Academy of Arcana [WIP, Demo, Updated 19/03/2019]



Ummmm…she’s in the demo already


Sorry, lots of details to keep track of.


Can I actually do anything other than wander the grounds aimlessly?


Not at this moment, no. I’ll notify you when anything at all opens.

Thanks for playing that far, though. :rose::rose::rose:


Good demo! Looking forward to the updates.


You cconsider this momentarily. Somebody left a mark on you? What kind of mark? And you only met four people today - Exeter, A’El, The Administrator and Diane. Was it one of them? And who is this voice?


“Great! Okay, David, I have some things I really need to tke care of today, which is such a shame. I’d have loved to show you around the Academy. I really must leave you to that yourself, but, all in all, Welcome to the Academy of Arcana, David!”



Noted, corrected, folloped and vollued. :rose:

Thank you!


Due to the considerable lack of death threats, I have decided to postpone the opening of the battle arena (And also, ALICE - the Adaptive Learning and Intelligent Combat Evolution; i.e. Intelligent Combat System - has an IQ of about 3 right now. sigh).

I have opened the Archives, with five readily available books (minus the picturebook because I dunno how to do that yet and I have larger concerns). To access the archives immediately, open the Stats Menu and enter archives into the text-field. It’ll take you right there, and you can return to play this wonderful demo at any time by just closing the stats menu.

If you do give it all a glance, I’d love to hear your feedback on how the archives work (with the little resources you have) and how you respond to the nature of the texts.

Also, if anybody’s keen, I’d like to take a break from fighting with ALICE and just expand the demo a little to include a few short adventures with the current cast and crew. Anybody up for that, or should I wait for the death threats first? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Thanks so much for all the feedback and encouragement so far, though. Super hearts to y’all. :two_hearts:

Also, @tjnova9724 - notified as promised.

Well seems like you are overly enthusiastic about death threats so...



Thank you. I really appreciate it. :black_heart:

Dramatic Sigh
Anywho, I’ve mostly been spending my hours fleshing out the mechanics and arena in the game. In between fatal errors and my not-so-subtle rage-quitting, I’ve been developing the forms of magic and writing random resources for the archives.

So, these updates don’t really do anything, and I’m starting to feel like I’m headed nowhere. Painfully slowly. For example, I’ve created this beautiful dynamic weather system with variant rainfall, seasons, memory and dynamic scenery that adapts to temperature variance, rainfall amount, weather and climate.

Final effect on the game: The scenery description will say, “The blossoms are dormant in the cold today. The rainfall from yesterday has frozen the ground, and very few people are about.” It’s a really pretty system though, in a lore rich world. To understand my pain: The incredibly little that you actually do in this demo is at 20 000 words, excluding coding. (I blame the archives).

I’m in two minds about it:

Logical me says "get the game working, then make it fluffy."
Artsy me says “get all the mechanics working, then making the game will be smoother.”

I’m also in the process of making some mini-adventures to cull the boredom. That’ll be up soon. Hope you like treasure hunts and Geocaching.

Bottom line: Thanks for your patience. I’ve actually stuck with this game for so long and I’m not giving up right now.


Side Note:

Has anybody played The Seventeenth Spy by Alexandra? The demo so far is absolutely incredible. It’s definitely my cup of tea, and she’s really good at scripting and writing, and inspires me to work harder on my game.

check it out if you want to: The Seventeenth Spy (WIP, link added on 9-30-17)


If you have a free moment - some testing is needed in the arena:

You can choose to let Sasha accompany you, and whether you do or not should produce appropriate texts when exploring the arena. You can also revisit places in the arena, and whether Sasha is still with you or not should produce appropriate texts.

If you find any discrepancies with Sasha’s state of accompaniment, the number of times you’ve visited a place, and the produced text, please point them out to me. It’s a lot to test for on my own, but I believe everything should be in order so far.

You can navigate to the arena immediately from the stats menu. Thanks for the co-operation.

Also: the notebook is now fully functional. Lemme know if you like the functionality or nah.

Few things in the arena

Lower case “s” from “She”, since the one that speak still her at here.

And I think the fullstop before “She” should be comma :thinking: but you may want second opinion.

Found it weird this here, since (I think) Sasha already said it.

Same as the first one.

Hey I found easter egg(or at least that what I think it’s called)! Is the author know about it though?

"Fine, I like you better when you don’t speak anyways," he nods as if agreeing with you. “We might get along, you and I.”

Found it weird this repeated, or is this intended?

Would love to find more, but can’t at the moment :sweat_smile:


Thank you so much!

I’ll ensure those issues are fixed in the next update.

As for the repeating text- “This is the Arena…” - That should display every time you navigate to the Arena hub. Every location has a descriptions so that you know where you are and what you can do, and should display every time unless a special event occurs.

  • Yeah, I was playing that game around the time I was scripting this part, and it seemed like the sort of thing Haeptomec would read. :rofl::rofl:

Again, thank you so much for your feedback. :two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:

  • a cute girl staring you down most of the time; check
  • hilarious bickering; check
    Couldn’t be better
    In the arena with sashas lesson, there comes an error, though i suppose the needed parameter has yet to be defined but otherwise i found nothing to complain
    I like the note function by the way, it saves me paper
    I do hope, you finish it, people like you will definatly make me poor😁, keep up withe the good work.
    The poem was nice by the way


No matter how much I click on other options I can only pick the first two choices here


I can select every option. Have you tried clearing your browser cache?


That’s strange… I has the same problem.


I have now the same problem, i hadn’t it before


@Morphine @FutbolDude21586 @Umbreonpanda @Noah

Sorry about that - I probably should have mentioned it at some point:

I’ve decided to disable the choices that aren’t exactly magic-compatible yet, since I’ve now introduced the battle mechanic (versus only the Training Dummy for now). It’s still in it’s baby stages as I try to make it fit into the all the other game-mechanics. At this point, it’s still only a cosmetic choice that changes your title.

In general, I’ve just disabled all the choices that have unfinished branches, to avoid this:

Sorry that I missed that one! This happens when Sasha has a higher initiative and gets to cast the first spell. Since she’s a Summoner of Darkness, her magic isn’t scripted yet. What’s supposed to happen here is that the player gets initiative and then selects to either win or lose the battle and carry on with life.

I think that maybe in the next update I’ll enable all the gift-choices and disable battle mechanic until it’s a little more fleshed out.


I have no idea whether you mean A’El or Sasha (but my favourite thing is when she tells you, “Your face. I like it. It has a nice structure. You know, jawline, nostrils, eye-brows. I approve of this facial configuration.”)

I’m so incredibly happy. Save the trees!

I’m just a puddle of joy at this point.

Thank you so much! I’m so glad you like it. I’ll work super hard to deliver on your expectations!