Aetherian Spell Academy [wip] Chapter 1-5 available. Chapter 6 in progress (Updated 1/8/18)



Some of the dialogue in this game feels slightly off. I don’t know what it is, but when I read some of the interactions between characters, especially between the parents, something about it feels unnatural to me.

Other than that, been enjoying the game so far. Still iffs me that a child can beat and potentially a greater djinn in this game, even if I do appreciate an epic fight and a good thwacking.

Magic Iron Man when.


Loaded up an old save file and this showed up in place of what I assume is supposed to be the pronouns.


Yes, this will only appear if you loaded an old save. Creating a new save file will fix this.

Is there anything, specifically, that needs to be rephrased? Some of the dialogues with the parents were written to be endearing towards the MC. At least, that was what I intended.


I felt it too actually. For me personally, it’s that the dialogue of the characters seemed too formal. It’s like a bunch of young kids talking like they’re professional acquaintances who know each other purely from work, not like friends who after what the MCs been through with each character should be close. For Morgana it probably fits but I found that Danae does it too and I think also the parents but I’d need to check to make sure for the latter.


There’s a major coding issue to deal with that I just noticed.

When you do a pair of opposed stats, you’re only supposed to actually use one stat in the code.

So for personality, get rid of hostility, excitability, and intuition stats; just measure amity, calmness and intellect. (If you want high hostility for a particular roll, then you want low amity; et cetera.)


Thank you for the advice. I wasn’t sure I was using the opposed stats command properly. This is my first time working with ChoiceScript so there will be a few inevitable coding hiccups.


Pretty much what @MossHeart said. The parents, I remember, felt like a strange mix between formal and informal… but then again, that might just be me as I avoid talking while eating with my parents.


Are you also thinking of adding some more personality to the parents as it relates more to their background? that seems like it would make sense especially for the dark crafter background.


I hadn’t considered it until your post. I may add it, but not until a few chapters later.


Hi all! A quick update.

Ch. 5 is currently on hold due to midterms for my classes. Aside from that, and a few problems with my computers, things are progressing.

However, I don’t think the next chapter will be released until sometime in November. I’m sorry for the delay, things have been more hectic than I’d like it to be.

Thank you for being patient.


No problem, take your time! Do well on your midterms too!!!


Good luck on your midterms :smiley::+1:


Take your time and good luck with your midterms!


First of all, thank you. Aetherian Spell Academy is so freaking awesome! I am completely attached to your characters. You definitely know how to capture your reader’s interest.
Did I mention how awesome this WIP is?!?


Loved this game a lot so far. I wish that the pacing was slightly slower, but it’s really a minor issue due to personal taste. Other wise I think this has got to be one of my favorite games that has crossed my path in a long while.


Love this one. Dark magic is great.


I just stumbled upon this wip. So far, so good! I think the progression runs smoothly between the characters I like my MC befriending Aron and Morgana. I’m just as curious as to where is the Real Anna is? Would our MC be able to make it at the family dinner? Hopefully, there would be more scenes with Hane because :heart_eyes:


Still love this game!


Is this one on hiatus or something?

Can I ask why this is inappropriate? I just asked, ok? It’s just better to know. And yes - it’s true that author mention that he needs a break, but then he mention early november, not late december. So, I asked community… I don’t think this is rasist or abusive. It so sad that so-called justic warriors infected even CoG tho…