Allowing "Bad" Choices for Role Playing Purposes?

I ALREADY have infinite wishes! They’re just not coming true. :man:


Deathless: The City’s Thirst lets you begin with a character who is scarred or am amputee, which raises the Trauma stat and doesn’t offer any benefits. Doing this might not make sense from a gaming perspective, but it does from a storytelling one; this is interactive fiction, after all.


Another possible avenue with jackass genies? Just not.

If the consequences are going to backfire, then just don’t do them. Nothing obligates you to make that wish. It’s an option. If you must, then it’s an entirely acceptable strategy to wish for…nothing. Nothing at all.

Something along the lines of “I wish that this statement counted as a wish .”

Personally, I don’t need limitless power, money, or completely immortality. There’s only wish that I want anyway and it wouldn’t even affect anything on a grand scale other than make my life better without damaging other people’s.

I wish you never accept my wish.

Well the genie example was pure sarcasm. :grin:

But I do buy into the design philosophy that not every choice should lead to success.
If a main character jumps out of an airplane without a parachute, do they honestly expect Gandalf to send the eagles from Lord of the Rings to come save them before they fall to their doom? Lol… :wink: