After the End (WIP)


Or better yet, don’t be an uneducated peasant and party like it’s 2000. The actual turn of the century and millennium. :stuck_out_tongue:


What, only a peasant would want to celebrate the last time a year starts with “1-” for another 8000 years? (:

We had terrific parties for each of the NYs 1999-2001. Waste no excuse.


Willing to go to war at the drop of a hat

Man, with Obama in the white house I’m surprised we’re not bending over for mother Russia right now. America is a fucking laughingstock, and this is coming from an American.


[quote=“Patch101, post:25, topic:5812”]
not bending over for mother Russia [/quote]

Most unseemly mixed metaphor of the year?


Most unseemly

Nah, I’ve had worse.


Hey let’s not derail this thread. I’m sure there’s one about politics somewhere in the archives if you really want to discuss such things. This game is set in 1999, so no Obama.

Aha! Found the politics thread link…


Well here is the new intro to the game, it explains better what the game is about.

After the End is a post-apocalyptic game in a ravaged America, after nukes fell in 1999 for reasons unknown to any one. You play as a lone wanderer in the year 2046, trying to make a life out of nothing. You will have to fight bandits and radioactive mutants to survive. You can join a party to scavenge from old world buildings to make a living or stay in town and protect it from bandits or join the bandits, or join the The Knights of the New World and search for the truth about why the bombs fell. So many choices to choose from, choose your path and survive your way.

My progress on the game is going slow but good nonetheless. I hope this new intro explains and dispels any confusion about this game.


OK well here it is, the demo, you have no idea how excited I was to finish the prologue.

Note this link may not work, so tell me if it doesn’t and I’ll fix it.

Here is the link:

I hope you like it. :smiley:


It’s not working it’s just showing the coding


Ya sorry, I’m trying to fix it now.


Sorry, I’m having problems, I’ll post it when I get it working.

I’m so sorry


Hey, no worries. We’re just excited to play it.


ok this may work

Did it work?


Not for me it didn’t.


Ok I’ll keep trying to fix it, sorry about this.


Its ok I can’t wait to try it.


Thank you I hope I can get it to work today, but I’m not sure.

I’ll try my best to get it to work.


Ok this link may work.


I get a 404 error this time


Dropbox hates me, but I’ll keep trying though.