Aetherian Spell Academy [wip] Chapter 1-5 available. Chapter 6 in progress (Updated 1/8/18)



I originally wanted to call it Light magic, to contrast Dark magic, but it was too generic of a term. Plus it gave off the impression that only “good guys” would be able to use it, but that isn’t true. Healing magic seemed more neutral, so I stuck with that.


Sorry but I dont get it :sweat_smile: If you chose dark magic you can still play as a good guy, so why does bad guy shouldn’t be able to use light magic? Well, in many cases (history/fantasy, even sci-fi) you can find evill priests/light mages when good-dark mage is pretty rare.

Also, you alredy mention some possible changes in ch.1-2, so I’m not sure If I should mention this but ther are some minor issues, e.g. you can be well-known as “almighty mender” and Adelich still might think that your healing magic is lacking, or you can summon a bunch of skeletons in front of your professor (first scene of deamon battle) without any reaction.


I’m really looking forward to the dinner!


These are part of the changes I’m making. I wasn’t satisfied with some of the contradictions, so I plan to change large portions of the text.


All errors regarding the dark promethean should be fixed. Thanks for catching them.

Ch. 1 and 2 revisions should come within this week.

Ch. 6 will be released within a few weeks. Expect it sometime in January.


Found a bug.

Automaton Bug


Nice work! I enjoyed this a lot. As per the book summoning, will the dark tome have any uses aside from summoning? If you transformed it with Black Magic of course. And I imagine Healing/Light Magic gets their own tome as well?

I’m guessing what I mean is. In the future will the tome be less straining in the mana department than summoning or will it be more or less the same?

If I misunderstood anything, sorry about that.


I have the same problem:


I am glad and happy to have found this interactive novel, it is well written with incredible background story and character interaction … Now i am having trouble to choose between Danae and Morgana as future Romance Option…Lol

and about your question , generally i agree that there should be no “Good” or “Evil” Magic, it all depends on the person who wield it… a Good Magician can still apply Dark Magic to banish or destroy villains and enemies… of course the Evil Mages require to apply Healing spells to heal themselves as well, however for my understanding of Light Magic , it was meant to bind a contract with the heaven/Angelic force to banish forces of Hell/Abyss or Demons/Devils… hence the Heaven/Angelic force may tend to “judge” or “analyse” the soul/intention/will of the magic wielder (s) before granting/binding the power with them, i don’t think the Heaven/Angelic force will lend their power to Mages who have corrupted souls of dark intention …

However this can be different with respect to the Hell/Abyssal forces as they mostly intend to create as much destruction and harms as possible , hence it doesn’t matter whether they lend their power to “good” or “evil” mages because at the end of the day , their power will create enough destruction that serve their purpose … even though Dark Magic is used against Evil beings such as Demons, the collateral damage upon destroying the Demons may be costly and of course with the poetry of " There is No Honour among Thieves " , the Dark Force won’t mind to destroy one of their own at all, more ever with the binding of contract with “Dark” Force , there is always a chance a “Good” Mage being tempted to the Dark side :wink:

However these are just my own personal deduction …Lol

for the scene of the first Demon battle, i think it was logical that you will went unnoticed even if you summon a bunch of skeletons because it was in the mist of chaos and battle, all other students were unconscious while the professor and Hane were hurt ( i thought the professor teleport away right?)
the second scene which we can apply the Dark Magic was in the alley with Morgana against the Bandits… but Morgana will step in before we even cast our spell
but the third scene when we create the Promethean , if we apply Dark Magic…Morgana should had notice it before the shape of the Promethean will be alter …

I think there might be difference between Healing Magic and Light Magic, Healing Magic tend to heal, regenerate tissues/Mana or remove charm/curse , which everyone could use without problem …but Light Magic is about banishing Demons/Dark creatures with Dark Force right ? hence it may be the polar opposite of Dark Magic, and let say that Light Magic is aim to “Hurt” Dark Magic , won’t it will also harm the caster with Dark Power as well? so is it possible that if a Mage had empowered him/herself with Dark Magic , he/she will reduce certain amount of Health when he/she cast a Light Magic… Like wise , if Mages with Light Power attempt to cast Dark Magic, he/she should reduce some health as well, it will make Caster(s) think twice whether it is worth it to apply power which has opposite effect of your own (such as a Light mage casting Dark Magic)


Doesn’t that defeat 75% of the purpose of light magic? (protection and healing)


Ok, that’s long one :smile:.

