Achievements Sabres of Infinity


I play soi for quite some time now yet i still have many achievements hidden
please give me some spoilers
Shred of Honour (didnot get)
Rose, Harbour, Dragon, Tower and Wolf (didnot get)
Red Martyr (die at the last battle )
Oops, Sorry Sir! (didnot get)
No Doubts Or Fears (just ask for grenades as supply before going to the installment and take over the leader there)
No Cause Worth Killing For (really) how?? and isnot this a war game???
National Hero (Win every decoration in a single playthrough and end the story with a high reputation.)easy
Knight of the Red (the king will give it at the end if u make good work at the war)
Hold the Line (defend the castle with cazarosta)
Heaven Knows, Earth Knows. You Know, I Know. You exposed the atrocities of a fellow Tierran officer.(didnot get)
For Ruin and the World’s Ending (leave the castle and follow Elson)
Exitus Acta Probat (what did u say?)
Decorated (easy)
Compleat Soldier (also easy)
An Old, Bold Soldier (choose 25 or 30 years old at the start)
A Cunning Plan (make sure to save Elson get smart up to 60% or more and choose your plan then choose cazarosta to fire then Elson to negotiate)
please help me with the rest of the achievements…


Looking forward to finding the rest out!


i said what i can?
lets see who can help with the rest


Are the ones labeled “did not get” the ones you’re asking for someone to tell you how to get them?


That’s what I am wondering how to do!


@FutbolDude21586 yes and there is no info about it too…


Heavens know, earth knows, you know, i know to get that when you’re a cornet choose patrol duty, then convince your men or Lefebvre to tell you about the murder squads, when you bring them back choose to report Lefebvre to Hunter


rose harbor dragon and wolf choose cavalry reserve duty when you’re a cornet, you’ll meet an officer from Warburton, then at blogia choose going out on the death ride with elson there you’ll meet an officer from kentaur


That one has really been driving me crazy trying to figure it out!


shred of honor you have to get out of the army after deserting at blogia


exitus acta probat I think that has something to do with high idealism and ruthlessness


no cause worth killing for on the contrary needs high cynicism and mercy


oops sorry sir I think it’s when your men kill you when you don’t allow them to desert at blogia


I hope these will help


@guardsman000071 beat me to it, but since I was already typing these on my phone…

Shred of Honour = You chose to relieve yourself of your duties after an act of grave dishonour. (Run from Blogia, kill yourself on the boat home.)
Rose, Harbour, Dragon, Tower and Wolf = Meet officers from Wulfram, Rendower, Cunaris, Warburton and Kentaur.
Oops, Sorry Sir! = You were murdered by your subordinates.
Heaven Knows, Earth Knows. You Know, I Know. = You exposed the atrocities of a fellow Tierran officer.
No Cause Worth Killing For = You completed the story with high cynicism and high mercy.
Exitus Acta Probat = You completed the story with high idealism and high ruthlessness.

Those last two I haven’t been able to get for some reason. If you’re having issues with GoI achievements as well, let me know.



I too am having issues with GoI achievements. Especially the secret ones.


The GoI achievements that gave me the most problems (as in I still haven’t achieved them…):

Bastard! - Make an enemy of a scruffy, gutter-born upstart.
Just Following Orders - The exigencies of the service justify many a crime.
Towering in Gallant Fame - You’ve fought alongside the Kentauri Highlanders.
Food for Powder - You’ve requested more than 50 replacements.
Cannon Ending - Meet your demise at the wrong end of an Antari cannon.
Find Strellyk, Kill Strellyk - You’ve hunted down a notorious Antari partisan leader.
Terminal Lance - Die from a blow by a Church Hussar’s lance.
War Never Changes - Soldiers may come and go, but the nature of war is eternal.

Any others?


For terminal lance I think it’s in 2K when you support the experimentals with your squadron, I always got it when I’m not wearing armor


towering in gallant fame don’t volunteer for the forlorn hope, instead join the main body of the army in the assault on kharangia


food for powder if your squadron’s strength is 75% or less ask for replacements in kharangia