Advice: Don't present your work here before at minimum your first draft is finished

I would disagree on two points: firstly, I really don’t know if I’d have been able to complete my game if I hadn’t been posting it by chapter. Knowing that people enjoyed the game and wanted to see where it went helped me keep writing, even when I was finding it pretty difficult at the end. Secondly, the early advice helped me a lot, in ways that I wouldn’t have been able to replicate by applying it to a completed draft.

Obviously, this wouldn’t necessarily apply to every writer, but it will certainly apply to some.


Depends on how early. I’ve seen WiPs here which are barely more than what other writers would just post in the interest check thread. Now that’s too early imo too.


In my POV, you already stated your opinion as well as others in the debate. There are a couple of post that stated both your sides which I think would lead to circular argument already. Let other people have their say in the matter.


I think chapter one should at LEAST be completed if they make a proper thread for their game.

Since asking for feedback for a single choice and like 500 words of content is… difficult.


The title is directly a mandate Don’t in my English grammar Books I am warned never starting with a imperative mandate as is trying to force a point of view into reader and determine your tone. The entire paragraph write in a grandiose prose is trying hard to make people believe posting a wip is anti forum rules and should not be posting. Is not presented as a civil discussion is presented as a fact



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I see where you’re coming from now. I would agree with you if it didn’t say “Advice:” before the title. As it is, it just sounds like advice based on what is his own opinion. A post on forum rules wouldn’t appear as advice.


Pretty much agreed, though it depends on how much do those words tell about the story.

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@moderators can reopen this if they want but otherwise there are other threads already open to go to to discus demo lengths.