All Things Superheroes! (And Villains!)


I wanted to spin off the Superhero discussion here because I think there’s just so much to discuss and they really deserve a topic of their own. (I hope).

  • Who’s everyone’s favourite Superhero and why?
  • Favourite villain and why?
  • What’s it you love about superheroes?
  • And what do you dislike?
  • Favourite movie/tv-show/comic/game/book?
  • If you could have one super-power what would it be?
  • If you were to create your own superhero what would they be like?

Anything else about the topic?

And just for fun

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What Frustrates You Big Time?
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I’ll start with the main thing I dislike, I hate that a lot of superheroes are only created to defeat the villain. Why can’t there just be a superhero with no villain!? (same goes with villains too)

The one super power I would have is super OP. I would have power mimicry. If I could not have that then I would probably have something that would allow me to easily access peoples secrets, Telepathy or persuasion maybe?

If I were to create a hero, I don’t think mine would be classed as a hero but I would create one that would act as a information broker as sorts, Trading in secrets. They would only be hired by someone that interested them. Let’s say somebody hired them to find information on a gang, My hero would find information on that gang and then blackmail the leaders to work for my hero, Then my hero would tell the client the information and my hero would expect a secret in return for helping said client.

I’ll think about the other questions for a bit. :smiley:

(My character is quite generic looking but this is what I made. ^_^)


When I was wee, I always thought Rogue from X-Men was super cool. I am not sure I had a great reason though, beyond believing she was totally badass and I wanted a white streak in my hair because, awesome.

I would probably like defensive superpowers. Maybe the superpower to calm people down, actually. Like to diffuse tension. Invisibility would also be cool, mostly because people would be forced to leave you alone. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like that superheroes pose unique dilemmas. You have too much power for an average person, and there are rarely checks and balances for that power. It’s a lot of responsibility and the consequences are high if you make the wrong choice.

Favorite villain? This is a bit out of the box, but there’s a short story by Ken Liu that takes the story of Cassandra and spins it as a modern story, where Cassandra is a supervillain and a superhero keeps trying to stop her from acting to prevent crimes before they occur. It’s fantastic and totally free to read online at Clarkesworld. I’m basically obsessed with it.


That looks great! Did you draw that yourself, or use a character builder?


My favourite superhero is Red Robin.

Favourite Villian’s a bit harder, I’d say Joker, but it really depends on who’s writing him since his personality can be so different. So either him or the Lizard.

I love so much about superheroes. It’s the escape from reality they give me, and do much more.

Hmm. I dislike boring superheroes, who have no personality beyond the fact that they’re superheroes.

Movie: The Dark Knight/Spider-Man (Rami version), T.V. show: Young Justice, Comic: Spider-Man, Game: Spider-Man: Web Of Shadows/Ultimate Spider-Man.

As for power, teleportation or immortality.

And, finally, my hero would be similar to Spidey. Cracking jokes, probably a bit more ambitious than Pete though.


My favorite heroes are The Flash and Batman. As for villains it’s the Joker and Reverse Flash. You can obviously tell i’m a DC fan but I do love Marvel’s Spiderman and Loki as well :smile:


Favorite hero: I don’t really read a lot of comics, but there are three superheroes (well, sort of) that I like from comic books:

  1. Elektra Natchios, specifically from Frank Miller’s ‘Elektra: Assassin’ 8-issue series. It’s a pretty dark series, and she goes through periods where she’s quite literally insane, but I really love the combination of angst and strength, damage and confidence, in her character, and Bill Sienkiewicz’s art is absolutely stunning. The comic starts when Elektra is an embryo in her mother’s womb, and the artwork is all thick, squiggly lines like a child would draw with a crayon. As she matures, the lines get sharper and cleaner. When she’s drugged and insane, the artwork reflects that as well.

  1. Death (of the Endless), from Neil Gaiman’s ‘Sandman’ series. More angst, a fully-realized character, an interesting re-imagining of a familiar icon, and on and on.

  1. Kabuki, by David Mack. More angst (okay, so I like angst) mixed with strength and beautiful artwork. One of my favorite things about this series, though, is that, despite the fact the titular character is a pseudo-assassin/enforcer, there’s very little violence displayed. The books are mostly about memories and dreams and philosophy.

