Adoriel's Tears WIP GAME UPDATE 2/7/2022

Not just sage but about the others. I guess we’ll find out soon after the fight is over near the house. I think the voice we hear could be sage if u think about it. The character description says they are familiar to us in someway so that might be it

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Soon I hope !


Omg I had this crazy theory that the reason behind being a Half Blood is forbidden is due to MC having a familiar but not in a form of animal? but of other race??? (Cuz it’ll be a form of slavery? Like absolute obedience) Or at least they have power to control other races? Or other familiars? Ehhh mehh its just a theory :laughing::joy:


not a bad one, but I doubt it. The only time such a theory works would be if you tweak it a little.

Either, the familiar is something dark and locked away (think of the great demon lord-like being, bound and then PAF! You show up and those in charge are sweating bucket :sweat_smile: )

Council Members: See! That’s why your existence is a curse! You have bonded with a great abomination!
Mc: How was I supposed to know? You guys never send me any pamphlet or anything… :roll_eyes:
Council Members: You weren’t supposed to exist!!! Add to that, Great Adurriial frown on us cutting trees!! goes back to the age of the Hippi-ninnies!
Mc: the hippie-what?!
Council Members: Nevermind, look what you have brought upon us fool!

The other option would be to bound an ancestral ghost. Think of it like in Star Wars, if they died and instead of going to the other side, the most powerful ancestor are still stuck and can be called and bound and they keep all their prowess intact and once you get them bound, you can unleash them and they could only be defeated by being sealed or unbound, or the mc die.

Council Members: How dare you bound one of the greatest pain in the butt to yourself! It took so many lives to kill that annoying villain!
Mc: hey, I didn’t ask for this…he wouldn’t shut up!
Council Members: Not good enough, now you will be marked as an Abomination as well! and you will be hunted to death!
Ghostly Abomination: Oh dear, this feels so nostalgic…wait for it, here comes the long-assed preaching about darkness and the end of the world…call me when they are done talking nonsense. fade away
Mc: Hey! You can’t leave me alone with them! They use big words I never heard of! :cry:

Like I said, good theory and has potential :grin:

@daugtherofolympusif your Tumblr link isn’t working, it leads you to ‘Page not found’.


Oh sorry dear !

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Oh don’t worry, but you may wanna fix your link though :wink:

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Yep ! I’m on it

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did I tell you I had a cheerleader moment when I saw one of the female romance is a dwarf? Oh man, even Bioware games wouldn’t give a munchkin dwarf to Smooche!

Thanks for that! :grin:

@daugtherofolympusif can I ask something I got from your tumblr in here?

it’s about this…

This is why the elf sees love with a member of another people as something horrible. Elves only love once and when their partner dies, they remain in mourning.

Long ago an elf fell in love with a man and the pain of the loss was so strong that it nearly destroyed the elves through the mental bond they shared. Some even remained catatonic.

How come it isn’t forbidden? and besides being ‘catatonic’ as consequence, doesn’t that mean a low birth rate? and how long this elf lives anyway? Are they anything like in Lord of the Rings as at some point they all leave elsewhere…

And 'love only once, does that mean they don’t have the capacity to ‘cheat on their loved one’?

hmm, had one more question but then blabber brain got lost…

Awww that bit about mc insulting saschta is so cuteeee… :hugs:

Ashlyen cares about his child and like any parent, he longs to be able to know Mc when the circumstances allow them both.

wait a sec, if bondmates have a connexion, how come they don’t have one with their kids?? like say, Mother can talk telepathically with her familiar right? can she do that with Ashlyen? and if she could, how come she can’t with her kid?

Also, how come he doesn’t send his kid a letter…he did send his familiar. Afraid of child support bill? :joy:

This make me sad, sort of…

You answered your own question. Mc is stuck, neither fully elf nor fully human. :frowning:

Being a half-breed isn’t all bad. The half-elf in D&D and such. I mean, yeah sure they are always outcasts. But there is a benefit too!

lol I always picked half-breed in games that give you the option :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re welcome, I look forward to writing about Tally. By the way there will be a pov of her right after the time jumps that will make Mc grow up and the moment they meet the group.


@E_RedMark damnn ur theories makes much more sense! :laughing:


This is a very fun story, keep up the great work.

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Thank you ! ^^

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Dragon Age Inquisition. All i got to say on the matter :rofl::rofl::rofl:


It doesn’t really count since nothing happens in the base game itself and you get a line in the Trespasser DLC if you flirted with that dwarf scout.

Nothing happens in game, i agree. But it is implied so i count that myself. However everyone is welcome to their own opinion :blush:

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Here a little update on what’s going on guys !

Have a nice day/night/evening


Hey every bit counts right. Take your time, no need to rush this. I can wait as long as it takes as long as u make this an epic update

Thank you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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