Alternative to dropbox links for game demos?

Hi everyone,
I was just wondering if there’s any other site similar to dropbox that you can use to put up a demo of your game, since I can’t access dropbox (to make a long story short: I live in China, and it’s blocked…)

It’s also very sad, because I can’t play anyone else’s games as they’re all hosted on dropbox D:

Sorry you can’t play other people’s games.

Have you tried googling chinese alternative to dropbox? And seeing if any of the sites that come up are free and usable?

For hosting your own games is a good alternate choice for those that can’t use dropbox.

Google Drive is essentially the same thing and should work in China.

@CJW, unfortunately, Google is blocked too!
@FairyGodfeather, There are a couple websites like that, but sometimes the Chinese websites (for example video sharing (like, youtube alternatives) websites ) only load in China…
@Reaperoa, seems to be working, I’ll probably try and use that one when I try to upload a demo, thanks!

What browser do you use? You could try and find a plugin/extension that allows you to bypass these blocks. For example, I use Google Chrome with the Hola extension. It lets me watch videos on which I would normally get the warning ‘this video is unavailable in your country’, and join Hulu (which shouldn’t be possible where I live).

Hmm… I think it’s a little different though, since it’s not the website blocking access from China (like the ‘video unavailable in your country’ thing is) it’s China blocking access to the website D: Nevertheless I’ll still search to see if there is such a thing for Firefox or Chrome!

@Reaperoa, I’ve just tried to load and… it doesn’t load, either, so I guess it’s blocked as well… and @Fairygodfeather, the chinese alternatives to dropbox work, but require people to have an account to view the files, which is fairly useless for what I want to do. I guess I’ll just have to keep searching for an alternative…

If you create a game, someone else might be able to host it on their own dropbox account for you instead. The only issue then is that you have to trust that person with your game.

Yes, I guess that would work too, it would just involve sending them the file that comes from when you run the compile.html document in the choicescript folder, right?
Anyway, I guess that if by the time I have a working demo I want to post I haven’t yet found a solution, I can try and get a VPN which would allow me to use dropbox. Also I’m sure someone on here would be willing to host it for me as well ^^

Can you use a free proxy?

Also, I can give you ftp access to a folder on my site.

I just discovered that dropbox no longer allows free accounts to serve html, so I can’t use dropbox to host a choicescript game. I put mine on my website, though, and they work fine.

If anyone else wants an ftp site on my site, I can set that up too.