Favorite villain. Without question, Lola LaFever, from Kelly Thompson’s novel, “The Girl Who Would Be King.” At many points during the book, I was actually hoping the supervillain would win (how often does that happen?). Mostly, though, I just felt really sad because I knew she wouldn’t. I really love that book and, more specifically, that character.

What I love about superheroes. The thing I love is also the thing I hate- they’re wish-fulfillment. They do things we wish we could, but can’t, which is also why I tend to prefer angsty heroes: they’re much more relatable. They may have more powers, but they also have more baggage. When I look at Superman, I just don’t see anything at all I can relate to other than a very general desire to be a good person, but Elektra? Yeah, I can feel that pain.

What I dislike about superheroes. I dislike the uglier side of the wish-fulfillment mentioned above: the overt (and not-so-overt) sexualization of women, the girl in the fridge trope, etc. Some men write and illustrate fantastic comics, with fantastic female characters – all three of my favorites above were written and drawn by men – but there’s a lot of really harmful stuff perpetuated, too, and that’s one of the reasons I’ve stayed away from the medium for the most part.

Favorite movie/tv-show/comic/game/book. Mentioned above, Kelly Thompson’s novel, “The Girl Who Would Be King.” The characters are just wonderfully written. They’re not just superheroes, they’re two complete people, and Thompson’s decision to write in alternating first-person, with equal time given to each of the two main characters, really showed how similar their journeys were, even if they ended up as polar opposites.

Which superpower would I choose. I think I’d like to be an empath. Or a super-genius.

If I could create my own superhero, who would they be. I created about 20 of them in the City of Heroes MMO, mainly because I couldn’t stick with any one thing. As noted above, they’d definitely be angst-ridden, but they’d also be hopeful. They’d almost certainly dress in a lot of black. Picture generated with Doll Divine.


My favorite hero villain combination is spiderman and the synbiot (not venom) because it’s basically the inner struggle of spidey manifested (funny thing is that the parasyte wasn’t even evil)

What do i like about superheroes ? to all due honestly… watching them squirm

I dislike… i’ll have to agree withThe_Ravenclaw in this one boring superheroes, who have no personality beyond the fact that they’re superheroes.

T.V. show/anime Tiger and bunny

For power, to be able to enter a state where i can utilize 100% of human capabilities

As for my hero… hmm.He would be someone that would try to save the world only from major crisis (like aliens or cthulhu monsters) and doing so by getting other to help him and when there are no such crisis he would go around investigating and keeping other heroes and villains while making connection with both sides offering advice (and trolling) to both without being himself involved.
That with his costume on but when he is without it he would try to stop any crime he comes across as long as it is within his human capabilities


@Seabean I linked to a character builder in the first post so people could make their own superheroes if they wanted to.


Oh pff, I didn’t even notice. Thanks!


Who’s everyone’s favourite Superhero and why?
-Daredevil (comic), just super badass

Favourite villain and why?
-Mystique (comic), could literally be anyone. I feel like it’d be so easy to perform crimes with that ability.

What’s it you love about superheroes?
-The action

And what do you dislike?
-The things that would never work which somehow always seems to work in movies/tv shows (doing flips to avoid being shot… example: Spiderman)

Favourite movie/tv-show/comic/game/book?
-Age of Ultron / Arrow / 70’s Ghostrider / Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects / …pass

If you could have one super-power what would it be?
-“Super Speed”, if you look at that power today in movies, it’s so overpowered it’s awesome… especially in Days of Future Past.

If you were to create your own superhero what would they be like?
-They’d probably have a power or intense combat training or something. Probably.


Favourite hero, ambush bug and the incredibles.

Favourite bad guy, the joker and calendar man.

Favourite thing about superheroes, there backstory.

Worst thing is they never die…

Favlite movie, is the incredibles.

I would have the power of animal fusion.

My hero would be modest, dress in a joker like costume, have the power of fish control, have a laser cannon and robs brownie and fudge shops from time to time, he would not be in love yet, and have blue skin and sonic like hair.


