Aetherian Spell Academy [wip] Chapter 1-5 available. Chapter 6 in progress (Updated 1/8/18)



Wow, thanks so much. The chapter was great and Bernard seemed lile a tragic figure and I’m sure we’ll meet them again. I was able to create a 50 Creation and Spellcraft Mage xD.


An early Christmas present! You are too kind!




Enjoying going as an old school White Mage. Sure I can heal and barrier. I can also fold you up like an old wallet.


Yay! New update woooooooooooo! Thank you :grin:


I loved the new chapter! Fighting before going to the party was awesome but I wonder how the family and friends would react to our appearance from the fight. :laughing:


I managed to end the battle with Bertrand with only a light injury but I still got my ass kicked. That felt weird. Even if he is more experienced he was totally wrecked, my MC was not. Maybe you should add a path in which we do not need Morgana to win. Or have that scene fixed, if you’d rather. That aside, it was a pretty good update. I had been looking forward to the fight and the opportunity to show off my dark magic.


(Says the one who uses black magic and has a demon bound to him)


Um, guys you forget about somethings.

  1. MC, even as dark magican is still underage right? Do you really want to play a child killing his enemy in front of his friend?
  2. Bertrand is some kind of magic cyborg-mutant-assassin with years of experience. Yes, mc beat deamon, but he was summon by other studend, and we fought him after battle with profesor and his “former” master. Hell, you dont even have to bind him.

At the end I had affection 53 with morgana and daena/alana, btw :slight_smile: Ther is only one bad thing - to rise your affection with morgana you have to use dark magic and lie…


Gah, FInally got around to playing the new chapter and I just want to say The Morgana Romance is so sweet. MC fighting a Cyborg mage assassin to keep the girl they care deeply about or maybe even love safe just tugs at my heartstrings so much I keep squeeing at how sweet it is.

And uhhm this is probably only really a problem with me but the game kind of stops working if the relationship value for Morgana goes over 100% and you beat Bertrand.


Yes. Bring on the villainy.



My MC doesnt’t see it as villainous. He lives by a code, the strong will live and the weak will die. Bertrand tried to kill him and failed. Surely there can’t be any hard feelings if we kill him instead, right?


Yes we do, Age is just a spectrum adults use cause they think kids are infireriors to them. I can’t even sell items thanks to them , Now speak about age again and I will report you to KND (Kids Next Door).


I mean tell that to the police :thinking:


I mean as a kid I’d have agreed…but as a kid I was also a total fool so Idk if that’s good or not xD. But yeah a kid who does dark magic and is willing to kill in self defense…not really unthinkable imo.


And who said we ever lied Morgan just assumed things and we just rolled with it so technically we never lied.


Lol, that depends. In charisma bulid yes but in darkness/relationship you have to said that ulik is elemental and you dont know what happened to promethean so yes - you have to lie.

And killing Bertrand doesn’t make any sens in the first place. You want information about Morgan’s mother and the one who shall “replace Morgana” (Hane? :smile: )


I did the darkness route, actually I only do the darkness route but you don’t have to summon the demon elemental, also the demon technically is related to the fire element so technically no lies were said ha


That’s weird, I thought the darkness infused automaton weren’t capable of forming complete sentences? Yet, it have no problem saying “As you wish” when we summoned it againts Bertrand.

On another note, focusing on conjuration and darkness while also utilising the automaton and Ulik during the fight makes me feel like a bona fide demon lord, especially when I heard Betrand’s resigned “What are you?!” moments before Ulik finishes him off. This feeling of overwhelming power…I could get used to this…

Laughs maniacally


There’s supposed to be a separate path for the dark promethean. I’ll check why it doesn’t work later today.


I agree. :slight_smile: Playing dark mage = playing bad-ass. Bertrand even mention that dark magic users are especially useful for them…

One question tho - shouldn’t healings magic be called white/light/holy magic? Its about creating barriers, destroying udeath/deamons and purifying/healing right?