Aetherian Spell Academy [wip] Chapter 1-5 available. Chapter 6 in progress (Updated 1/8/18)



She’s… a princess? Does that mean she’s a Disney princess?


She’s not an actual princess, it’s simply a patronizing nickname given to her. It will be explained in depth in the next chapter.


She’s actually a queen in disguise :smiley:


Maybe this is just me since I may have cheated but I think you forgot some pronoun code


Why did you end it there!? That’s cruel :sob: But damn that was a good chapter. It was worth the wait. And also, HOW DARE THEY THREATEN MORGANA!? My demon and I shall paint the streets with their blood! :rage::imp:


Start singing Morgana and i will End you

@MossHeart and im not making any deals or accepting any fruit either



Morgana was probably an assassin or child soldier


Honestly, I feel like Morgana was a experiment who most likely used as a solider.


Or She actually is a Disney princess and in the end she’ll do a giant musical number about her emotions


This is quite odd. I’m guessing you used a program to skip all the way to the 4th chapter?

The pronoun of the character is created in chapter 1, so if that was skipped, then the placeholder pronoun would be used.

On a separate note, I could open up a separate dashingdon link for Ch. 4-6. That way you can skip the first three chapters. Of course some choices have to be premade to simplify coding.


Morgana’s mom is a real piece of work!


Nah, the way I cheated was using saves from older versions to restart chapters with all the stats I gained. If it’s only a problem on my end then disregard it.

On a separate note did you draw all the art yourself?


Actually, the first image is a CCO image that I found. The rest have been photoshopped by a friend of mine. None of the artwork was made physically, but they have been digitally altered and put together.


You are one of the fastest writer I have ever seen, how the heck do you do this?!


So how well do you guys do with your prometheans? I’ve gotten an 8/4 and 7/6 splits.


Probably with hard work and dedication… or probably magic.


An even 7/7. But, man…adding dark magic into the mix really mess up the promethean.

sees the stat check after creating that abomination.

Time to play the ‘how long until everyone notices that you’ve dabled in dark magic’ game, I guess.


True, but an obsidian black promethian gets bonus points for coolness. :slight_smile:


11 Offense
2 Defense.
Hopefully it’ll kill my enemies before getting hit.


Question. This fight will happen chapter 4 or 5 becaus chapter 4 looks like is incomplete. Nice work you made 2 things i like more robots and dark magic aka necromancy.