Alpha and Omega need

I’m working on my story alpha and omega you is a new werewolf in a pack you can play good or evil take over the pack or go start your own and take take down your old Alpha with help from your vampire friend rick and his pack and witches
Need help with some characters and some more ideas where to take this


dude dont take this the wrong way but you should flesh the story out yourself and know the general feel it should have and that does innclude characters otherwise we will have bunch of ideas just for names and we wont really focus on the game and the story.

and also really clever title totally get it. :smiley:

Ok not a dude

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ops sorry take the dude part back.

It sounds as if you’re not out of the planning stages yet. In which case, I wonder why you made this topic.

Asking for ideas isn’t the best of things to do in my view. Why not get something down first then come back and show us what you have?

There’s also already a wealth of werewolf projects; focus on the witches.

There’s always room for more werewolf projects. Or weresheep, or werecats, or werezombies.

Why is a vampire best friends with a werewolf? Don’t werewolves and vampires have an enmity? Are they part of some sort of buddy movie? Or is it a tragic romance thing going on like Underworld?

Why do you want to take over from your alpha?
How could a new werewolf become that powerful?

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@fairygodfeather I think that it’s more about the universe and mythos of the story. I’ve read/ watched some books/movies where werewolves and vampires are on the same side.

@Katgirl64 I know. :slight_smile:

Tip. Vampires live in clans! Witches live in covens, and as far as I know werewolves are the only ones that live in “packs”.