Adoriel's Tears WIP GAME UPDATE 10/04/2022

You mean to write in English?

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My char’s eyes are hazel, not pink.

I wonder what kind of familiar we have…
(I suspect the voice in our head is our familiar… or something along those lines.)


Yes, it will be available to more people if I write in English ^^

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Indeed! :slightly_smiling_face:

In fact, I taught myself by watching a lot of movies and reading a lot of IF.
I also always have a French/English dictionary next to me and I use a site called wordreference.
I also have several friends who proofread and give me advice (French) and great betas readers (English) who help me a lot and lately one of my fellow writers who is Italian told me about a site called Deepl. :grinning:

My way of writing Adoriel’s Tears takes time because I write in French during the week and I use my weekends for translation. (I prefer to be in a quiet place and have more time to do this work because it’s more complicated). :sweat_smile:

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These are interesting theories that I would neither confirm nor deny. :smirk:

Concerning the eyes, it’s quite strange the code seems good, can I ask you to start the game again by taking a new save ? :thinking:

I’m glad you like the story and I’ll take this opportunity to remind to everyone that I have a Tumblr on which I post quite frequently if anyone is interested.

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I started a new save, picked the same choices and the result is the same. In case it helps, here are my choices up to that point.


Butteerscotch brown hair >
hazel >
You dive towards the hollow trunk >
You nod, worry twisting in your stomach >
(custom name) Sebelkeh >
You wait patiently for them to finish >
You miss Tobias >
“The room of eight is full of imbeciles!” >
“Don’t tell Mom, please” >
Stuffed rabbit >
(custom name) Úrn >
He is… >
Favorite niece >
Chocolates >
Ivory >
You want a familiar >
“Okay, let’s get to work quickly” >
“The hunt was good” >
“Is it going to be ok?” >
I’m happy for you, Aunt Cecily," you reply with a small slime despite the pang in your heart >
You didn’t expect that >
“Hello,” you croak, your cheeks growing hot >
You had and still have mixed feelings about this boy >
“He didn’t mean any harm” >
You feel… something stirring in your belly >
You frown slightly >
You nod vigorously >
Pet him >
You shrug >

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I’ll look into it :slight_smile:

@IvoryOwl So.
I checked and even replayed with a new save and this bug is a big mystery! I chose purple for the eyes and I end up with the same problem as you. Yet before this bug, the eye color appears correctly in chapter 1. I will end up removing this variable from this passage.