Age of Wonders III [Turn-Based-Strategy-Game]

So this game came out today, I'm a big fan of the AOW series and Fantasy TBS's in general, so I bought this right off the bat - I was just wondering if anyone else on the forum played it or has any intention to? If so maybe we could organise some Multiplayer games! :)

Otherwise if you’re generally into strategy titles and high fantasy video games but haven’t heard of AOW before, I’d highly recommend checking it out:


I was actually really looking forward to this one. Unfortunately, I can’t really afford to buy any new games at the moment. Maybe after I get paid…

Any idea on how well it plays?


If anyone can hook me up with their review for this I would be much obliged.


I would have likely played/bought the game if I had the money. As it is, unless things change, I’ll have to wait until an offer.

I do, however, own Elemental: Fallen Enchantress on Steam if anyone should ever fancy giving that a go. I don’t play many games these days though, nor am I on Steam much. At least online anyway, as I don’t want to be disturbed while writing. :wink:


@Cataphrak @BrianBlack
I played my first game last night, about 8PM to 2AM with a friend.
I’m going to say it plays well, but that is undoubtedly an biased opinion (I was a fan of AOW2 before this).

To give you a very brief summary:

It’s like a very unique blend of several other games and ideas, /some/ elements of reminisce of the Total War series, others of Civilization and Heroes of Might and Magic etc.

You start off a typical scenario by designing a leader, which involves picking a class, race and some skills (you can also customize your appearance to a fairly decent degree).
Your class and skills define the spells/abilities and technologies/upgrades you can research throughout the game, as well as providing access to some unique class-based units (such as the Warlord’s Monster Hunter, or Sorcerer’s Apprentice).
Your first city will be of the same race as your leader, but you can later assimilate other racial cities into your empire, through a number of both good and evil means, hehe.

The game is split into two parts, the world map, where you research tech, move and recruit troops, construct buildings and the like.
The second is the strategic battle map, which is SORT OF like a small-scale (and turn based) total war. You have the same general concepts, you just take turns to move your armies, I guess in a roundabout way you could say it’s a bit like a 3D game of tabletop Warhammer or something, if you’re familiar with that.
It’s quite strategical and you have things such as flanking, besieging - Cavalry do large initial damage, spear men/pike man > cavalry, and there’s plenty of fantasy spells and unit abilities you need to take into account.

In terms of economy and management the game is refreshingly (but not frustratingly) simple, you only really need to worry about your gold income, city production values and happiness/morale (empire based, city based and army based), allowing to focus more on conquest and expansion.
Cities grow slowly, larger (and happier) cities produce more income and cities with a high production train troops and build structures faster.

You can recruit additional hero units (your leader is one) which can be equipped with various acquirable weapons, items and even mounts (I’ve had a Unicorn and a Hellhound so far).

Typical victory/defeat conditions are the death of your hero AND the loss of your ‘Throne City’, if you still have your throne city he or she will be automatically revived 3 turns later - you can change your throne city, but it takes a few turns.

I’ve barely scratched the surface here, I’d recommend checking out some Let’s plays or the class gameplay videos on the website to get a better idea of whether or not you’d actually like it.

Alas, I don’t believe Fallen Enchantress has any multiplayer (that’d be the main reason why I’ve never bought it).


@CJW You’re right. It doesn’t according to Steam. You can tell how often I play it and other games. :wink: (And it’s actually Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes that I own) Last game I’ve bought for quite some time was Batman: Arkham Origins last night with it being for sale over the weekend. In terms of PC games anyway.


@CJW Wow, thank you for taking the time out to describe the game and your thoughts on it. I haven’t played its predecessors, but seeing as how there isn’t a fantasy version of Civilization, I wanted to check it out. Reviews on metacritic also seem pretty positive. I will need to acquire this into my already gigantic Steam collection soon.

Now if only they would remake Alpha Centauri.


Did a bit of a playthrough with a random map and I have to admit it’s been pretty fun. I have a human empire that is stuck in the underground and I am slowly taking it over. I haven’t met any other major civilizations yet, boy are they gonna be surprised when they see my expanding armors coming up to the surface to conquer them! :wink:


I bought the game on GOG and loving it so far. I only play single player mostly but so far the game has been real fun. I still suck at the game so I have died on the first mission about 4 times on easy mode. I understood that when I bought the game.


Got my ass handed to me in my first game, started another last night.
Humans underground, eh? How’d that go, you’re at a bit of a disadvantage there, especially if there are Dwarves and Goblins about! What leader class are you?

I’ve not tried single player yet, but the developers have said that the easy AI is getting a downgrade in the first patch - You’re not the only one who’s finding the first missions hard, so don’t be disheartened!


Locke Taelos is a Human Dreadnaught. He’s got a monocle, hair drawn up into a ponytail, mutton chop beard that’s pulled through some shiny metal beads. Oh and there’s a scar over his good eye. He looks like a maniacal British warlord and I love it.

I haven’t had time to play in the last couple days, but essentially I have been having him carve across the underground in search of artifacts and special sites of power. My capital city is a prospering metropolis with a great palace, a great temple, and virtually everything I can build thus far. I’m particularly impressed by that magical item foundry you can build where you can essentially build any kind of artifact you want, name it, and then supply it with whatever your choice is of bonuses. Fantastic!

I’ve purchased some other heroes and we are scattered about warring with various fractions. Most of them are independents though. I have conquered a small dwarven village and also some puny orc tribe. However those villages are now prospering under my empire and I look forward to add dwarven crossbowman and whatever more powerful members of the orcish horde I can add.

Just recently I’ve been threatened by some goblin encampment to stay away as the boundaries of my capital have been encroaching upon its lands. Locke Taelos’ glared through his monocle at the goblin emissary and just uttered the words “poppycock” with a dismissive way of his hand. Looks like we’re gonna have some goblin slaves soon!

By the way, I really enjoy the system where I can choose to kick out the original race of a town and migrate my own into it. It’s such a d-bag thing to do, but I love it. But my character isn’t about genocide. But he doesn’t mind conquering the weak and using them for his own purposes.

I just can’t wait to suddenly go topside and start wrecking havoc with whatever kingdoms are there. I haven’t even met a single member of AI controlled nations yet. Where the heck are they? I’m picturing some sort of steampunk version of a nuclear apocalypse. Wouldn’t that be crazy? Going topside for the first time to see that they’ve destroyed everything anyway. Bullocks.

Oh! Flame tanks…are…AMAZING. I love it. There is nothing greater than watching an entire army of goblins get consumed in flame and die. Just saying. Locke loves his flame tanks.


Well, now that my royalty cheque for Sabres has come in, I might buy this and give it a whirl.


Awesome! Let us know what you think if/as and when you do? :slight_smile:

Loving the enthusiasm! :smiley:
I just finished up my 2nd game with a friend (we won this time, yay!).
He’s a big fan of the dwarf/dreadnaught combo.

Sounds like you’re really getting into it, I know I am.
I haven’t actually tried the item forge yet, I should really do that, thus far I’ve always seen it as an unnecessary expense.
I’m surprised you’ve yet to hit the AI, but I suppose it might sometimes take a while on a big map.
The village quests and trespassing etc are new to AOW3, I think they’re really cool, it adds a whole new dimension to the game, combined with Dwellings and forts it just makes your empire a bit more ‘empire-ish’ as opposed to a simple collection of cities (I also love the expanding house sprites that dot around the entire domain).

I just played as an Elvish Arch Druid and was aiming to go for creation/life magic and ‘Pure Good’ alignment but I have to admit I found myself doing migration regardless, sometimes it just takes far too long to absorb a city, and I find myself loathe to adopt Goblins and Dwarves into my Empire… Orcs and Humans I can tolerate, since they have their - military - benefits :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s some screenshots and pictures from the game, if you’re interested (I’d love to see some from yours too!):


That makes me feel better. I was about to pull out the cheat engine and get through the story that way. I do not play much multiplayer games so like the civilization I dont think I will even touch the multiplayer component of this game. but I still expect to get lots of hours out of the game.


Haha, my screenshots wouldn’t be as pretty. I’m all underground and it’s pretty monotonous, but somehow I seem to prosper with farming and such still. I’ll try to get some screenshots going whenever I get some time although it probably won’t be until Monday or Tuesday sadly.


By the way, check this game out. I kind of has the same appeal as this one does, but it’s more science fantasy…gonna keep my eye out.