Advise Needed for a Website Development Project


So first things first. As you might have guessed from the title, this has nothing whatsoever to do with CoG, but I implore the mods to give me 48 hours before closing this thread. I’m simply posting this here because there are many talented people in this community and I’m hoping at least one can help me.

Anyway, I’m starting a small website, which will remain unnamed so I don’t seem like I’m trying to plug my own website, and the premise is fairly straight forward: it tells you what day it is. To elaborate a bit, the site would be able to tell you what day it is, if there are any holidays that day, official or unofficial, and give interesting information on those holidays.

Now, I don’t currently have any experience making a website, so what I’m wanting is someone who has experience or has knowledge of web development that would be willing to basically guide me and tell me how best to approach such a project and let me know what I need to learn in order to make this a reality. I’m not asking anyone to type a single line of code for me, but simply baby step the process so that I may do it myself.

This is an early design, but I’m hoping for something that will end up looking something like this:


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First things first, there are actually several websites like that in existence already, for example. If you know that and it doesn’t bother you, great (but it might, I don’t know).

Secondly if you have absolutely no experience designing websites at all, I’d start with something simpler. What you’re wanting to do would really want a database, which means server-side code, which means dynamic web pages and other things that come after the foundations.

i.e. Try building a few sheds, then move onto your log cabins before finally attempting a house.

You want to first familiarize yourself with HTML, then CSS, then Javascript.
Dropbox’s public folder will work for hosting websites composed of those three technologies, so you can avoid hosting costs and the like while practicing.
After you’ve built some static websites with those and feel like you’re getting the hang of it, you can look into server-side code. PHP and ASP.NET are two popular examples, but there are others - pick one and stick with it.

Different people learn better in different ways, but if you like learning ‘hands on’ and are happy to sit at and read from a computer, these two websites are very good for web development stuff:


Thanks @CJW! And I am aware that there are many sites that do something like this, but they all look like they were made in 1995. If nothing else, I’d like to make one more aesthetically pleasing, something that would be right at home on an Apple device.

The primary reason I settled on this idea is mainly because I can scale it, starting small with something that just tells the date and time, and then adding additional capabilities like localization and what I mentioned about holiday and such.