@NukeboomV2 If you can, you have to use the Hero Machine thing I linked in order to make that hero. :slight_smile: Blue skin, sonic hair and fish control powers. I’d love to see him. (


Favorite hero. Deadpool (who cares about logic?)
Favorite villian. Joker, lex luthor
Favorite things about superheroes the darkness and sadness they feel (their power amplifies both the good and the bad about them)
Worst thing about them. When they refuse to kill the bad guy or limit themselves for no good reason.
My power? Time manipulation. (I can’t go back in time just speed it up, slow it down, and stop it)
He would basically look like me wearing all black plus a black hoodie. (What? Its versatile)


Couldn’t do it because I use iPad so I went into the fan sonics to find one, it’s not got blue hair or skin but it’s what my guy should look like.

I saw stuff I can’t unsee getting this, horrible fan sonics… Why, just why…


Okay, going to drop a bunch of webcomic links on the thread first before I talk about my own favourite superhero. There’s a handful of webcomics with superheroes that I read. Admittedly some more regularly than others and some I haven’t looked at in ages but I’ve dug these out of my bookmarks. In no particular order, and no promises of quality.

  • Strong Female Protagonist - There’s some scenes in this comic that are just brilliant. The decision an ex-villain with a healing factor makes in order to help others, for instance.
  • Sidekick Girl - I used to enjoy this comic a lot, and it’s take on superheroes and how image conscious it is.
  • Young Protectors - Superhero comic with a gay protagonist.
  • [Hench Girl] 4 - I liked the ridiculousness of a hench woman being unable to get a proper job so she ends up having to stick with hench-girling.
  • [JL8] 5 - The Justice League as 8 year olds. I find it rather cute amd I don’t even know much about the justice league.
  • [Pride High] 6 - Comic about a gay-straight alliance at a high school for superpowered youth.
    SMBC has a lot of Superman and Batman comics I find funny, but I can’t find a link to just those comics.

Youtube VIdeos


I haven’t read mainstream comics in ages (not since Chuck Austen’s last run on the X-Men back in 2002 I think. I’M SO OLD!!!

I loved the Age of Apocalypse storyline in the 1990s though. I think what I loved best about it was that it was a complete story, all self-contained, with a set continuity and you didn’t need to have years worth of back story to enjoy it.

Of mainstream comics I was always much more of a fan of Marvel than DC, the X-Men in particular since they are outsiders, who have to keep their true selves hidden, hated by the society that they try to help.

My favourite mainstream superhero is Iceman. (I’ve memories of watching Spiderman and his Amazing friends and liking him in that.) He was the youngest of the original Xmen, and despite newer mutants coming and going he never seemed to end up with the responsibility of leading any of the teams. He’s potentially one of the most powerful mutants on the planet, but he’s completely failed to live up to that potential and make the use of his powers. I thought his ice-slides looked like a fun way to travel. And he was usually the guy with the jokes, light-hearted and not at all angsty or grim-dark. Anyway, Iceman is my favourite.

Of course now his younger self has come out as gay, yet somehow his older self is straight, and the real question I’m wondering is why they didn’t just make him bi, but who knows. I don’t read the comics any more, amn’t inclined to do so so I will never know.

I also liked Archangel, who really had the worst powers of the original X-Men. So he had lots of money, but flight with wings on a team where so many people can fly without wings, well it wasn’t great. And then he gets captured, tortured, the one thing that makes him special ripped from him. He’s suicidal, and Apocalypse saves him, sees something in him, transforms him into a monster, a villain and gives him his techno-organic wings that are so much better than the original ones. But at what a price. I thought flight would be such a great power, that freedom to be able to escape the world, soar the skies.

I also liked the parallels between Archangel and Psylocke, the two of them in bodies that weren’t really theirs, changed against their wills, dealing with that sort of alienation.

I quit the comics when Archangel got magical healing blood and hooked up with Husk, a girl half his age, and it was just all sorts of skeevy. And the Xmen took a trip to a brothel. And Nightcrawler ended up being the sun of the devil or something. It was just such a really bad run and soured me off of the Xmen.

Of TV Shows, I watched a lot of the shows in the 90s. Batman, which was amazing, The Amazing Spiderman, (which annoyed me that it never had a proper ending), I really liked Phanton 2040. I liked the Incredible Hulk cartooks when She-Hulk was around, I always found her far, far more interesting than the Incredible Hulk himself and would be far more interested in a movie about her, than a movie about him.

I used to watch Smallville, but just the first couple of seasons. And The New Adventures of Superman. I’m glad to see this resurgance of so many superhero shows, even if all I’ve watched is one episode of Flash and none of the others.

