Adrao -CSComp- looking for beta testers


I know everybody is recruiting them at the moment, but wondering if any people are still available to test? Not sure how far I’ll get on the game as RL is getting really busy, but what I have already is almost chapter 1 finished (almost 4,000 word playthrough). Obviously I can’t disclose the theme though… (CSComp rules…)


Sign me up, I’d like to help.


Sure thing, if you’re still looking for testers.


I’d like to help. count me in


I’d like to help out as well :wink:


I’d definitely be up to beta test :smiley:


I would like to help beta test too!


I could help with general impressions on characters, plot, etc.


here i am :grin: count me in~


Thanks for the positive responses! Basically, I am hoping to work a little bit more on it during two long-haul flights next Monday and Tuesday (22-23rd), and hopefully post the first draft of the game then… this would give everybody a week to read it and give me some feedback. Hopefully by then it might be up to 8,000 words or so, though I guess I probably won’t be able to finish everything as I wanted by the deadline… lets see anyway!


I’d like to help out, because I got nothing to do.


@adrao If you mean BETA testers, you might wanna change the title…


No no, I think @adrao is just being selective. :wink:


@Sashira, my mother always said that if i had a brain i’d be dangerous!

@Carlos.R, obviously only accepting the better BETA testers!



@adrao I’m back from my involuntary vacation! If I may, I’d like to join your group of testers!


@ArchangelVoldemort Just saying, as a CSComp judge you can’t beta-test any entry; that would mean an instant rule out.


@Lycoris Oh, my bad! Thank you for kindly informing me. I had thought I was removed due to my prolonged absence. Perhaps I should go back through that thread. Thanks again! I fully understand!


I got a large chunk of the game coded during my first long haul flight today, hopefully will have something I can send by the end of my second long haul tomorrow (current playthrough is around 11,000 words, maybe “final” version for the comp will be around 15,000-16,000…)


Need any more testers? I’d like to help :slight_smile:


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