After Dark (scientifically accurate apocalyptic horror) [BIG UPDATE SEPT. 03]

Heya! Just played this, and so far im a fan! Keep it up author!

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Okay i finished it and BOY am i a fan.

Michael [mike, hehe) is such a knight in shining armor lmfao i love him.

Are Mike and Rainyday the only two RO’s introduced so far?

Im also gonna admit that i rather shamelessly save scummed every time i went to search for stuff just to get the best items out of everything, HAHA. Oh boy am i a fan of these variable events, on my first run w the shopping bag no one was in the house. On my second run there was a Zombie lurking there that traumatized my MC, fun times.

If i may ask, what are the specials skills MC can have? In my two runs, i had a mc with med skill knowledge and then a lock picking mc, wonder if there’s more? Does it correlate to the stats you choose at the beginning?

Also, is there a number we can find in the demo to phone anyone or is that to be added ? I have a sneaky suspicion the number we call will be our secret RO hehehe


Wow so many question! I’m very happy you’re so invested in the story.

Uhm, let’s say yes for now, but if you want a more spoiler-y answer you can check my first message on the thread where there’s a list of all the ROs!

Some are yet to be coded, so I can’t tell you all of them. You can’t get them all in one run, though!

Kind of. It’s a mix of stats, personality, and choices.

It’s just a silly thing for now (calling a certain number will unlock an achievement), but I plan for it to have a real role in future updates.

I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you much more (ugggh, it’s so difficult to not spoiler things!), but I hope you’ll keep enjoying it! Feel free to say hi in the Discord server as well :smile: