Abysm's Veil- Continuing the story. (WIP) Last update 11th December



Thanks @Fiogan, that’s what I was looking for :).
When I get the chance I’ll go through and change those to a new variable.


Isn’t it him/her/them and his/her/their though?

Edit 1: The relevant wikipedia article divides it as follows:

Subject: He, she, they.
Object: Him, her, them.
Dependent possessive: His, her, their.
Independent possessive: His, hers, theirs.
Reflexive: Himself, herself, themself (or, I suppose, themselves if you’re actually using plural “they” instead of singular “they” for some reason.)

Edit 2: If you really wanted to be stubborn, you could do something extremely silly like make your gender variable(s) numeric instead of string and ditch all your pronoun variables, using multi-replace operators instead. Something like @{gender She goes|He goes|They go} to the farmers' market every Saturday morning at 8 sharp.

That example would be essentially equal to something like:

*if gender = 1
    She goes
*if gender = 2
    He goes
*if gender = 3
    They go
to the farmers' market every Saturday morning at 8 sharp.


Huh, the site I looked at said their for him/her. That actually makes it much easier to fix if I can change the
${herhim} variable I have to from their to them for non-binary pronouns and I think it’ll work. Thanks :slight_smile: !

To be honest with random sentences I only use occeasionally, I just use the good old *if gender = * like you’ve got below rather than making numeric strings. Longer way of coding it but simpler to get my head around.


Story about rusalka seeking revenge to those who did wrong thing to the people who didn’t deserved it?!

Sign me up buddy :smiling_imp:


The masquerade bit is brilliant, time to dance! Waddles majestically


Thanks @Zanite and @Chupiededupie! :smiley:

Just did a word count on the second part of the chapter I’ve been working on for ages, wondering why the rotten thing is taking so long to write and found out it’s over 18,000 words (about 21,000 with the published part) and not finished. Really need to remember not to branch all the chapters from here on out that much or it’ll never get finished lol.


It’s almost like a mashup of Cinderella and The Little Mermaid


My shedule at the moment is awful, it’s looking like it should clear up to a degree by early to mid Novemeber so hopefully can finally get some sections finished and tidied up. In the mean time I’m contemplating taking up drinking coffee instead of just painting with it to get through October :grin:


So, because I’ve been asked a few times over the last couple of months about what is happening with Abysm’s Veil and Sea Maiden; once I get Oedipus Rex in (probably next week or so) Abysm’s Veil is likely to be the next off the rank to get finished up. I actually did a lot of work to it during NaNoWriMo but it needs major editing and some finishing of options for the new sections to be playable and I’m pretty busy at the moment so may take a little while for an update to appear, but it will get there sooner or later.

In the meantime, for anyone who needs a rusalki fix, I’ve got a short story coming out on Sub-Q later this month (or now for anyone that’s a subscriber :smile: ) It’s written in quite a different style to this one, but hoping people will enjoy it anyway. I’ll link it once the public release is out. (This is the summary of what it’s about for anyone interested https://sub-q.com/march-2018-table-contents/ )


So glad this is back from the dead! Can’t wait for the full release ^.^


Someone might asked this already, but how will ability stats be handled in future updates? right now i don’t see any way to increase that besides that one chance at the beginning of the game, will it stay that way or will it increase based on usage, or gained automatically during the story?


So far there’s two main instances from memory (right at the very beginning and when you’re left alone in the cave), but there’s definitely ways to increase them later in the game depending on what abilities you’re using/practicing and how you go about it (some give bigger gains than others and it can be dependent on the existing stat level as well) :slight_smile: There’s a section that can allow you to alter your voice stat in the next section to be uploaded for example.


but did it drown before it came back from the dead? :thinking:

glad to see this back around though, really enjoyed it the last time I read through.


Haha, perhaps. It’s been gone a long time. Maybe that is what happened to it.
Thank you @Gwenstn, glad you like it :blush:


Hello, dear author. I really liked the beginning of this wonderful story and I’m looking forward to continuing.
In addition, it is doubly more pleasant for me to dive into the narrative, since I am a Slav and I have heard a lot of stories about rusalki (русалках). Although, in fact in our language rusalki and mermaids mean the same thing, but very few people know about true rusalki. Poor girls … Dangerous poor girls.
In general, I want to wish good luck to you, my dear author in the implementation of both this game and your other projects.
Удачи и спасибо) (Good luck and thank you)


this was very very good ! I’m so adding this to my list of ‘OMG! I cant wait to read the whole thing!’’ .


Thankyou @Phantasm-twin and @E_RedMark for the nice comments!
Hopefully I’ll have a chance to get some more written on this in a few weeks. Have been a bit delayed by lots of work, study and finishing up my other project which have been keeping me very busy unfortunately.


I love how this is written! I can’t quite put my finger on it but I’m captivated. Also, it really helped me that the characters weren’t introduced all in one go, because I can never remember more than a few names at first.

Good luck with this WIP! I’ll eagerly await the next update! :dolphin: :heartbeat:


I have to agree with what’s already been said, very well written and intriguing story. Have to say this is going to the top of my most anticipated Wipe.


I really like this story,I love aquatic mythical creatures such very good read,And gender choice woohoo!