Aetholros: A House Divided (WIP) (Put On Hold - Reason in Update Log)

Hi guys, I am pretty much a new guy here. Great way to start I know. Anyway…
I had recently begun work on a new project that I like to call, Aetholros: A House Divided. I wanted to share what I had so far, so, here we go.

I will post updates as frequently as I possibly can and when I feel it’s needed. Thanks!

Summary of World

The world of Aetholros, a world ravaged by constant wars between warring nations and city-states. A world plagued with disease and famine. A world infected with cutthroat politicians and aristocrats. A world where spies and brigands roam the lands looking for there next target. A world where false prophets and religions run rampant claiming this and that.

Aetholros, a world of many brutish things but despite all that, there are many a story to be told. One of those stories will be in the making soon, your story. Where will it take you, us? Will it take us to glory or death, or could it be both.


The story is a Work in Progress. More will be revealed soon!

Old Story (Some parts are still relevant)
You will start as a young and avid nobleman who will join the military where you will enlist as an officer. You will join one of the few Light Infantry Regiments and you will fight many a battle, leading men to victory and death. As well as the military life you will also try your hand at civilian life. What will you do? It is your choice. The world of Aetholros is full of opportunities, misery and of course death.


1: Can you choose your gender?
1A: No, gender locked to male. Sorry. The reason being, in the society that which you are part of, do not allow women in the military. This will be a big chunk of the story. In fact, I wouldn’t completely rule it out.

2: Is the world set in our world, our timeline?
2A: No, I have created an entire world from scratch. My worlds theme is set between a mix of the Medieval and Napoleonic eras with my own spin on it of course.

3: Customization. How much is or will there be?
3A: I plan to make everything that should be customizable, customizable.

4: When you say “Try your hand at civilian life”, what exactly do you mean?
4A: For now, I have a couple of ideas. For example, become a politician, manage estates businesses, Espionage with all branching storylines if possible.

5: Is there a Demo?
5A: For the moment no. I am hoping that in a couple of weeks I will have a playable version ready. For now, I have 1 and a half chapters done. I am going at a steady rate so I should hit my target.

6: This seems a little ambitious. What do you think? Is it possible?
6A: At first glance, it looks ambitious but I believe that I can do it with the right amount of time put into the project and with right management. Time, I currently have a lot of.

7: Wow, your world sounds dark, with that summary and all.
7A: Sure looks like it doesn’t it. Don’t worry, it is not all bad. Well, maybe it is. But isn’t life anyway? Especially during the Medieval and Napoleonic eras.

8: What are your estimates on how long this project could take you?
8A: 2 years, 3 to 4 at most.

9: Previous projects?
9A: My previous project was working on a mod for a game called Mount & Blade Warband. Still is in fact. The project is nearly complete after 4 years of working on it, which is why I am starting to move on to new things, such as this. Yes, am pretty much new to this online community. Don’t hurt me…

10: What are you short and long-term goals for this project?
10A: Short-term goals, manage to get frequent updates and chapters written up. Long-term goals, meet new people, make new friends and eventually make a decent Interactive novel.

I kind of ran out of questions. I answered the questions that I thought might pop up, so ask away in the comments section below. I will try to answer as many questions as possible. Thanks.


As with the nature of game development, things can change at any time meaning everything above and other could be subject to change.

If you have ideas then please feel free to post them in the comments section, thanks!

Note: If this is the wrong place to post this then please let me know.

Update Log

Updates will appear once more updates have been made.

Notable Changes
  • Renamed Project (‘Fields of Glory:Aetholros’ to ‘Aetholros: A House Divided’)
  • Re-Writing Demo to fit other changes
  • Other
Update #001 (22/8/18)

First Update: One of the things I want to avoid on this page is sharing too much information about the world I have created. I know that no one wants huge info dumps and would rather go into a story not knowing what would happen. The lore, the information must be given through dialog/other. It shouldn’t be thrown at you. So, because of this, I will only reveal things that I believe you will need to know.

That’s all for now.
Thank you for reading.


Update #002 (1/10/18)

Second Update: Well, it’s been awhile. Let’s begin, shall we…

The other day I ran into a problem. I ran across another game titled ‘Fields of Glory’. You can see the problem I face. Now I will have to rename this project. Its nothing major and won’t delay anything so its nothing to worry about really.

In other news, the demo is coming along nicely. I will have more news on that next time though. It’s taking longer than expected to make, which is fine. Also, the story section on this page will need updating as it has changed.

I will make all the necessary changes soon.

That’s all for now.
Thank you for reading.


Update #003 (5/10/18)

Third Update:
Made the necessary changes as promised. Those changes are highlighted in Update 2. More to come soon.

That’s all for now.
Thank you for reading as always.


Progress halted

Edit: (23-08-2020)
It has been a while since I have posted here I know. I have an update and well, I have put a hold on this project due to some IRL stuff. I don’t know when or if I will finish this project now. Thanks for taking the time to view this page none the less and I will post here if things ever change. Thanks.




Good luck in your endeavor - you might want to go into more detail on why the gender-lock.


Thanks! You are right. Let me fix that.

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Seems interesting. Always a fan of these games that are set in fantasy worlds that are not traditional fantasy eras. Looking forward to learning more about the world! What kind of nations there are, such as the one you live in.


Thanks for the comment. Nations, that will come in an update in the coming days or weeks. Have not decided yet as I still need to polish the lore and other things. Thanks again!

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Could you possible describe the world? Prominent cultures?, prominent nations?, prominent religions?, are there different races? magic?


Thanks for the comment. All of these things will come in an update in the coming days or weeks. Have not decided yet as I still need to polish the lore and other things. Pretty much done so you will have an answer soon like I said. Thanks!


Sorry, missed the previous comment. I’ll certainly be looking forward to an update


Will be watching for the demo.


nice, love how dark your world sounds like.



Are there any ros if so what are the genders


No problem. Thanks for the comment.

Nice. Thanks for taking the time to look to begin with.

Thanks! Great game, Warband.

Ros? Sorry, I don’t understand what you mean?


R.O Romantic Interest

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Thanks, no idea how I didn’t know that.

To answer the question, I do not know yet. I have only planned so far ahead when it comes to story. Thanks for the comment.


The game idea sounds pretty good with a lot of room for story customization. Can’t wait to see how you develop this possible gem

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Is it Bannerlord by chance?

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Just wondering what time period would you compare the one yours is set in to one in real life?

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Oh wow a new project, good luck bro but can you add some picture of it???

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Sounds good can’t wait

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This is my mod. For those that are curious :

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