Aftermath -WIP- (Demo)

I decided to put off Rome: The Punic Chronicles and work on something a bit simpler first so I can get a feel for making my own game seeing as I had alot of big plans for the Punic Chronicles.

I had a couple of ideas but I eventually chose to do a game similar to the idea of the Fallout games where you are the survivor of a nuclear war or you were born after the bombs fell.

I haven’t even started yet, just wanted peoples take on the setting of the game, if it was something you would enjoy playing and the like and also if there were certain things you’d like to see in the game.

I may not add it but it could give me an idea for something good to add. I’ll try to have a demo up in a few days or a week if I can.



give me a bit more information…
is it like a survival game or action or something else
i like the idea and i would like to see how this will be going

Yep sounds really good but I agree with porter more info please

Well that’s the thing- that’s really all I have at the moment. It could go in any direction as of yet, that’s why I’m getting community feedback so early to see what people wanna see.

A while ago I think someone was writing a piece in the same setting but focusing on the political aspects.

I’m not sure if he meant literal politics or something like running your own settlement. Literal politics wouldn’t really appeal to me, but running a settlement would, so I could do that.

Maybe I could even go further and give the choice to be a raider/lone wanderer/settlement leader from the start and have 3 completely unique storylines.

That’d probably take a longer time but I’m sure I could do it if its something people would enjoy reading.

i would enjoy that very much especially if you dont leave out all the gory detail with being a raider :smiley:


@kirim would you like me to help you in your new game?

@djma46 I’d have no problem leave in the gore so long as I don’t get into any trouble with the publishers for mature content.

@JLBH I’d appreciate it, what kinda help do you mean?

Well not coding but I can help with anything
Apart from that

Well I’ve got the coding down well enough to do everything myself but if you have any creative ideas I’d love hearing them.

Okey dokey

How about your in some sort of resistance because all love on earth animals extc are mutated into killing humans and your in the resistance to hunt them down and protect man kind

What do you mean by “all love on earth animals extc”? @JLBH


All live on earth, animals plants extc have all evolved to kill humans

And for any experienced coders out there, could I just use a system like this for the 3 initial choices that start the three unique plots?

#Lone wanderer
Blah blah blah I travel alone blah blah blah
*set path “Lone wanderer”
*goto_scene LoneWandererPlot
Blah blah blah I like to kill people and kick puppies blah blah blah
*set path “Evil Raider who kicks puppies”
*goto_scene WorstDeathImaginable (jk you wont really be a puppy kicking jerk who dies instanly)
Blah blah blah I look after my people and torture puppy kicking raiders blah blah blah
*set path “Group leader”
*goto_scene GroupLeader

Could I just use the *goto_scene command at the end of every chapter to go to another specific chapter until the final scene of that plot where I would use *ending?

Or would it try to use some of the other scenes that don’t correspond with the specific plot somehow?

I only ask because I’ve experienced, at times, where the code doesn’t exactly do what I think it’s going to do.

EDIT: The forums won’t let me indent, so just pretend its all indented correctly and @JLBH do you mean all life on Earth and does extc stand for et cetera?

Extc stands for etcetera

Yep all living organisms on earth


I see what you mean, but I was already kind of planning on making other humans the biggest threat.

For example, in the option where you become a leader of a group, a totalitarianized US government seeks to regain control of the land where you have settled and I don’t know yet whether or not I’ll make it an option to capitulate or resist but if not the default option will be resist.


muahahaha kick all the puppies >:)

Personally, I would imagine it wouldn’t be that cut and dry ri)ght off the bat right? I suppose there should be some kind of event that takes place like raiders raid and loot your town, killing your parents and the choice is to either stay and rebuild or find the raiders and then finding the raiders path eventually leads to being a raider or lone wanderer paths. I just typically feel uninvested when I read a story that is that frank right off the bat. It also seems like developing the main character would be an issue with a start like that. Just my personal opinion anyways. Definatly interested to see what you’ve got when its done though! And what is more difficult about your rome project that this is lacking and making it easier? Honest question since I have a pretty ambitious project I am working on myself.

I just had a lot of ambitious goals for rome that I want to fulfill. Rome will be my first real project, this is just going to be a buildup to it.

And I like that idea, I’ll probably end up doing something along those lines. Thanks for the help

To place code on the forum and keep the indents

< pre> without the space of course
< /per> without the space of course

So it will look like

 #sample choice
   So on and so forth