AI Generated Art: A Discussion In Art Ethics

Yes, true. Overall, the need for human artistic endeavours is not going to change, but the ability to earn a livelihood from it is definitely going to change. It’s not even enough that custodians can hold down their job and still pay rent, anymore. I feel like this artistic aspect may be more of a cultural shift, maybe?

I’m still going to be the girl that passes over Triple A titles for Indie titles that have cool, artistic, and clearly original artwork. It’s usually the artwork that draws me into a visual game in the first place. I think the really scary point is going to be when AI can mass-produce a single character in multiple poses exactly how the creator might want them: As in, right profile, center profile, left profile.

Trying to think of a fairly simple-looking artstyle that would be hard for an AI to currently reproduce…how about Wildermyth? Or Stormbound?

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I dunno, I would love to be able to do that for my own characters. Then again, 3D software can already do that.

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Would love that for my own DnD characters, for sure. I don’t aim to ever turn a profit off of those, and if someone pushed me to not use AI art and not use Google image search, then I’d just have to draw my own or give the DM one my preschooler’s renditions of what a half-elf looks like. Yes, she has a mustache. Deal with it.

So here’s an art style that I accidently got when I was playing around with StableDiffusion. I know exactly the prompts I used to get it, but I can’t replicate it. I can’t produce a similar looking image for this same character and I can’t produce the same artstyle look for any of my other DnD characters.

This is the prompt I used to finally be able to get this:

Prompt 1: muscular male half-orc with rosy brown skin, cream-colored hair, and plum-colored eyes, small fangs

Prompt 2: head and shoulders portrait, 8k resolution concept art portrait by Greg Rutkowski, Artgerm, WLOP, Alphonse Mucha dynamic lighting hyperdetailed intricately detailed Splash art trending on Artstation triadic colors Unreal Engine 5 volumetric lighting

Prompt 3: Blond half-orc male, rosy brown skin, purple eyes, barbarian, priest

Prompt two is a default prompt, that’s how we know it’s stealing from other artists. I’m on WLOP’s Patreon and it angers me so much that they are a default prompt.

I honestly don’t know how harmful these things are to play around with. Are they just a “fun” tool right now, or are we training them to be better and better each time we use them?

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  1. I discovered it couple months back around august, I been previously waiting for about 5 years for an artist I really admired to open commissions. I came to a self realization that I won’t ever be able to get a piece from them, so I came to terms with that. Then I went through another stack of artists I liked to see if I could get commissions. But either they weren’t open or I just couldn’t afford it, the ones I could did specific selections. If they didnt pick you, I would have to wait another two months to do the process again. So I just gave up, until one night I stumbled upon mid journey and that threw me into a loop.

  2. A lot now, though I’m learning to draw as of currently and sometimes use it as references to better my techniques.

  3. Yes,I cannot see that not happening.

  4. It will never compare to human made art, bar none.

  5. Personally, It has helped me in my writing due to the easy accessibility and cost. I don’t have to wait long periods of time for anyone, but I also understand that actual hand made art isn’t easy and it’s time consuming for a reason.


Theyre actually starting to do this for Skyrim modding, and WOW it seems like a helluva great tool. You won't believe how ChatGPT AI changed Skyrim forever! - YouTube
The AI creates dialogue on the fly somehow as you talk to Lydia.

Some are thinking that AI would be great for non profit works like modding and such for projects like the above. But…making an AI is so expensive that none would want to make one if they get no money out of it. Hence the whole dispute between the ai bros and creative folk. Cause im pretty sure ChatGPT is bleeding Microsoft, even with their premium subscription model they rolled out months back

This isnt even funny, thats bloody depressing! :sob:


Every time you submit a prompt/edit/otherwise interact with a generator, you are training it. That’s how the model learns. Even if you aren’t using a specific artist as a prompt, it’s trained on their data — which is the ethics violation in question, especially because companies are very much going to use it to cut costs.

Like we’re at the point of moving into animation getting ai’d. It’s not hard to imagine other creative careers being affected by it at the rate this is going


Thank you for the confirmation.

So Blizzard is joining Ubisoft and Square Enix in using AI for their games.

Not to be all doom and gloom but this is exactly what artists and writers have been warning and protesting about — AI coming in to put creatives out of work for the bottom line.

On the lighter side, anything made with AI is on shaky legal ground — as far as the USA is concerned at least. Which business wise, seems like a dicey move to greenlight anything with AI given how litigious companies are over that.

I don’t know if there are any challenges that give an affirmative opinion that AI can hold copyright, but as of now, I’m holding out for some hope.

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Nice, thank you. You’re the most recent timely reply to any of my posts. Also, you’re blue and I think you’re cute. I suck at math(s). I’m sorry. Find your Adonis. She’ll be smart-as-hell.

Well. Japan, who has notorious copyright practices (like would yt strike review channels for clips being used), is entertaining AI since it is in the “public’s interest”