After Dark (scientifically accurate apocalyptic horror) [UPDATED 28 NOV]

After Dark

——— Plot ———

A few years from now, in Little Peak, Minnesota, a teenager is ready to go to sleep.

While the heavy industry is more active than ever, the effects of global warming are evident, with higher temperatures, dying bees, and animals acting weird.

It has simply been another normal Wednesday, but little do people know that it’s the last day of normality Mother Nature has granted them.

After Dark is a scientifically accurate apocalyptic horror. You’re tired of zombies rising from the ground for no reason? You don’t believe in ghosts? Glittering vampires aren’t for you? Then you have to try one of the three different stories that unfold in After Dark.

When a global pandemic starts to transform people into dangerous monsters, which path will you choose? Will you fight for humanity? Will you stay for your family? Or will you run away in search of a better future?

——— Mechanics ———

  • Play as cis male, cis female, FtM, MtF, or nonbinary; straight, gay, bi, or ace.

  • Lots of characters to meet, with 3-5 romantic interests for each route, and even a secret one.

  • Three different routes with three completely different stories.

  • Functional smartphone including a social network, an online newspaper, and a weather forecast app —don’t forget the charger!

  • Various subplots: investigate the pandemic, become a godparent, learn the American Sign Language, become an evolved human, analyze your worst nightmares, or do something else!

  • Portrait gallery of your travel companions: imagine them, read them, see them.

  • Intelligent character definition system. Your character’s ethnicity, constitution, and background are no longer narrative accessories—everything actively affects your story.

  • Intelligent autonomy for the romantic interests: they will notice your attention and will behave accordingly, acting independently based on your relationship.

  • Hourly progression of the day. The sun rises and inevitably—it sets. If you don’t want to be outside after dark, you’ll need to organize your day well. (NEW 21 Nov 2021)

  • Interactive inventory system. Check your backpack, organize it, don’t tire yourself out by carrying too much weight with you, and if you can’t walk anymore, throw something away. Hoping you don’t need it in the future… (NEW 21 Nov 2021)

  • …and much more!

——— Frequently Asked Question ———

Is it a stand-alone book?

It is for now, but there may be a sequel in the future.

Since it starts in teenage age, will we be growing along with the character?

Not in this book, but it will definitely happen if there is a sequel.

What do you mean with "scientifically accurate?"

After Dark’s lore is based on a plausible futuristic scenario and supported by scientific explanations. MC will have the opportunity to investigate it throughout the book! This obviously does not mean that these events will actually happen in real life; the distinction is useful to tell it apart from fantasy and traditional horror.

Can you tell us more about the ROs?

Answers with few spoilers aren’t blurred, while detailed answers with spoilers are blurred.

  1. How many ROs are there?
    About 3-5 for each route!
    (spoiler) There are nine different ROs, plus a secret one. One of them is common to all routes.

  2. Are all of them gender locked?
    Some are gender-locked, some are not.
    (spoiler) There are two male ROs, three female ROs, and four ROs whose gender changes based on MC’s preferences. If MC is bisexual, then the number is five male ROs and four female ROs.

  3. Are all of them available for all MC genders?
    (spoiler) The only non-romanceable teenager is actually aro/ace.

  4. If autonomy is on, can they flirt with MC even if MC doesn’t like them?
    They might. They read MC’s behavior, so if they don’t feel romantically appreciated, they feel like they have no reason to hit on MC.

  5. Can you list the available ROs with every possible detail about them?
    I can, but please note that this is a huge spoiler!

Route #1
  • Michael, 17, M
    It’s a schoolmate of yours and a football player, your typical strong and brave guy. Tall and beardless, he has a lean and muscular physique, wavy blond hair, and light blue eyes.
    He’s more in pain than he’d like to admit.
    (Michael’s portrait: click here)

  • Max, 16, M (or F)
    Shy teen, very smart and capable with technology. Wavy hair, almost curly; (s)he has an amber complexion and black eyes.
    Max is slim and quiet. (S)he prefers to look around and listen rather than speak. (S)he’s also a vegetarian.
    (Max’s portrait: Male | Female)

  • Divya, 16, F
    Classmate of the science lessons. She’s Indian and has chestnut hair, black eyes, and a magnetic smile. She’s usually cheerful and witty.
    (Divya’s portrait: click here)

——— Development ———

  • Currently available in the demo: prequel, start of the first route, full first day.

