All my dropbox files vanished (Solved!?)


So several months ago, literally all of my Dropbox files were suddenly gone. I thought it might have to do with the fact that Dropbox discontinued support for XP Windows computers, so I decided to wait and try again when I got a newer computer. I just got a brand new laptop from Target today so I figured all of my files would be available again, but they’re all inexplicably still gone.

I messaged Dropbox support to see if they could help me, but it takes days for them to reply. In the meantime I’ve tried all of the generic troubleshooting but nothing has worked. Has this happened to anyone else, and if so, did you manage to get all of your files back?

Considering that I had hundreds of thousands of words of IF in my dropbox account and I was finally going to start writing again today, but all of my files are gone without reason, I am beyond frustrated. If anyone is able to help in any way, I would really appreciate it.


@Samuel_H_Young Very sorry to hear that!
Just going through all the basic steps, have you tried everything listed below?
Also if that doesn’t help, have you checked your emails to see if you have backups there, like if you sent yourself a copy?


Thanks. I did try everything on that list, and it always just says my file folder is completely empty. :frowning:

I went through my email and tried all of the various links to my dropbox files but all of them were broken. I’m really hoping the Dropbox support gets back to me ASAP.


I’m not very familiar with Dropbox, does it require a subscription?
I doubt it, but your subscription didn’t lapse at any time, did it?
I’m hoping it wasn’t one of those automated algorithms that deletes information belonging to inactive accounts.


I just have a basic account, but as far as I know, it didn’t lapse at any time. I looked at all of the troubleshooting options and one of them said that it’s possible for your account to be shut down if you’re inactive for a large period of time. They said you would get an email warning you, though, and I never did.



I wonder if it’s possible to call them directly and speak to a person?

Also this:

And this:

And if that doesn’t work, the only other thing I can think of right now is if you actually had your files on a different Dropbox account than the one you checked?


I’ll see if it’s possible to call them but I think you can only email them.

I thought that might have been the case, too, but I checked just to be sure and I only have one account.


That’s terrifying. I hope you find your files. Are you thinking it was from inactivity? How long since you last tried to access them?


I don’t think so. They have been gone for seven months, but before that I had only not used them for a couple weeks before they vanished.

A Dropbox support agent is emailing me and he said he could restore all my files. I was extremely excited but then he said he can only do that if they have only been gone for thirty days. So unless he ends up fixing it for me, all my files are permanently gone and it’s not even my fault. Excluding TotDH and CoF, that’s about 200k of words.


Dude, that sucks. I’m sorry.


Man that really sucks.

I would like to make one point though - if you/anyone reading ever run into technical issues with something - especially cloud services, you should contact support right away, waiting months is never a good a idea and usually leads to recoverable problems becoming irrecoverable.

I say this as a person who has worked IT support and had to talk to customers in a similar situation. It was never a pleasant feeling knowing that if they’d come to me right away I could have helped, but because they waited so long there was nothing could be done.


:frowning: seriously. I emailed them right away when it happened but I never got a response. I should have kept badgering them.


Yeah emails a couple days apart would have been fine - emails don’t always get through (for many reaons) so a follow up a few days later to fish for a response is always a good idea.

If a company still doesn’t respond try a phone call, and if you remain deafened by the silence find an alternative provider.


Oh my god!! I just found all my files! For whatever reason my Dropbox was completely empty on the website and all the other devices I used it on, but when I randomly checked on my old computer (which is like a complete fossil that runs on XP) everything was there!


That is great news. And I’m sure you’ve already decided to do this, but you might want to back everything up.


Yeah, for sure! Thanks.


Congratulations bro it appears your hardwork is not going to be wasted … Anyway I don’t know much about it so can’t help you much with your problem…


That’s okay. I’m still not sure why the files were deleted on all my other devices, but since they’re at least still on my old computer, everything will be fine. :slight_smile:


I think Dropbox stopped supporting XP a while ago. That may be why things did not update on it anymore.


@Samuel_H_Young Hey man, that’s great!
Back up everything like crazy.
Zip all your scene files and email them to yourself?