  1. I mention this before but morgana might play with your mind somehow. About Danea - mc father notice that some part of her story doesn’t make any sens tho it’s not as mysterious as e.g. alana
  2. You actualy can use “healing” to dmg deamon that’s why light magic is more accurate.
  3. Um, read again deamon fight. Its only demon, you hane and professor. And she even call your ne befor you summon skeletons. In fact she was still there when you summon skeleton knight.


Yeah… i was wondering that too, that’s why i was asking whether Healing/protection Magic be separated from Light Magic , assuming Light Magic is solely meant to counter the Dark Magic… i had read and play some PC games that have Light Magic such as (example : “Sacred Wrath” that will harm all manner of beings that associate with Dark Force), of course the author hold the decision and authority regarding the Magic Lore of his/her own world , in Magium … Light Magic and Light Mages were refer as Light due to the White Light it created and had nothing to do with Good/evil… :smile:

However, i acknowledge that this Work In Progress had done a marvelous job already … I don’t mind to follow the Magic Lore created solely for this world , my initial suggestion was purely for discussion and entertainment purpose :slight_smile:

by the way, in my 2nd play through now , i had just gain the Alliance of Ulik the Demon without needing to bind him to a contract , awesome :smile:

Haha… i don’t think Dark Magic is even effective against Ulik the Demon, so i won’t bother with it now, i only manage to defeat Ulik by using Light and conjuring Magic, Ulik said i am worthy of being his master…cooool !!! , I am not sure, but i tried Dark Magic against him before but didn’t manage to beat him

Morgana playing with my mind ? Danae got secret too ?? I thought they are both very innocent … i only read to chapter 4 before decided to restart again, now i want buy the best catalyst…hehehe …
But never-the-less , i am not going to be paranoia … I will trust both Morgana and Danae like a Moth flying blindly towards the lure of Bright Fire :smile:


Hey i am wondering whether or not we could have the option of “admitting to Murdoc, that most of the group work of conjuring the Promathean was done by Morgana’s Estenian devices and her adept spellcrafting,” ? I feel bad for getting all the credits myself… so perhaps a little confession will help me redeem myself :slight_smile:


I’m a little confused at some of these during the battle. In this moment, my skill was 40, but it seems to be registering time at a lower skill level? Also, I got the Battlemage title, but it doesn’t seem to be showing up.


I played this game yesterday and dark magic doesn’t seem to be particularly evil (you can fire dark spears that are just like ice ones) or powerful (it has the same power like other magic skills). I wonder why is it forbidden.
Also when will you be able to romance your school friend ? Is it after the dinner? Will it be possible to romance them if you romanced Morgana?


You repelled the attack, which means you were successful. It was meant to show that Bertrand was much stronger than the MC expected him to be. Perhaps I should change the wording, it may clarify what I meant.

The “Experienced Battlemage” is not a title. It’s an Accolade which has its own menu when you go into your stats menu. Accolades basically work like achievements in this game.

Dark magic is not necessarily evil, but it is dangerous and for that reason it is forbidden. There’s a book in the library (At the beginning of Ch. 2) that explains why dark magic is actively discouraged amongst spellcrafters. In particular, necromancy is a subset of dark magic that some consider blasphemous or too hazardous to use.

School friend will become romanceable in the next chapter.

I considered whether or not the MC could have multiple romances, but for the moment I’ve decided against it. I want the relationships between the MC and their choice of romance to be meaningful. So pick your favorite person, because that’s the only romance you get for the entire game.


I don’t really like necromancy usually, I prefer just using things like dark attacks, demons etc.
Is it possible for you to break up with a character? Or will they break up with you (for example if hane catches you using the demon that attacked him as a follower, or if your relationship with someone falls too low)


Thanks for finding these. I’ve fixed them in the new version.


It is indeed possible to break up with characters, but that won’t be possible until towards the later chapters of the game. As a result, you will most likely only have 2 or 3 moments of romance with the new character you want to be with.

Without spoiling anything, there will be a crucial choice made in a later chapter that may turn characters like Hane against you. The only exception to this will be your school friend and Morgana. They will always remain your allies.


Lol, “always” mean “until Daena discover that we cheated on her with Morgana” :joy:
But about Hane - it’s about mc being thirsty for power asshole/liar and his dark magic/close relationship to his old buddy, Ulik?


Sweet cinnamon roll Daena or rad af Morgana? Why must you make me choose, Karlan? :disappointed_relieved:

This is getting too real for me.

Sidenote: I absolutely picture my MC’s Ulik like a Balrog.