I will likely check out Supergirl though because I’d really love to see some more female superheroes around.

Movie wise, I was surprised by the first Xmen film, I went in expecting to hate it, ended up enjoying it. Went to the second one expecting to like it, ended up hating it (apart from the first five minutes with Nightcrawler, loved that scene).

I enjoyed Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies. Batman Forever (I KNOW I have no taste!!!) is my favourite of the 90s movies although I haven’t watched it since I saw it in the movies. It was cheesy and fun though and had a good soundtrack.

I was dragged in to see Iron Man against my will, (I really wanted to see Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull instead, heh narrow escape there) and I loved it. Didn’t like the sequel though, it was disappointing.

Thor was fine, but I didn’t like the real world aspects. I’d actually expected to hate the myth stuff because I used to be such a geek about Norse mythology, and I know that the marvel-verse has rather butchered it but I ended up not really caring. Avengers was fun, but I’ve somehow missed out on the whole obsessive love some people have for these movies.

I liked The Green Hornet, and how he wasn’t actually the hero. (Like I said, I’ve no taste in movies.) The Incredibles was also surprisingly good.

I loved the Watchmen movie. Loved it so much I’ve not read the comic. I don’t want to.

Mystery Men too.

I actually love fandom, I love how people do fan-art and fan-fiction and get so passionate about Superheroes. I don’t really participate but I just think it’s all so wonderful.

Of books, I liked Hero by Perry Moore. It’s a young-adult novel with a gay protagonist, who has a set of powers that seem initially weak, and who the rest of his superhero team also have similarly weak powers. (Community College Hero actually reminded me a lot of it, they’ve a very similar vibe.) It’s got a few gross-out moments in it though. While I didn’t really like the protagonist, there’s other stories in it that I did enjoy. I’ll have to reread it at some point, but it’s hard knowing that there’s never going to be a sequel, never going to be the television series that Perry Moore had spoken of.

I love Heroes Rise. Love that it’s so very queer, so very inclusive, that it hit notes that I’d hoped for in Hero and didn’t find, and that I just haven’t found anywhere else in the superhero genre. I love the level of interactivity with it, the set story. I’m really looking forward to the sequel.

I also love Community College Hero. That it hits on one of my very favourite superhero things, that it features underdogs, not the best of the best and I’m so very glad Choice of Games have picked it up to be an official game.


Who’s everyone’s favourite Superhero and why?
Either Deadpool, because he’s Deadpool or Starlord because he is just an amazing guy, not sure if you could qualify him as a superhero but he did save the galaxy.

Favourite villain and why?
Probably Loki, because he’s smart and well, he’s the most likeable villain.

What’s it you love about superheroes?
To be honest, I have no idea.

And what do you dislike?
Not sure, maybe your average cliches like the superhero must keep his identity secret no matter what and things like that.

Favourite movie/tv-show/comic/game/book?
Movie, Guardians of the Galaxy.
Tv-show, I haven’t watched any tv show about a superhero yet but Daredevil seems interesting.
Comic, I have never really read any comic books…
Book, I don’t really read a lot of books and I can’t really think of anybody to call a superhero from the ones I read.

If you could have one super-power what, would it be?
Um, let me think, I have no idea…

If you were to create your own superhero what would they be like?
Why all these questions D:

It’s something :I


His sunglasses are off one half of them is different from the other half.
Great now the only thing I will ever notice on that guy is his horrible unbalanced glasses.


Who’s everyone’s favorite Superhero and why?

Iron man. Because of engineer reasons.

Favorite villain and why?

Cat woman. Because I like cats and impulsive people with a somewhat gray morality.

What’s it you love about superheroes?

Either the super powers or the cool gadgets because you can do awesome stuff with that.

And what do you dislike?

The whole ‘the heroes have to save the world’ thing, which seems to happen quite frequently.

Favourite movie/tv-show/comic/game/book?

Iron Man 3 and all other things I don’t really know much about.

If you could have one super-power what, would it be?

Velocity manipulation. (speed things up or slow them down at will, pretty much the same effects as telekinesis, only based on a different principle)

If you were to create your own superhero what would they be like?

Just a somewhat regular woman with with above stated super-power and a regular job who tends to get annoyed by the other superhero’s and villains destroying stuff all the time. She might act if she gets really annoyed, but prefers to remain just another face in the crowd.