Abysm's Veil- Continuing the story. (WIP) Last update 24th Sept



I have a question will we get the chance to learn what happened to all of the other people in the clan such as how old they are or how they died?


@Nomad33810 There’s some revelations coming that relate to part of that, yes :slight_smile:


Being a Rusalki almost made me feel like I was playing Kayako from The Grudge. All that wrath inside a soul. Scary. The Rusalki also reminds me of a mix between a mermaid and a vampire.
I know male Rusalki are rare but I hope we get to meet one or two in the game. I’m looking forward to playing this.


This song reminds me of this wip


I really hope this wip is continued


Thanks @Pixelf and @Nomad33810 :smile:

Progress is a bit slow in all my WIPs at the moment I’m afraid due to busyness with a lot of things in my life at the moment, but I’m working on getting them done slowly. but hopefully surely!


That’s good to hear. Can’t wait to read it when finished.


This game sounds fascinating!


Don’t worry I am more than willing wait for your wonderful story.


Another apology for the delay. Life has kind of been even more busy since the last update unfortunately and I haven’t had much time to work on any of my stories. I do have quite a bit written however that needs some editing to get working before I can update

Very small sneak peak at one of the chapters to come . Guess who they are :mermaid:?

Half closing your eyes, you allow yourself to relax, sinking deeper while still staying within reach of the rays of light that play through the rippled surface high above.

“Well what have we here?” The voice is breathy and soft with a tinge of mockery.

“So alone and so far from home,” a different voice sing-songs at a higher pitch, while scratchy laughter sounds from a third throat somewhere off to your right.

Snapping to full attention, your eyes come to focus on two wraith like figures dressed in loose white robes blocking your path. Long pale hair billows around gaunt features in the swell, while blue spidery veins are visible through tightly stretched translucent skin. A third figures swims into view to join the group. Though her eyes are aglow, they carry the foggy opacity of the dead.

She laughs again, the cold sound enough to send shivers down your spine. This one you’ve seen before, you seem to remember Sysha addressing her as what was it again? Mako perhaps? No, that’s not right. Makara. The name comes to mind as the figures regard you silently; their heads tilted slightly to one side as if observing a potentially interesting plaything that they haven’t discovered a use for yet.


excited vibration intensifies I. Am. So. STOKED!


You never need to apologize for your own life, we understand

also, that teaser was wonderful. I love how enigmatic the tone feels :heart:


Sirens? From Greek mythology maybe.


Oooooh yay!!

So excited to see this WIP back to life.