Achievements for book 2

I probably should be asking this before I started writing Breach 2…

But does anyone know if achievements from the 1st game carry over to the 2nd game? Or can I just make a completely new set of achievements?

I’ve looked around the forum and found out that you have to have all of the variables from Book 1 be present in Book 2. (I’m not really sure if this is true or not, so if someone can confirm this, I would be very grateful) But is this the same for achievements as well? Because I feel like my second book will just have way too many achievements


I don’t remember offhand, but if you don’t get an answer today, I can check my CCH1/CCH2 game files when I get home from work and see how I handled it.


Thank you, I would be absolutely grateful for this. (Also I genuinely love your work)


Keeping an eye on this because I writing a sequel full of achievements :eyes:


I am also interested in this, because like you, I use a lot of variables and I can picture myself having thousands of them if you must include them in each book going forward.


Okay, @MichaelMaxwell I looked at my final CCH2 files.

I DID include all variables in startup, including all CCH1 variables.
I did NOT include CCH1 Achievements in the CCH2 startup file.

Hope that helps!


This helps a ton, thank you very much!

I’m a bit concerned with the amount of variables I have due to how many variables there is in Book 1 and how many I need to add for Book 2, but knowing I can have a different set of achievements for Book 2 really helps, so thank you.

I might have to start recycling old variables for different purposes in Book 2, most of them only apply to Book 1 anyways so they can be their own variables for Book 2.


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