Account problems


Hi Im MaraJade. Well my other account is dead due I suffer a attempt of account thievery when my mobile was fixing ,so i have to close Facebook and other stuff .thanflly i havent any important data in mobile. SO IM poison_mara now. Say hi to the poison queen. >:-)




Hey Mara! Sorry your account got stolen :frowning: Good to have you back.


I was beginning to wonder where you’d got to… Anyway, welcome back!


As soon as I saw “poison_mara” I knew it was you xD welcome back, Mara!


I have a interesting chat with forum sistem when i try to apply. I was sending it and a red message appeared Sorry your humanity is under suspect. WTF? So forum believes im a replicant bot ; lol. I have to send a mail to poor Jason. Saying lol you know my mail please let me in, i swear im not a bot! LET ME IN I NEED FORUM :((.


Yeah you’re easily the least robot-like member :stuck_out_tongue:


@poison_mara Really? I’m pretty sure I personally accepted your application yesterday o_o


@CJW yeah i receive the message but forum system dont recognize it said unique Id not verified .Jason fixed it thankfully.


@poison_mara Somehow, I just knew that the Jaded Queen of Poison had not ended her reign. Nice to have you back, and sorry for the theft put upon you.


Thanks trollhunter :)) but it was only two days off,lol. I hardly doubt nobody noted my aussence.


Well I most certainly did. Kept thinking where’d Mara go? Why hasn’t she continued her reign of poisonous terror over us all?


You are great guys also mods close this people already know im mara




Sorry, couldn’t resist the joke :))


Lol =))


I dont trust you “poison_mara” :wink:


Will the real Mara please stand up
please stand up
please stand up

Were going to have a problem here :-))


EJEM IM REAL MARA NOW >:-) due i got my old account block , so the bastard who try stole me. Couldn’t usurp my poisonous realm. And sincerely i hardly doubt he or she knows english.


Whoever tried to hack Mara’s account had better hope she never finds out who they are. I can’t even imagine the poisonous revenge she would take.


Exactly @jeantown exactly :wink: