Academy of Arcana [WIP, Demo, Updated 19/03/2019]



No, no he doesn’t. Should I ask permission? Or remove the reference for now?


The author most likely okay with it :thinking: but if you want to be sure you can PM him since he have account here (I’m forgot what his username though).

For the time being, I think it’s okay :ok_hand:


Thank you. I’ll see to it. :two_hearts:


I meant sasha

I tested the dummy battle with chaos-magic it is a bit long and only the first spell works, the whole System is a bit confusing, since i accepted sashas offer to teach the basics of battle, i expected some kind of a totorial.
Is a totorial planed?


Yeah… I’m working on incorporating the other spells for all the magic gifts right now. Chaos and Numerology ‘One’ isn’t an offensive spell. It’s more strategic, and one of the few spells that can switch your stats.

Once everything is in order, the tutorial will be included. I apologise if I’m confusing everybody right now, but I’ll be sure to fix things asap.

Thank you for the feedback.


Help Needed:

${enname} demonstrates the certainty of death and you, a mage of Death, grin and become empowered.
    #Say something witty.
        *rand select 1 x
        *if select = y
            "Insert something witty here."
        [battle carries on]
    #Carry on with battle.
        [battle carries on]

If you can think of any witty comments to make in this situation, please do share them and I’ll probably include them. I thought it would be a nice little cosmetic addition to the game.


Sorry that I havent played that often but one thing I‘m really intrigued by is the Tarot stat. If we specialize in Tarot how would it work? Is it more of a parlor trick to confuse enemies, or is it more like Yu–Gi–Oh! were we draw a card out of our Tarot deck and the card gives us some kind of advantage? Like a summomed Angel or the enemy has unusually high bad luck.
Oh, something I wanted to ask is, because you want to build in a morale system, does that mean someone who practices death magic automatically has a evil or bad morale :frowning:?
And if I practice death magic does that mean that I cant use the Seeding(?) School, because planting seeds is creating life, so wouldnt that be impossible for a mage of death?


Tarot is still in the early stages of development. In my notes, I have this:

“The use of Tarot influences the environment by focusing the gift through what the cards represent.”

Seeding is:

“The ability to detach the gift from the self in various forms, after which it responds to the environment.”

‘Overview of the Crafts, Vol II: Seeding, Crystalism and Sigilism’ by Official Consulate

In what is referred to as the Myriation of Magic - a period of time when the general understanding of the craft became widespread - many scholars and practitioners have taken a wholly more mystical approach to magic.

In this period, perhaps the least understood was that of Seeding, Crystalism and Sigilism. These three divisions of the craft were less focused on channeling the craft from the gifts and understandings of the mage, but more concerned with evoking it from the natural magics in the environment

Seeding, over time, has become the ability to detach the gift from the self in various forms, after which it respond to the environmental magic flow.

While most seeds are highly susceptible to nuances in the environment, it has been determined that the intention and psyche of the mage also plays an important factor in the final effect. The many subdivisions of seeding have been classified into nine different classes:

Bitterseeds - Seeds which form when the mage intends on causing some sort of spiritual harm.

Strongseeds - Seeds that are benign and of pure intent.

Quickseeds - Highly volatile seeds that react very quickly to environmental catalysts and have unpredictable effects.

Deepseeds - Seeds which lay dormant for a period, absorbing environmental magic and effecting in powerful spells.

Stypticseeds - Unpredictable seeds that inhibit psychological and mental processess, often blocking the channeling of gifts.

Bleedingseeds - Unpredictable seeds that perpetuate psychological and mental processes, often causing hyper-tension and confusion.

Angelseeds - Exceptionally powerful Quickseeds that combine natural magic into benign effects.

Godseeds - Exceptionally powerful Deepseeds that form based on mage intention.

Venomseeds - Exceptionally powerful Quickseeds that combine natural magic into malignant effects.

It has become known through study that Seeding detaches the gift from the self and requires reclamation or regeneration to avoid complete gift-paralysis.

In the end, every school is available to every kind of mage - with every spell-effect being unique to the school and gift. That means… 1080 “unique” spells (I use the term unique loosely).

No. Morale is the overall happiness of the Player Character and determines the amount of focus the PC has in battle.

Morality, on the other hand, is determined as a consequence of your actions. If your character is super nice and caring, you’ll be good. If your character is mean and does nasty things, you’ll be bad.

This is all independent of your school of magic, and “Death” magic is not considered evil.

This kind of morality mainly alters the effects of more powerful spells (like Godseeds, Angelseeds, Venomseeds, Summoning Familiars, Mimics and Projections, invoking Runes of Time, Heaven and Progress, etc.), but will also influence the way other characters feel about you, your reputation, and some plot elements.

I hope that clarifies things a bit. I’m happy to explain these things because it also gives me a clearer idea of where I’m heading with the game, and shows me that you’re interested enough to ask. :rose:


Okay, Temporary Update to smooth out the stitches from today.

I’ve included the ability to change the gift, seeing as only one spell is incorporated. Remember that you can navigate to the arena from the stats menu.

The Battle system should look prettier and neater, but let me know if anything is awkward about it, if something doesn’t make sense, if the flow and layout could be improved - anything at all.



Really weird error against Sasha. I advanced state of the battle with time numerology and somehow got -1 FP. Then the entire thing crashed when I tried to cast a spell.


This has been fixed now and should no longer happen, ever.

(the game does not like *rand statements to be in descending order, (which it shouldn’t, to be fair))

Thank you so much for pointing it out to me. :rose::rose::rose::rose:


The second set of Numerology is now incorporated for battles. I’ve done testing and I believe most of the bugs have been fixed, but I can never be certain.

If anybody wants to test them out, remember that you can navigate straight to the arena from the Stats menu

If you do find any bugs, please be sure to let me know and I’ll fix 'em right up. Feel free to leave our thoughts on the magic effects as well.

Thanks and hugs and roses to everybody!


Infamous Return


Sooooooo, you know how sometimes people plan things, and write them down in big books and stuffs? Yeah, so I did that, I have one of those books, but it somehow, magically got left behind when I moved countries and all my notes are lost in the ether. I spent some time trying to recreate them, but progress has been at a severe halt. Most likely I’ll have to start from scratch now. Which might be good. Or not. Depends on your point of reference.

We’ll see if anything beautiful happens this month, but for all intents and purposes, we’re no longer on a break.

Random Name Generator (which I think is pretty cool)

I was fighting my teammate, I used the third numerology of life, doubling my hit points, and then the game had a game ending bug.


I’ll be looking forward for more sasha action


Is the fight against the dummy supposed to take so long? I think I spent 5-10 mins on it…


I am still on it for a month now and not done… somehow every spell misses


Was this the error you received? I’ll see to fixing it, thanks for pointing it out.


I’ve taken to working on the framework, primarily, and I think the demo will be scrapped in favour of a newer version where things work and make sense just a little better than it currently does. One of the big things I plan on implementing is Random Character Generation, so if you’d like to help with smoothing the name generation, please take a look at:

Any input and suggestions would be muchly appreciated. :two_hearts:


If perhaps you’d like to help speed this process along slightly, your help could be used on this discussion about creating Dynamic Arrays in CS.

Or maybe you could just tell me that it’s simply not possible.