Achievement based conditional scripting?

What I’d like to do is script an *if based on whether an achievement has been achieved or not. I’m not sure if this can be done, but would like information about how to script this if it is possible. I have achievements in the game being worked on- but for communication’s sake I’ll put an example achievement script so I can understand what part to use in a script…

*achievement victory hidden 10 Woo Victory
You succeeded at this thing.

And so I want to set it up later where
*if ‘Woo Victory is achieved’
This happens.

Or, if it’s not achieved- though I don’t think I need that unless it’s the only way. Thank you~.

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Hmm, if you create a variable that tracks achievements when they are achieved, you can just check it.

*set player_achieved_x 1

*if player_achieved_x = 1
Blah blah

Well, … yes. This would be a reasonable workaround. I was just wondering if there was a way to script it directly. Though if not, this would work so long as it’s additionally inserted any time the *achieve is scripted in.

*if (choice_achieved_victory)
    You're still a winner <3

I gave this a shot and it seems to work for me.

Also more info on achievements if you need it.

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It’s going to be a long long time until I’m going to be able to check this works, but I’m going to call this a solution. Thank you Djin. The link you’ve provided is incredibly helpful here in going above and beyond on the question. :slight_smile: