Academy of Arcana [WIP, Demo, Updated 19/03/2019]



Are we able to unlock more powerful spells of a school the more we study it? Like if we have mastered the school of Seedeism(?) to 25 percent as opposed to the zero percent we start out with, can we choose from more powerul seeds than at the beginning? Of course this school was just an example, would that be possible with the other schools too? Because right now it sounds like if you want to study a gift that isnt focusing on attack spells you lucked out. (I do not mean it in a negative way, just that right now it seems like you will never be powerful if you choose a offense focused gift, like water or death.)


Diane is married ? I thought she was too friendly…

Oh… ok, perhaps MC visit her as friend… Lol

But thus far , Sasha is the one interact more to me :wink:


@TimberWoolf Have you played Academaggia? This seems to have a lot of similarities in the complex set-up. Other than lack of randomized events, any major differences?




So…just trying the demo now…and I have 2 questions:

1- is that Princesse? or Princes?

2- is that Elminster talking? the narrator…sound like him so much…


Agreed. I have no idea why it happens. I’ll interrogate it.


I don’t really understand either of these questions, so ‘Yes’ and ‘Only if you believe


I have not, but it sounds very interesting.

I cannot really answer that, I’ll have to check it out. What is it? Where can I find it?


It’s a game on Steam that advertised playing out a 6 or 7 year school career, but only wrote one year of gameplay. Events were randomly timed, and the progression was extremely complicated. The proper name is “Academagia: the Making of Mages”

I recommend checking it out, because I think you’ll get some good insights, in terms of what works for you and doesn’t.


Characters are now ever so slightly more interesting.

  • They have names and titles (e.g. Aleoth, the Apprentice Sigilist of the Geomancers; Otu, the Deulling Weaver of the Chronomancers; etc). This includes their skill level, their preferred craft, and their gift of magic.
  • They are now Male, Female or Non-binary.
  • They have various physical traits, including, but not limited to, physique, hairstyle, hair colour, eye colour, skin tone, accent, and more!
  • They all have unique personalities now. But that doesn’t really have an effect just yet.
  • They are now romatically interested in men, women, both, none, or anybody (but we’ll get to that when we can actually talk to the characters).

Considering that last point. How do we allow the non-binary MC’s to fall into these categories? Non-binary MC’s aren’t set to Male or Female, so their only real easy romantic options include characters that are bisexual. Should there be an option to determine whether non-binary MC’s are primarily Male-presenting or Female-presenting? This is getting out of my area of expertise. How might this work with gender-fluid or a-gender MC’s?

Any help would be much appreciated.


I believe it has been fixed forever now.


So far I like the premise, and the characters in it. However when I tried talking to one of the Strangers I got this error message.


Regarding your question I think the best choice would be the bisexual Ros, because I think, if a character who is straight falls for a nonbinary MC who presents as the opposite gender, then, in theory, that RO wouldnt accept their identity, if they wouldnt have fallen in love if they would present as masculine. I hope you understand what I mean with that :slightly_smiling_face:.

And speaking of titles, would it be possible for us to get titles of our own, presenting our progress/experience?


@Deathdog That’s wonderful to hear! And than, you for bringing that to my attention. It’s just messy coding on my part. I apologise, but it’s fixed now!

@Nadin2011 I see what you’re saying. Perhaps, coding wise, would it be prudent to just make everybody bisexual?


Yes, I think so, because that would probably the most inclusive thing to genderfluid and non-binary people.


So, what have I done since we’ve last crossed paths?

Well, I graduated, that’s neato.

Also, These additions to the game:

  • Brand Spankin’ New Achievements
  • You can find it by going to visit Ardenia from the academy hub.
  • Also: side note: is it just me or is it literally always raining? Did I break something?
  • The Very First Ever Actual Adventure Scene!!! (tbh, it’s just over a thousand words in total, and I spent most of this time jsut actually fighting my own codes, but holy mother of pearl is this good news! It means that now there is an actual adventure and encounter system that is completely randomised and highly circumstantial (mostly).
Circumstance being:

Depnding on who you end up going with:

You need to go with Sasha and ask about her fears to get that achievement, and if Haeptomec has given you a nickname, there are some fun little details added.

Lemme know the bugs and the stuff and whether you actually earned any of the achievements, because, being frankly honest, this game is so difficult to test. A lot of it is random and then quicktest refuses to function but we all know how that goes.

Anywho, have fun in Ardenia.

TimberWoolf out.

Additional sidenote: there’s probably some ‘debug’ things still scattered around, because characters were refusing to behave. I’ll clean up that litter (hopefull) with the next update, but we can happily ignore it for now. Thank you very much.


I need help.

But I also need help with the game, and that’s what we’re going to focus on instead:

So, I’ve been working on a major questline for the game, ‘The Collector’. Of course, keeping true to our maxims, there are the following:

  • Random and unique questing opportunities, defined by who the questgiver is (which is randomised), and thier particular gift of magic.
  • The everpresent option to refuse participation.
  • The consequences of participation/refusal, which brings us to the crux of my problem:

You can either participate and succeed in the multiple quest storyline, participate and foil the storyline, or refuse to participate. Depending on how you deal with things, there will be consequences that will affect the fundementals of the game itself. Isn’t that neato?

As much as I want your help in everything, I also don’t want to ruin the experience, so major spoilers ahead:

The consequences:

Depending on the gift of The Collector and the refusal to participate/succeeding the questline:

  • Chaos - Unleashing Madness - All characters are regenerated completely. I’m debating whether this should include all proir relationships with the PC, or only their names, stats and personalities.
  • Aether - Dimensional Anomalies - There is a substantial chance that characters will disappear for days at a time.
  • Science - Know the Universe - I’m uncertain, but I’m thinking of regenerating the PC.
  • Time - Know the Future, Know the Past - The same day will repeat ad infinitum. The passing of the calendar (and consequently the storylines) are no longer a viable concept.
  • Air - Fair Weather - I’m thinking that the seasons voilently change every day (the seasons determine the weather and the weather affects magic).
  • Water - Recall the Flow - Eternal Rainstorms and the PC can no longer go to Ardenia.
  • Fire - Control the Avatar - Everybody becomes a mage of flames.
  • Earth - Raise the Giants - Creatures (planned as enemies in the new battle system) are much larger and tougher and dangerous. I mean, much more dangerous.
  • Life - Restore the Ancient - One of the 13 Gods of Magic is restored and their Gift (and everybody who uses that gift) is much stronger/weaker.
  • Death - Summon the Lost - The character amount in the game triples, but all the new characters are ghosts.
  • Light - Lift the Veil - Benign and Malignant light creatures start roaming the world,doing what one would expect.
  • Dark - Enter the Deep Dark - Benign and Malignant shadow creatures start roaming the world, doing what one wouldn’t expect.

With this comes the caveat that there are some consequences which are more severe, and some which players may happily live with. I can probably guess that at least some people would raise their fists in a victory pump and exclaim to the skies, “Cool, ghosts!

Additionally, there will be a quest to amend these consequences, undo them, so they aren’t exactly forever (mostly - how do I un-regenerate 100 random characters?

I would love to know what you think about these consequences. Are they too severe? Do you have any interesting ideas? Please share!

But, anywho, let’s look forward to that update nonetheless. I’m, like, almost 15% through with it.

Additionally, I don’t think I’ll announce the minor updates, like side quests that are implemented, basic game changes, and additional achievements.

I will, however, announce major updates, like this five-quest chain that will give actual worthwhile game content.


Now, you have yourself a nice day. That’s an order.


On an additional side note:

I love the random character generator

I officially think Pies is the best character name ever and I vote we make her a permanent character.


I think that the consequences are on a too big scale, what if, instead of it affecting the whole enviroment/people around us, it only affects our MC? Like, mages of death start to slowly rot away and need to be healed daily, mages of Light start to radiate a permanent glow, so it will be impossible for them to hide etc.


Ooh! that’s a very interesting idea!

Thanks. :grin: