Aetherian Spell Academy [wip] Chapter 1-5 available. Chapter 6 in progress (Updated 1/8/18)



Hi everyone!

Sorry for the massive delay. School has really drained my time to work on this game, but I can begin work on it once again.

Expect the next chapter next week. I’m sorry for the long wait.


Welcome back, It’s good to see this continue since I loved this WIP


It’s ok @Karlan, no need to apologize, don’t stress yourself, take your time and keep up the good work.


I just found this but I’m very much looking forward to the project!


Hey, we get free entertainment. Life comes first! I hope school went well! :smile:


Looking forward to seeing it!


Whoa, don’t worry. Grades first, game second. Keep up the good work, man.


Ooh, sweet, more Danae and Hanes time! Don’t apologize! School happens :slight_smile: Don’t rush, and take care of yourself too. I don’t know about you, but school is hugely draining physically, mentally and emotionally for me.


Happy to hear back from you, and don’t feel too pressured! Your health and well-being is important, and you should focus on it. We’ll be fine on our end.


Danae is such a sweet cinnamon roll but Morgana is such a bae. How will I choose? :disappointed_relieved:


Yes! I was aching to save Morgana already


That… cliffhanger!!! [ * Excitable screaming. ] What? WHAT?! What do I do now? I wanna save Morgana! It might just be a case of White Knight syndrome, and the whole convincing a Greater Djinn to submit to me, but I really want to help Morgana! I like her!

I’m glad I picked Ray to talk to. I like that he’s introduced and portrayed as an apathetic character, but he behaves as almost anything but in scenes with him. I feel like it speaks to how he regards the MC.

Anyway, this was a really engaging demonstration! I can feel a fair bit of replayability in it, because there were a lot of choices that I wanted to make, but either couldn’t because I lacked the capabilities/funds, or another choice appealed to me more.
For example, I am fascinated by the notion of “Darkness” spellcraft, and even though I didn’t so much as touch it, I can definitely picture myself going back and making it my boon.

Please, keep up the good work! …but not at the expense of your health!


I still think that she is playing with your mind tho. This moment when Anna asked her why she trust you so much.
Dark magic is cool tho - hiding your true potential from your friends and this moment when everyone think that you are a deamon slayer when, in reality you just used deamon and this whole drama to become even more powerful :slight_smile:


I was very close to tacking on… “I hope this isn’t all some elaborate trap.” But I thought that would put way too much emphasis on the protagonist. They’re not even out of, what basically amounts to, prep school.


Merry Christmas, everyone!

Chapter 5 is now out.

As usual, please look out for any grammar errors I may have overlooked.

Sidenote: Before Chapter 6 is released, I plan on making extensive revisions to both Chapter 1 and 2.

Expect these revisions within the coming week.


An early Christmas present??


Thank you for more of this lovely tale! Truly a fine Christmas present.


Ode to Joy starts to play


Overall great chapter. Hiding your black magic from anna and morgana, destroying your enemy with you demonic/mechanic friend was cool :slight_smile:


Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it.

I will fix this error as soon as I’m near my computer again.