Action Movie?


I was thinking of making an action movie for Youtube. I need some ideas and other info. Can someone give me an idea for a plot?


An evil foreigner kills/destroys someone/something precious to the protagonist and the protagonist kills a bunch of people in order to get revenge, ending with a violent showdown between the evil foreigner and the protagonist. :stuck_out_tongue:


I say that idea, but make the Protagonist a Midget, like Peter Dinklage!


Why not base it on your games it could help add background story to the game


Haha! @Nocturnal_Stillness You are a genius! First trailer: RISE. I will start working on it as soon as possible. Or should I just make a movie?


I have decided to make a trailer with my cousin and nephews. I need an idea on how to make the trailer. What should go on and what needs to be shown?


You Beating the Shit outta them…


Well i have the camera for making movie and Microphone one that they use for the movie the only one thing is i can’t convince anyone to work for me even my cousin don’t like to help me.Jeez am i that Terrible after Ivan