Alternate to dev wikia?

Once again I’m trying to get back into working on my ChoiceScript game, so I thought I’d go to the dev wikia and review. Only now I have the bizarre problem that after about 10 seconds, the wikia breaks Firefox. Not having that problem with Firefox otherwise, but after just a few seconds in the wikia Firefox stops responding. But I actually really wanted to read over that “Basic tutorial” series again. Is there a text-only version of this somewhere, as I suspect it’s the ads that are doing it somehow? Or alternately, does anyone know how to make it stop breaking Firefox? Because right now my only alternative is try to find where I left off within about ten seconds, read whatever’s visible, and then restart Firefox to try to find the next bit. :confused:

Well, for the time being I think I solved the problem by downloading Chrome. >.>

Chrome is good, is use it everyday but…their anti-virus kinda gets in the way of a lot of stuff.
P.S. not a big fan of the newest update.

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