  • Current words count: 33,789 words (excl. cmds — 44,917 incl. cmds)

——— Coming Soon ———

This section is to be considered as a spoiler for future updates. If you like surprises, don’t open it. Otherwise, enjoy your reading.


I am currently working on several addendums to the game. When one of these is completed and implemented, it is moved to the “Mechanics” section.

  • Different relationships with ROs.
    Relationships with ROs can be of two types: friendly or romantic. The two follow separate paths, so it is possible to be attracted to a character who is not fond of us, or to be best friends with a character with whom we have no romantic intentions (and from whom, if we have chosen to keep autonomy active, we may have declined advances).

  • Companions’ special scenes.
    These will by unlockable by reaching a certain score with a character, showing their side of the story. It is not possible to unlock all the secondary stories with a single play: the player will in fact be “rewarded” both for a very high friendship score, and for a very low friendship score, with two different types of side stories. For the ROs with a strong romantic relationship, there will be additional special scenes as well.

  • Different types of monsters.
    The disease found in After Dark attacks different parts of the brain. Depending on the impacted part, the infected behave differently and must be dealt with (or avoided) differently, each with their own peculiarities, adding complexity to the game.

  • Unlockable side story.
    Along the way, with the right choices and a little luck, you may find a certain number of journal pages, which will tell you the story of another survivor. Totaling 100% of the pages will give you access to a secret scene.

  • Special gadgets.
    Three gadgets, each hidden in a different game route. Interactive Easter egg that will each unlock an achievement and a few extra lines of text in the game.

  • Collectible card games.
    Massive work that will allow you to own, collect and play with collectible cards from a fictional TV series. A fun way to pass some time during your nightly rest, refresh the spirit, and bond with your companions.

  • And more.

This game is very time-consuming. In case you’d like to support my work, please consider buying me a coffee or becoming my patron on Ko-fi. Thank you.


Try the demo here: After Dark

(You can also discuss it in this Discord server.)


If you like my work so far, please consider buying me a coffee or becoming my patron on Ko-fi. Thank you! :yellow_heart:

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I really wish the trans options were reworded. (Exclusively talking about trans woman option as it’s the one I’m choosing, the inverse is just as true) Ignoring that I wouldn’t like to be reminded of any potential masculine aspects, being AMAB doesn’t mean your “manly” (masculine would be a way better word, even if it’s still very wrong) even before HRT, and if you started before the age of the protagonist you’d definitely not be masculine.

Sorry but that made me so fucking dysphoric. It makes me picture some brutish hairy man in a frilly dress like the worst transphobic stereotypes and that’s not how I’d like a trans woman to be visualized, even if it’s just me reading too much into it.


Masculine it is then! I’m not an English native speaker so those nuances escape me :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Sorry I didn’t take a screenshot but before you leave the shelter there’s an option to eat some water. I think it should be drink lol


@WeisseWoelfin I re-read that option and opted for a more neutral description based on the AMAB/AFAB acronym. I hope it’s less dysphoria-inducing now.

@King2 oops! “Eat some water” sounds adorable but it was definitely unintentional. Noted, corrected and re-uploaded. Thanks! :grin:


That reads a lot better, thank you.

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This is a very nice game, quiet enjoy🙂I’m a sucker for Apocalyptic reads.



Since it starts in teenage age, will we be growing along with the character, get to see him become a soldier(that’s my preference, if we get the option tho), have kids and grow old or die in the pandemic??


Thank you! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

About your question…

There will probably be a sequel, because the lore is very broad and I doubt I will be able to cover it entirely in a single book. Since the main character is still a teen, it means that he will be more “grown up” by then.


Are you planning on having a trilogy or is it too early to tell??

Too early! :grin:


Apologies​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:the prologue and the first chapter already got me hooked

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No need to apologize :slight_smile: thank you for your feedback, I’ll try to live up to the expectations.


Heck I’m interested.
Any chance to add save system next?


Dang that was pretty good already! Love the smartphone feature. I second the save system though :3

Looking forward to more!!


@Sakinah_Saraswati @rkgk

Good idea, I didn’t thought about it. I’ll work on it tomorrow!


IT’S ON!!! GOOD STUFF!! My body is ready!!

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I love it so much :heart:

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Sounds interesting

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Cannot wait for the next update, the prologue is already awesome