Aliens: Theories, Conspiracies, and Everything Else


Honestly if this theory was true then it wouldn’t surprise me. It would require an extremely advanced technology to pull this off while making the subjects of the experiment think that they’re real.


Well… between you and me…

They failed.


Sssssh! Don’t let them hear you. I would rather not get deleted.


Or get trapped between four walls with no doors. That’s worse.


flashback to when I put a mother and her baby in a room with no doors on Sims

cough Yeah, for sure!


Then they call God evil.


Believe me, humans can be evil. Just look at him.

glares at George RR Martin

But then again, he’s doing something right since people are talking about GoT. Maybe I need to steal a page out of his playbook and just be sadistic in my stories. Haha.


I am very interested in the nordic aliens. I also love looking at ufo photos


Aliens exist and they’re traveling the universe as much as we are ( not at all)


I think that with how large our galaxy, let alone the universe, is I think its fair to say some kind of life is out there. Even primitive creatures like single celled organisms or small fish on ice planets are aliens. They don’t need to be some space faring civilization to be an alien. That being said, I don’t think the likelihood of aliens coming to conquer us or even meet us on earth is very high. We have nothing of value that they can’t get closer to home. I also doubt that when we do meet them, that they will be what we expected.


Joke’s on them, I’m expecting them to be nothing like I expect. Your move, space critters.