Advanced Studies in Pattern Magic - WIP (Updated 19 March 2021)

Magic is the opposite of friendship, huh?

I want to recommend having “last updated X/X/XX” in the title of the thread, didn’t even know this was past chapter 2 and just so happen to check if this story was progressing



Hey I’m just checking but is Manisha a RO?

Well, that would be clever of me to do. Thanks for the suggestion!

@Manaxaggd, for the life of me I can’t reproduce that error. I’ve tried making it happen by hand, by adjusting the code, and by letting Randomtest chew on the game some 10,000 times. I’m stumped. If anyone else sees a similar error, please let me know.



small typo: “I’d like to know what she means by that.” → my hayden was male (ch4)
“not to convince her of anything” → here too and one other place in a choice between them that i forgot

“Darcy about it, but he shruggeds” → shrugged


I had such a fun time playing this! The premise reminds me a lot of Choice of the Deathless and the Craft Sequence in general, with the beautiful union of incomprehensible reality-warping magic and being a white collar professional. The lighter tone really works with the juxtaposition of mundane academia and regular risk of brain damage. I don’t really know how to organize this so here’s just some scattershot impressions:


Pattern magic is very cool, I like how twisty it is and the descriptions of the materials people put patterns on really help bring the idea to life. I focused on Reasoning and Rhetoric in my playthrough and passing skill checks makes me feel smart and cool.

Darcy’s such a little jerkface and I love them so much for it. Enemies to lovers is a favourite dynamic of mine, and lovers to enemies to lovers is even better. Moments where Dr. MC catches them off guard by being nice to them fill me with glee. Gabriel is a sweetie, must protecc. Kayla’s sense of humour is so dry, I legit had a math teacher like this. Taylor strikes me as a Silicon Valley founder type, the kind of character I like to dislike. Manisha and Hayley stand out less to me, but that’s mostly down to personal preference. I’m interested in finding out more about them but I’m playing favourites already, haha.

I very much get the sense of being a beleaguered employee with far too many competing priorities, it’s a Big Mood. How is poor Dr. MC gonna solve gentrification, organize a symposium, do peer review, and sort out their personal life? The thought of juggling all the tasks they keep heaping on them stresses me out a little but in a good way, I like the way this game provokes that feeling!

Really looking forward to seeing where this story goes.


The story’s really good so far with the level of detailing of the backgrounds and all even though the background exposition seemed to be a little drag (maybe it’s just me?). Liked the different characters especially ma boi Gabriel. Don’t know why Darcy is a RO because personally I felt she was too toxic. Anyways looking forward for the next update.
Btw, could you add for save file options for the next update?


I personally feel the level of detail is fine and not a drag, I also like the dynamics between Darcy and the main character in that it could really go either way. I never pick RO for choice of games though so can’t comment on that.

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The characters are very much fleshed out and have their own personalities especially the ROs. The dramas that ROs like Darcy brings makes the whole atmosphere more realistic and interesting. Great WiP.


Thanks for the feedback, folks! It’s really helpful.

To make sure I understand, you’d like four save slots available?


Do you have a blog for this game :slight_smile: ?

Sorry didn’t see that typo :sweat_smile: . Meant ‘more’ save files, but yea, four would be great. :+1:

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No blog, sorry. Just this thread.

Will do, thanks!


Replayed from the beginning with the new update - very enjoyable @Sargent

A little bit of feedback: During the beginning section, when the timeline is jumping between the past memories and present it felt unclear sometimes - I lost track of whether it was memory or present day. Having it a bit clearer to the reader would help this.