, I was friends with a girl for over four years, and I didn’t even know her name. She knew mine, but I avoided directly addressing her until senior year, when she became my seatmate and I realized, “All this time, she was named after my favorite color!” :weary:

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I know how it is to be friend with someone but not remembering his name.It is really frustrating but you can not ask him.:))

I’m terrible with names but I’m fairly good at remembering the characters themselves. I remember multiple characters from various stories and games, and even some of the details of things they do or bit’s of their history that you learn from other character. But I can’t remember the name of my newest roommate.


Memory is weird. I used to have an amazing visual memory - I could read something once and memorize it. Quotes, lists, poems, vocabulary, whatever; it was my superpower in college. Since my psychiatrist put me on Topamax last year, though, I’m much more absent-minded. I forget character names, entire side plots, and how books I love ended.

On the one hand it’s annoying… when writing, or reading something with a lot of characters, I have to keep referring to notes. On the other, I get to re-read books and be surprised by them again. Having experienced both: memory is awfully useful, but you can get by without it.


I remember everything about the character I loved, but alas it’s characters mostly from non-interactive fiction books and movies. Although there are a handful of characters from Heroes Rise(series), Versus(series), ZE(series), and Lost Heir(series) who are still on my mind…

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I can only remember characters from three games, but that’s because I’ve replayed them more than ten times :grimacing: I’ve played almost all of Choice of Games and Hosted Games so that’s a lot of characters that I’ve forgotten…

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